Boveda Refill Kit for 110-160 Cigar Humidors - 12 Months

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The Boveda Refill Kit for 110-160 Cigar Humidors gets you through 12 months. The benefit of this kit is you get everything you need to keep your humidor running for 12 months. You get 24 of the 72% humidity packs for ongoing humidification after initial seasoning.

72% Maintenance Packs - Qty 24

Refillable humidifiers require constant monitoring and maintenance. Not with Boveda. You will never need to monitor your humidifier or take it out to refill it with distilled water. Simply place 6 of the 72% Boveda maintenance packets inside your humidor and you’re all set for roughly 3 months. This kit has enough packets for 12 total months. No mess and no worries. Boveda emits purified humidity so there’s no need for distilled water. Boveda emits the cleanest, most purified humidity available through its reverse-osmosis membrane.

  • Each packet lasts 2-4 months but have a 2-year shelf life if left in original packaging
  • Boveda maintenance packets will turn into a solid wafer when they’ve expired.


  • Boveda Large (60 gram)
  • Dimensions: 5.2″ x 3.5″

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