Large Acrylic 75-Cigar Humidor Powered by Boveda

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  • Large Acrylic 75-Cigar Humidor Powered by Boveda - Tray and 69% RH Packs
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High quality acrylic humidors are a worthy alternative to traditional wood humidors. The low maintenance tight-sealing beauty of our own humidor is a big reason for acrylic’s popularity but there are many more features to this product. Our large acrylic humidor, designed in collaboration with Boveda from whom we’ve taken over the manufacturing, is a favorite of customers to be sure. But they’re not alone---industry leading publications have given high praise to this stylish acrylic humidor and we’re very proud to feature it as our own.

Our large acrylic 75-cigar humidor is powered by Boveda’s reliable humidification system, specifically the 69% humidification packets, part of their patented humidity control. This beauty offers the carefree operation and high-performing function you want with sleek and stylish presentation.

Reasons Why You Need the Large Acrylic 75-Cigar Humidor Powered by Boveda

Your new acrylic humidor carries the traditional bouquet and reassuring aroma of Spanish Cedar. The tight seal is impervious to humidity fluctuations. You can protect your everyday stogies, age your special smokes long-term or store the premium cigars you bust out for special occasions, knowing they are safe for upwards of 12 months with zero maintenance on your part. We've found that Boveda packets last much longer in this acrylic humidor than in wood ones.

Did we mention capacity? This large acrylic humidor stores up to 75 corona-size cigars in a Spanish cedar tray with adjustable dividers. The exceptionally crafted tray lifts right out so when it’s time to share-or show off-your prime collection of choice tobacco you can do so with ease.

The functionality of this humidor is remarkable inside and out! You already know your primo cigars are protected inside this phenomenal product but the outside is also secure as can be. Rubber feet grip the surface on which your humidor sits, be it your desk, credenza or a curio, and the thick, dense top of the humidor is flat so stacking additional acrylic humidors on top is a breeze-and an excellent way to display your collection of multiple size stogies.

Outstanding Features

While the original Boveda acrylic humidor garnered praise from multiple publications and user reviews, Northwoods Humidors has only updated this amazing humidor’s remarkable features in ways that make it even better. Better humidification and a more stylish aesthetic along with the satisfying scent of Spanish cedar come together to give you the finest product backed by the Northwoods Humidor dedication to excellence in products and customer service.

Here are some of the impressive features of the Large Acrylic 75-Cigar Humidor Powered by Boveda:

  • See-Through Design: The see through design of our acrylic humidor allows you to view your collection without breaking the seal and disrupting the ideal humidity and temperature. The superior acrylic material doesn’t leak moisture or allow damaging UV rays to degrade your collection, unlike glass-top humidors. The solid lid and secure seal prevent humidity swings, a problem with glass-top humidors.
  • Removable Spanish Cedar Interior: Age your cigars like the cigar-makers and tobacco artisans do. By tradition cigar crafters age their product in cedar lined rooms and boxes. The fragrance and flavor of the cedar subtly infuses a woodsy note as the cigars age. Perforations in the cedar wood tray allow Boveda’s pure water vapor to flow freely keeping your cigars in premium smoking condition.
  • Ready to Work: Arrives at your address preloaded with 3 of Boveda’s 69% humidification packets, enough for 6 to 12 full months of hassle free humidification. Simply unwrap the Boveda packs and place them below the wood tray, and then fill the tray with your cigars. You do NOT need to season the trays beforehand as they will humidify quickly once the packs are opened in the humidor. There’s no need for you to set a calendar reminder to fill a humidifier with water once a month. Boveda is recognized in the industry as the global leader in 2-way humidity control. Their patented formula of pure, all natural salt and water endures an exact relative humidity (RH) throughout your large acrylic humidor.
  • Tight Seal: The magnetic closing system provides a tight and strong seal you can count on. The sure seal means your Boveda packets work more efficiently and last much longer-a win-win in time and investment.
  • Low-Maintenance and Long-Lasting Protection: Depending on your ambient climate and how often you open and close your humidor, expect your Boveda humidification packets to last 6 to 12 months. When you want to check to see if your packets are still working simply feel the packet. Replace those that begin to feel less pliable and more rigid.

We do not include cigars. You have your own refined taste and preferences, after all!

Product Dimensions:

  • Holds up to 75 corona-size cigars
  • Large humidor with flat top and removable cedar tray with handles and two adjustable dividers
  • Rubber feet to protect surface
  • Exterior: 14.5" L x 9" W x 4.4" H
  • Interior cigar space: 13.3" L x 7.8" W x 3" H

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