Top Cigar Humidor Brands in the United States - Part 2

Top Cigar Humidor Brands in the United States - Part 2

Selecting the humidor that meets your personal needs can be a bit overwhelming. Your humidor, after all, should mirror your taste, reflect your unique sense of style, your panache. And there are literally hundreds of styles from which to choose.

The most popular brands of humidor in the United States are favored for a reason. Whether it be the precision with which they are engineered, the high quality materials and components that go into the humidor design, or the flawless way your favorite cigar collection is maintained, there are several reasons why these brands of humidor are preferred.

Accessories are another integral part of your cigar-smoking enjoyment. The right humidifier and hygrometer can mean the difference between excellent and sub-par cigars. You invest plenty in your hobby, for the sheer enjoyment of a fine stogie. You should invest in your accessories as well.

In part 2 of our blog of the most popular humidor brands in the U.S. we’ll shine a light on 4 of the favorites of cigar aficionados and novices alike, along with a few of the preferred humidor accessories. These products range in price, but high-quality humidors are available to suit every budget type. Nonetheless, your humidor is an essential investment and the only way to protect and maintain the quality of your cigars with confidence.

Savoy by Ashton

Savoy Ashton humidor

Long considered a luxury brand, Ashton has been in the cigar business for well over 30 years. The Ashton company remains family owned and operated, headquartered in Philadelphia. The Ashton company has extended their long-held tradition of commitment to quality and satisfaction with product to include their fine humidors and accessories.

The Savoy Humidor is available in three distinct styles; the traditional Savoy, the Savoy Desktop, and the higher-end Savoy Executive series. All of the Savoy Humidors are available in a selection of lush wood with rich finishes. Some are cedar-lined. They range in design from simplistic to exotic.

The traditional humidors in the Savoy series attest to Ashton’s commitment to quality. They are quite exceptional in both aesthetic and design. African teak, mahogany, rosewood, and ash burl are just a few of the remarkable woods available in the Savoy series. Humidors can be ordered in three different sizes; small, which holds up to 25 cigars, medium, holds up to 50, and large for a collection of up to 100 cigars.

The Savoy Desktop Humidors are equally as rich in detail and design and hold true to the company’s commitment. These stunning humidors have a capacity for 12 of your favorite stogies and are ideal for secreting away a stash at the office, or to utilize as a travel humidor. Style and portability to provide you with peace of mind that, no matter where you are, your cigars are maintained to perfection.

The Executive line is the company’s contribution to the luxury market. These humidors, like all of the Savoy humidors, are engineered to facilitate an unlimited preservation process. With exceptional materials, quality and performance, the Executive Humidors are a cut above the already-high standards exemplified in Ashton’s other Savoy Humidors.

Savoy Accessories

Unparalleled quality and exceptional design in the Savoy brand don’t end with the humidors. Savoy Accessories, as part of the Ashton brand, adhere to the standards of the company as well. Savoy’s humidification devices able to provide the right amount of humidity to maintain a 70% relative humidity, which is the ideal. The Savoy Hygrometer continually monitors the conditions inside your humidor.

Savoy leather cases provide a secure and fashionable way to transport your favorite cigars to your smoking destination. Savoy steel cutters are available in three different finishes and employ a razor-sharp guillotine design. These cutters come with a leather sheath. Savoy accessories also include stylish flasks and ashtray stands as well.

Prestige Import Group

Waldorf Humidor - Prestige Import GroupAnother family-owned company, Prestige Import Group has been devoted to delivering a high-quality product for an affordable investment, and earning a well-satisfied customer every time. The company is in Deerfield Beach, Florida and has been in operation since 2008, making Prestige a relative newcomer among the preferred humidor brands in the U.S.

Among the favorite humidor products offered by Prestige is the desktop humidor. What makes the Prestige desktop humidor so popular are it’s many options. You can choose from size, with a capacity of up to 300! and style and finish suitable to your preference or decor. Your humidifier and hygrometer options allow for a bit of customization. From traditional to cutting-edge modern, you can be sure to find what you’re looking for in a Prestige humidor.

Prestige Accessories

In addition to the humidor, every cigar enthusiast must maintain the proper accessories to add to the enjoyment. Prestige has a full line of top-shelf accessories, including a variety of cutters, torches and carrying cases. The full line of hygrometers are available in both analog and digital to suit your preference. Prestige humidifiers are precision-made and cartridges are easy to replace as needed.


Boveda Large Acrylic Humidor

Based in Minnetonka, Minnesota, Boveda is a global leader in two-way humidity control for a variety of applications. Precise relative humidity is crucial for the maintenance of many different products in myriad environments. The quality of musical instruments, electronics, medical supplies, nutraceuticals, food products, professional sports equipment, and fine tobacco products depend on the proper degree of maintained humidity.

We’ll begin with the Boveda accessories. Boveda’s patented two-way humidity control products were voted Best Accessory for 2017 by the Cigar Journal. Boveda humidity control products work far better than the traditional sponges, crystals, gel and beads. The precision humidity control Boveda products provide is unmatched in the industry.

Boveda for cigars comes in packets, which are to be mounted or placed inside the humidor and come with a variety mounting selections. Boveda also offers an acrylic humidor available in small and large. Because of Boveda’s precision technology your cigars will maintain their smokability and you’ll be able to display your collection with pride. The Boveda Humidor and accessories are truly one-of-a-kind.

Quality Importers

Old Glory Humidor by Quality Importers

For nearly 2 decades Quality Importers has been the go-to for many cigar enthusiasts, those who are both new to the craft and seasoned devotee. What appeals most to those who prefer the Quality Importers line of humidor is the vast collection of product from which to choose. Whether you desire a travel humidor, a desktop humidor, a display humidor, or a fine piece of furniture that also preserves and protects your high-quality cigar collection, Quality Importers can deliver.

Many of the humidors offered by Quality Importers carry the Sure Seal stamp of approval. Sure Seal technology ensures the quality of your cigars is preserved for many years to come. Quality Importers humidors are available in many finishes, including aged wood, leather, black oak, rosewood, and diamond plates. Quality Importers also offers a full line of hygrometers and humidifiers, along with many other smoking accessories.

Necessary to The Craft

Whether you’ve recently discovered the enjoyment of a good cigar, or you’re a long-time enthusiast, your humidor and accessories are a necessary part of the craft. The integrity of your cigar collection depends on how they are kept. Don’t risk your investment. Choose a humidor that reflects your unique taste and ensures the quality of your cigars by preserving them in the most secure manner.

17th Dec 2017 Kevin Kauzlaric

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