5 Benefits of Enjoying a Quality Cigar

5 Benefits of Enjoying a Quality Cigar

In Indigenous cultures the practice of smoking tobacco was always a spiritual one. In fact in ceremonies, rituals and religious activities of the Woodland Indigenous communities the act of smoking promoted a union between the earthly realm and the realm where spirits dwell.

If you’re a fan of a good cigar (and really, who isn’t?) you probably consider the enjoyment of a quality stogie a bit of a spiritual experience yourself. And whether you realize it or not there is a ritual, a ceremony if you will, to the act of smoking your cigar.

You make your preferred cut, freeing the path to flavor. You introduce the element of fire and the perfectly assembled tobacco leaves capture the flame, internalizing it. You draw, coaxing the ideal flow of smoke and rush of flavor. You exhale slowly and feel the relaxation that comes from a fine cigar. What could be more ceremonial than that? Those Native cultures were definitely onto something!

Top 5 Benefits of Enjoying a Quality Cigar

Yes, there is something very special about the enjoyment of a quality cigar. Contrary to the good doctor Sigmund Freud, a cigar is not “just” a cigar. If you’re enjoying a quality cigar you are having an experience. And along with the pleasure of your encounter you’re actually gaining some benefits. Yes, there’s even more to enjoy about a good quality cigar. Let’s take a look.

1. A Good Stogie Relaxes You

The most obvious benefit you reap from enjoying a quality cigar is relaxation. From the ritual to the chemical reaction to the properties contained in the smoke, your cigar is meant to ease your stress.

Tobacco contains nicotine which stimulates the nervous system to produce adrenaline as it flows through your bloodstream. You would think the adrenaline would be contrary to the act of relaxation but behind that nicotine kick comes a surge of the feel-good brain chemical dopamine. Dopamine is actually a pleasure hormone and when it’s released into your system you feel a sense of pleasure, calm and well being.

The psychological impact of smoking a cigar contributes significantly to the relaxation you feel. There’s a sense of nostalgia and familiarity in the ritual itself, the feel of the cigar and even the aroma which can transport you back to a happy, simpler existence.

2. It’s A Sensual Experience

And the enjoyment of a quality cigar involves all of the senses too. You see the beauty of the artisan crafted product, smell the delicious aroma, even before introducing the flame. Feel the sleek and natural wrapper, hear the flame being captured as it casts the end of your stogie. And, finally, taste the essence and the character as you partake in the pleasure of smoking your cigar.

3. Provides an Opportunity to Escape the Stress of Your Day

If the events of the day are making you feel stressed and in need of a break, what better way to leave it all momentarily behind than by enjoying a quality cigar? Escape to the outdoors and find a place to pause and reflect. Draw in the pleasure and exhale that which weighs heavy on your shoulders.

Taking respite from your stress by smoking usually means a walk outdoors. In this way you literally leave that stress behind if only for a few minutes. When you finish your stogie break you return feeling more able to take on the remains of the day.

4. Time to Bond with Your Friends

When you and your friends get together there’s usually some cigar smoking in the plans. Gathering with like-minded people with whom you share a passion for cigars is a bonding experience and really, just a lot of fun! Simply spending time together or celebrating a milestone life event is infinitely better with cigars and good friends.

Sharing your latest discovery or a cigar that’s new on the scene is part of the enjoyment. Whether you join the gang for a getaway at a remote cabin, gather weekly at a cigar lounge or simply settle in for a visit on your buddy’s back porch, sharing the ritual of enjoying your favorite cigars together is an important part of the bond of friendship.

Much like the Indigenous ceremonies and celebrations called to the spirits, so does sharing cigars in good company. When you gather to summon the spirit of friendship don’t neglect to bring your favorite stogies in a protective travel humidor or case.

5. Tasting for Pleasure

Much like a wine tasting or a flight of excellent bourbon, sampling from a selection of quality cigars brings you pleasure. And what is life without pleasure? The robust flavors of good tobacco, the slightly exotic whispers of spice and other flavor additions, even the methods used to cure the leaves and the method of the artisan who filled your stogies all contribute to the pleasure of your collection.

Any cigar aficionado knows the fun of this pastime is creating and curating your own collection. After all, your personal stogie reflects your sense of taste and style. The more you become accustomed to tasting your favorite cigars the more you’ll define exactly what you want. Try them all but make sure to keep them in the finest smoking condition by investing in a high quality humidor.

We Know What You Want from A Quality Cigar

Perhaps the Indigenous People weren’t far off. Enjoying a quality cigar is a sensual and spiritual experience and a moment to revere. At Northwoods Humidors we understand the importance of your pastime and strive to help you enjoy it to the max. From heirloom quality humidors to travel accessories, lighters,cutters and so much more we have you covered.

We take cigar smoking seriously and are cigar lovers ourselves. In fact our owner Kevin is aCertified Consumer Tobacconist and eager to answer any questions you may have. Trust Northwoods Humidors with all of your cigar smoking necessities. Your passion is our passion.

10th Jul 2023 Colleen D

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