Warranty Information

Every item we sell comes with a manufacturer's warranty that guarantees against defects in workmanship and materials for the original purchaser. Most products we carry come with at least a one year warranty. Many of the higher-priced humidors come with a lifetime guarantee---check the individual product page for details about each product's warranty/guarantee. This warranty is non-transferable. This warranty is voided (as determined by Northwoods Humidors LLC) by misuse, abuse, improper maintenance, or alterations of the product. The warranty does not cover any normal wear that might occur. For warranty claims, simply contact Northwoods Humidors LLC on how to proceed with filing a claim with the manufacturer. 

When you buy from Northwoods Humidors LLC, we provide you with the following benefits that you may not receive from other retailers:

  • You will have peace of mind when you buy from us because we assist you in filing a warranty claim with the manufacturer should you need to.
  • Other retailers do NOT provide this service.
  • We will be with you from the start of the process by providing you with the warranty contact info and a receipt of your purchase to file a claim.
  • We will be in contact with you during the claims process to make sure you receive the service you deserve.


Updated on 5/5/2018