Cigar Bar Etiquette: 10 Things to Know Before You Go

Cigar Bar Etiquette: 10 Things to Know Before You Go

You know how it is when you walk into a social gathering for the first time. You look for someone to connect with-you see the newbies, maybe a little like yourself, there’s the seasoned veteran of the place holding court with other regulars, then you have the unsure, new-to-this-game person looking a bit apprehensive and unsure. It’s the same whether it's your favorite watering hole, a work gathering or a neighborhood party. And it’s the same with a cigar bar.

Now, there are specific do’s and don’ts of etiquette in any social environment. That’s all a part of navigating the scene for the first time or the hundredth time. Knowing what’s expected and how to conduct yourself is essential to your enjoyment, to fitting in and becoming a part of that “tribe”, isn’t it?

No matter if you’re a recent cigar lover or you’ve been a fan of the stupendous stogie for years, there are certain things you need to know before you go t a cigar bar. Here we offer ten guidelines and rules of etiquette that you should observe whether its your first time or you’ve lost count of how many cigar bars and lounges you’ve graced with your presence.

10 Things to Know Before You Go to A Cigar Bar

Already a comfortable cigar bar patron? Feel free to share these tidbits of enlightenment. We all know someone who could benefit from a few guidelines. Here are our top rules of etiquette for those who enjoy a good cigar bar.

1. Smoke a Cigar!

This one may seem obvious but it is surprising how many patrons light up a cigarette or whip out a vape in a cigar bar. Once the bastion of the upper crust; those men and some ladies too who simply want a place to relax andenjoy a great cigar among their fellows, today’s cigar bar can and does see its share of people who are looking for a place to smoke and have a drink. The enjoyment of a cigar and the discussion of that pleasure aren’t necessarily a common activity in cigar bars these days. So if you want to spend time at a cigar bar, do so with a cigar in hand.

2. Don’t Be “That Guy”

We all know that one guy or gal who feels the need to bring up their political opinions. There’s no doubt politics and religion are hot-button items right now and it doesn’t take long for a discussion involving either to become offensive to someone. You and your fellow cigar lovers are there to relax and enjoy your time. Don’t cause a ruckus or offend anyone in the lounge by talking about politics or religion or any other topic that brings a negative. Vibe to the room.

3. Respect the Business

If you belong to, or are a guest at, a cigar bar or lounge that also sells cigars make a porches. Of course many lounges will allow you to bring your own favorite but if the lounge has a brick and mortar business that offers a range of stogies for sale, be a good customer and purchase one of their cigars. It’s the respectful thing to do.

4. Be Polite When Blowing Smoke

Cigar smoke that is. Depending on the cigar bar’s air filtration or ceiling fans or even air conditioning it can be difficult to control the direction of your smoke. Also, a crowded cigar bar can make it difficult to avoid releasing your smoke near another person. However, that’s unintentional and sometimes unavoidable. If you find a fellow cigar lover nearby casting angry glances your way, try to angle yourself so the smoke doesn’t go in their direction. Or move to another area of the cigar bar. Be considerate of your fellow smokers.

5. Don’t Call Out a Fellow Patron for Their Cigar Selection

Just as with music, wine and automobiles, cigar preference is personal. Your taste in cigars isn’t nor should it be the one and only good cigar choice. Someone else may have a preference you simply find repulsive. Whatever they’ve selected, live and let live. What you may consider a sub-par smoke your friend might relish. Let them have their cigars. And remember price is not always an indicator of quality.

6. Don’t be A Mooch!

If this isn’t your first time in a cigar bar, or you’re a seasoned aficionado you know to come prepared. Sometimes a newbie in the crowd is a bit unprepared and may need to borrow a cutter or lighter. Gently guide them to the manager of the establishment to make use of the cigar bar’saccessories. Or if you’re feeling particularly mentor-ish let them use yours but also let them know its considered poor etiquette to ask another patron who you don’t know to borrow theiraccessories. Be kind and please don’t embarrass them. Do your best to ensure they’re comfortable and a part of this shared passion for good cigars.

7. Ask Before You Join

New to the cigar bar or lounge? Don’t simply barge in and join an established group of individuals. They could be there for a specific reason. Maybe they’re having a business meeting or a pregame for the bachelor party (although those guys usually stand out!). While the majority of those who frequent cigar bars do like to mingle and get to know other fans of the stogie that might not always be the case. Read the room. And if you see a group you’d like to join, perhaps offer to share some of thatexcellent libation you brought along.

8. Put Your Mobile on Vibrate

This should go without saying but turn off the ringer on your cell phone and if you must take a call take it outside. ‘Nuff said.

9. Be a Good Housekeeper

The ashtrays are there to help keep your cigar bar and lounge environment clean. Please don’t stamp out your cigar in theashtray. Simply set your stogie down in the tray and let it go out on its own. Also, please don’t leave wrappers or any other trash or detritus in your wake. It’s rude to the cigar bar attendees as well as your fellow patrons.

10. Relax and Enjoy

Above all else, relax and enjoy your time in the cigar bar. It’s a great way to get to know others who share your passion for a pleasurable smoke. Trade stories, share experiences and even talk about cigars. You’ll find your tribe at a cigar bar and if you know the cigar bar etiquette you will be a welcome addition to the group.

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6th Sep 2023 Colleen D

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