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January 12th - January 19th


Charlie E. — Littleton, CO
Ariana M. — Sacramento, CA
Diana M. — East Brunswick, NJ
Holly P. — Sanford, FL
Joe F. — Modena, NY
Conor B. — Alexandria, VA
Deron R. — Venetia, PA
Michael D. — York, PA
Wilton G. — Merritt, NC
Jeffrey M. — Atlanta, GA
Brian R. — Florissant, CO
Zeyad Y. — Orlando, FL
Jonathan S. — Nanuet, NY
Bradford A. —Seattle, WA
Marc V. — Chatsworth, CA
Jonathan S. — Scotts Hill, TN
George G. — Port Washington, NY
Ryan S. — Madison, WI
John H. — Rancho Santa Margarita, CA
Chris P. — Garden City, KS

Tier 1 Prizes

$40 Amazon Gift Card



Tier 2 Prizes

$20 Amazon Gift Card


(Value $30.00)

Tips for Writing a Product Review

Are you lost as to what to write in your product review? Simply answer one or more of the questions below as your review!:

  • Why did you buy this item? For whom and why?
  • What do you like best about your item? Why?
  • What do you like least about your item? Why?
  • How long did it take you to set up the item to begin using? Why?
  • Where in your house do you place your item? Why?
  • What similar items do you own? Why?
  • How does this item compare to similar items you own? Why?
  • Is the maintenance of this item easy or hard? Why?

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Past Giveaways
20$ Discount Code
Peter Y. — Riverside, CA
Sachin B. — Camarillo, CA
Mitchell G. —Robins, IA
Jonathan G. — Québec, Canada
Al G. — Houston, TX
Colibri Quasar Table Top Cigar Lighter
($22.00 value)
Rowan M. — Toronto, ON
Eric L. — Southampton, NY
Benjamin W. — Denton, TX
Visol Balboa Cigar Cutter
($22.00 value)
Danny S. — Royal Oak, MI
Jean Marc — Irvine, CA
Michael B. — Clinton TWP, MI
Stephen F. — Newtown Square, PA
David K. — Union, KY
Andrew C. — New York, NY
Steve B. — Plymouth Meeting, PA
Joseph F. — Modena, NY
Diceson H. — Las Vegas, NV
Kristijan T. — San Francisco, CA
Northwoods Humidors Giveaway Visol Balboa Cigar Cutter
Prometheus Cigar Tubes
($50.00 value)
Doug B. -- Fairhaven, MA
Richard T. -- Salisbury, NC
Jesse S. -- Emeryville, CA
Andrew C. -- New York, NY
Alexi Papadopoulos -- South Pasadena, CA
Roger V. - Belmont, NC
Jonathan B. -- Richmond, VA
Jimmy L. -- Oak Ridge, TN
Craftsman's Bench Gift Sets
($70.00 value)
Joe H. — Buchanan, VA
George R. — Ashburn, VA
Andrew P. — Indio, CA
Irene K. — Brooklyn, NY
Charles S. — Augusta, GA
Richard P. — Auburn, CA
Prometheus Cigar Cutter-H - 2018 Limited Edition Fuente Fuente Opus X
($80.00 value)
Eric J. -- Nebraska
Joseph H. -- Virginia
Marty K. -- Texas
Kyle S. -- California
Michael D. -- New York
($20.00 value)

Steven O. -- Texas
Michael B. -- California
James D. -- Oregon
Joe M. -- Arizona
Craig W. -- Wisconsin

Zino Z2 Double Blade Cutter
($54.00 value)
Frank S. -- Florida
Vincent C. -- California
Rick B. -- Virginia
Conor B. -- Washington D.C.
20% off S.T. Dupont items
The Northwoods Humidors Email List
Elie Bleu J-11 Thin Jet Flame Lighter
($175.00 value)
David K. -- California
Irene Y. -- California
Sudhir R. -- Maryland
Karine B. -- California
Prometheus Cutter-H and Leather Case
($84.99 value)
Israel T. -- Texas
Jennifer M. -- New York
Sean C. -- California