Customer Testimonials

What do previous customers of Northwoods Humidors think about their experience? Below are some of their testimonials, all of which are from real customers. We invite you to share your comments and testimonials with us! You can submit yours by visiting our contact us page


"I wanted to thank you and your team at Northwoods for a fantastic shopping experience. Purchasing this humidor was a big investment for me and I was quite nervous buying something expensive over the Internet. Northwoods Humidor more than exceeded my expectations with great service, updates, packaging and selection. All I can say is WOW! From start to finish this has been a great shopping experience and the pictures do not do this box justice, absolutely awesome!! Thank you Kevin and Northwoods! I look forward to purchasing from you again in the future."

Jonathan F. from Washington, D.C. - 2/16/2017


"Hey Kevin! I bought the humidor for my boyfriend for Christmas but we didn't do our gift exchange until last week, actually. He loves it! He wanted something small but high quality. I researched for days online and your website was really user-friendly and spoke in a language I could understand (being someone who doesn't know much about cigars let alone humidors). So thanks for that! And for reaching out to make sure all is going well. Best of luck to you and your company!"

Heather F. from Colorado - 1/19/2017


"I received my humidor last Friday as scheduled…nicely packaged!! This humidor is absolutely gorgeous and is well constructed, but more importantly it is maintaining correct levels of humidity after preparing it. Needless to say, I am very pleased with the purchase."

René R. from Maryland - 1/10/2017


"Everything was great about this purchase.  It came a day early, was in perfect shape, constant communication from you, and it is a beautiful piece.  I will be doing business with you again."

William B. from New York - 12/29/2016


"Based on price and free shipping of the specific humidor, my internet search brought me to your site. You had good reviews so I purchased the humidor. Had trouble keeping it below 73 degrees here in Houston.  I have since bought a Newair -300 cigar cooler. Desktop when placed on top of cooler drops 3-4 degrees. Best of both worlds, temperature controlled storage and classy desktop for every day smokes. Its hard to beat the cigar coolers value (Home Depot) both humidors cost the same. I would not hesitate to purchase from you again."

John C. from Maryland - 12/19/2016


"Northwoods Humidors has competitive pricing, fast shipping, and excellent customer care. I appreciated your quick follow up and note! You provided a perfectly shipped, quality product, and I will be recommending you website to friends."

Kim W. from Texas - 12/17/2016


"Hi Kevin! Received the humidor today, and it is beautiful! It's a great start for my husband. Thank you for the quick shipment! Was excited to find you in VA since we recently lived in Alexandria (USMC stationed us there). Thanks!"

Christina P. from California - 12/08/2016


"This is going to be a Christmas gift for my closest friend. I bought the Windsor 160 some years back and love it. I am sure he will like this one. Too bad I didn’t know about you guys when I bought mine. Anyways you have excellent customer service and I really appreciate you taking the time to work with me today. I will recommend your company to anyone that needs a humidor or cigar accessories."

Carl S. from California - 11/23/2016


"Thank you!!! It has arrived and it still boxed. It is a gift for my husband and since I know nothing about them, I am hoping he will be in touch with you after he opens it. I am hoping it goes well. Thank you for your attention to my new order. 

I will definitely be in touch. Happy Holidays!!"

Connie J. from Rhode Island - 11/22/2016


"I love my humidor. All my special cigars are stored. And it is working perfect. Highly recommended."

Larry J. from Missouri - 11/21/2016


"Have yet to use it but based on how it got delivered and how it was packaged, it looks amazing. The wood is beautiful and all the seams are well put together. I would definitely recommend based on look and build. And this seller was so helpful! Kept me informed about my purchase and delivered very quickly...great customer service!"

Jenell W. from Illinois - 8/24/2016


"I just wanted to thank you again for everything, from answering the couple of questions I had to keeping me updated during the shipping and delivery process.  I knew from the moment I discovered your website that I would be buying my humidor from you apart from anyone else!  It was by far the best experience I could have ever have asked for!  Anytime I or someone I know is in the market for a product you sell, you have our business!  Can't wait to get my new humidor seasoned and stocked.  Once again, thanks for everything!"

Rob B. from New York - 7/29/2016 


"I just wanted to say thank you for all your help. The Humidor arrived yesterday and it's really nice. I didn't expect something that nice. I also don't feel rushed to season it quickly as I took your advice and put my cigars in a Tupperware with a Boveda pack. I plan to leave them in there at least a month to rehydrate them slowly. Thank you so much.

I will always recommend your business."

Vince F. from California - 7/28/2016 


"I am immensely enjoying my humidor. This diamond crown is the best box I've ever owned. I highly recommend it to all.  On an equal front you and your company are top notch with selection and service. My only criticism of the diamond crown is that I probably should have bought a bigger box as my cigars will keep indefinitely."

Andrew D. from New York - 7/23/2016 


"I had purchased a humidor from a big box store. Upon receiving it, it was much smaller than I thought it would be. Not only did the big box store charge me shipping on the original purchase, I had to pay to ship it back to them. I should have come to Northwoods from the start. Not only were their humidors cheaper across the board, they offered free shipping. Also, the customer service provided by Kevin was personalized - he included a hand written note in the order thanking me for my business. If/when I am next in the market for a humidor, I will definitely buy here again. I'd also highly recommend anyone in the market buy from here as well, as this is what the humidor buying experience should be."

Alex C. from Virginia - 7/5/2016 


"Thank you for the excellent customer service, Kevin. Just got it! Can't wait for my husband to see it. It's beautiful."

Lisa S. from Missouri - 6/21/2016 


"Kevin Kauzlaric called me back and ensured me that they had the one I wanted in stock. It is high quality and working to keep my good cigars safely stored at the Rh of 70%."

John A. from Massachusetts - 5/17/2016 


"You guys are great. Best service."

Derek A. from Pennsylvania - 5/13/2016 


"Great experience! Would highly recommend Northwoods Humidors."

Jay G. from Michigan - 4/30/2016 


"Hi Kevin, I received the humidor today. I am thrilled and it is a great addition to my office. Thanks again. It has been a pleasure doing business with you, and I would recommend your company any time. Best, Walter"

Walter S. from Texas - 4/22/2016 


"Impeccable craftsmanship, fit and finish. Nice touches such as leather along the divider ends. Darker than the picture, but still an attractive addition to my den. Prompt service. I love having the magnetization for the hygrometer etc. I’d never go velcro again!"

Steve T. from Massachusetts - 4/18/2016


"This has been the easiest humidor set up that I have experienced. The seasoning of the cedar and charging the humidifier was as simple as it gets. The humidor is holding the humidity level steady with the humidor filled. I have owned less expensive humidors that I had bought from my local cigar shop. The diamond crown, is by far, the best quality and simplest to use (as it should be). Thank you for a quality product and great buying experience."

Abe H. from New Jersey - 3/9/2016


"Hi Kevin, the humidor has arrived. My son opened it, seasoned it, loves it! I want to thank you for promptly shipping this to him for delivery today."

Terri W. from New York - 1/9/2016


" the humidor today....Awesome! Thanks so much for getting it to us is a promotion gift for our son who pinned on Lt Col yesterday.....he loves it! Thanks again! (I might need to get one too!)"

Brian from Colorado Springs, CO - 12/31/2015


"Let’s face it -
There are t-o-n-s of vendors out there.
And they're all selling the same thing.
So how do you choose ?
Price alone ??

Damn glad I didn’t.

Found what I wanted a little cheaper than Northwoods Humidors at several websites.…but something about the others never “clicked” with me (have had numerous terrible experiences with faceless sites that promise the moon…now I actively search for small operators who stand by their sales and service and have been recognized by others for it).

Northwoods m-o-r-e than delivers on that experience.

We put in an order after a bunch of research and the humidor showed up just when they said it would. Unfortunately after opening the factory packaging we found some minor product defects. So we re-contacted Kevin at Northwoods. He responded immediately and had us send pictures. Within just an hour or two he got back to us with a new order number and a promise to re-ship within a few days. When we told him it was an important gift and we really needed it sooner he told us that coincidentally he lived in the same city as we did and would be glad to drive over to our neighborhood to do a swap out.

Really ?
This kind of customer care from a freaking website ?

Kevin handled the issue as exactly as promised and we got exactly what we wanted when we wanted it. Probably at no profit to him.

Northwoods Humidors is EXACTLY the kind of small-business we all need to support.

Give this guy your business.
Otherwise we all deserve the fly-by-night operations that remain."

John K. from Chicago, IL - 12/28/2015


"Humidor has incredible art work. Pictures do it no justice. And Northwoods Humidors has been nothing but amazing during this purchase experience. I highly recommend them for purchases. This is my second humidor from them in a couple of months."

David A. from Miami, FL - 7/26/2015


"Great product, even better service. Excellent humidor and beautiful piece of furniture. Highly recommend!"

Robert M. from San Antonio, TX - 7/25/2015


"Kevin is a pleasure to do business with. Don't hesitate if you are debating on this purchase."

Dan V. from Illinois - 7/25/2015


"Kevin the owner was extremely helpful and kept me up to date on when an out of stock item would be in. He shipped the item quickly and answered any and all questions I had regarding humidors. Great business and will shop from here again."

Christine G. from New York - 6/26/2015


"Exactly what I wanted. Exactly half the price of my local cigar store."

Joe S. from California - 5/25/2015


"Kevin, That is good news, thank you. And in time for a party I am hosting. It should be a good conversational piece. And i will direct them your way should they inquire on purchasing a humidor. Old Glory will be on display as well. Again I thank you, you have been nothing but professional."

David A. from Miami, FL - 4/25/2015 


"Great condition and very beautiful!! It came with everything except the paper on how to season and get the box ready for use. Other than than, it is wonderful. Would definitely order from the seller again."

Nicole B. from Florida - 12/7/2014

Note: We promptly followed up with this customer and provided her with the missing instruction manual.