About Us

Our Journey, Your Destination

At Northwoods Humidors, our story began in 2014, rooted in a passion for creating moments that transcend the ordinary. Nestled in the heart of Chicago, we emerged not just as a store, but as a sanctuary for aficionados of sophisticated leisure. Our customers find solace in the ritual of cigar smoking, an affordable luxury that momentarily lifts the weight of the world.

Through countless conversations, we've delved deep into the lives of our customers. We've learned that whether it's the business professional juggling the demands of career and family or the seasoned expert savoring newfound freedom, the quest for connection remains universal. It's not just about cigars or the perfect sip of Scotch; it's about the elusive moments of peace or the joy of shared stories in backyards, on golf courses, or across cities.

Crafted Spaces, Timeless Memories

Our discoveries have illuminated the triad of spaces where our patrons forge their experiences. Alone, they seek refuge in the quiet of their backyards or the solitude of a long drive, finding a pause in life's relentless pace. With loved ones, they celebrate and connect, turning backyards and lounges into havens of laughter and camaraderie. And in the company of new acquaintances, they expand their worlds, embracing the serendipity of travel and the thrill of new connections.

Recognizing the diverse needs of our community, we've honed our offerings. From robust humidors that brave the elements to accessories that never falter, we ensure every experience is seamless. Our commitment goes beyond the tangible; it's about enabling those cherished moments of reflection, connection, and exploration.

Your Northwoods, Our Promise


Inspired by the serene beauty of the Northwoods and the timeless tradition of cigar smoking, we invite you to explore, to discover, and to savor. As your trusted guide, we promise not just exceptional products but a journey adorned with moments that linger, like the subtle notes of a fine cigar. Welcome to Northwoods Humidors, where every puff is a story, and every story is ours to share.

Kevin - Owner


Hi, I'm Kevin, the heart and soul behind Northwoods Humidors. My journey from a U.S. Marine to a Certified Consumer Tobacconist has instilled in me a dedication to excellence, which I bring to our online store, a sanctuary for cigar lovers. With roots in Wisconsin and a home in Illinois, my love for the outdoors—snow-shoeing, kayaking, and hiking—is only matched by my passion for sharing a good cigar with friends. My expertise isn't just a title; it's a promise to provide you with the best advice and products to elevate your cigar experience.

Thank you for the opportunity to earn your business. I wish you a relaxing and enjoyable cigar-smoking experience!

Erica - Operations Manager


Hey everyone! I am the Operations Manager here at Northwoods Humidors. I grew up in a small town in the outskirts of New York City. I enjoy any and all activities that involve being outside and immersed in nature. Snowboarding in the winters and hiking my way through summer and fall. Luckily, upstate New York has it all.

I spent a large portion of my life in the service industry. After managing a popular nightclub in Brooklyn, NY, I was given the opportunity to build my expertise in online communication and marketing. Now, with Northwoods Humidors I am able to harness these skills and continue to grow! I have always felt at home with this company. I hope to continue serving our customers well while creating long lasting relationships with all of you wonderful shoppers!