12 Best Flavor Infused Cigars You Need to Try

12 Best Flavor Infused Cigars You Need to Try

If you’re a knowledgeable cigar smoker or a novice you’ve probably heard of flavored cigars. And you might be thinking to yourself “Flavored cigars? Now wait a minute!” But before you count them, maybe learn more about the flavor infused cigars we think you need to try.

We’re not talking about the manufactured flavored smokes you may know. Sweetened classics like White Owl and Swisher Sweets offer enjoyment and have been around seemingly forever. You may recall your father or even your grandfather enjoying one of these classic corner convenience store cigars a time or two. Why not? They are readily available and easy to smoke. And they no doubt have their place in your heart.

But today’s flavor infused cigars are much more complex in their palate and tend to be premium in nature. Given the enjoyment factor of a flavor infused cigar its easy to see why these naturally flavored cigars are surging in popularity, poised to become a pretty big business over the next few years. Here are our picks for the best flavor infused cigars you need to try.

A Delectable Dozen Flavor Infused Cigars You Should Try

Flavor infused cigars have grown up. To that end we mean the natural aging processes and oils used to inject pleasant flavors into these unique and truly satisfying smokes results in essences that pair well with foods and beverages or mark the end of a truly a sumptuous meal-like an excellent cup of coffee or a glass of the good stuff.

Flavored cigars are not “kid stuff” by any means. The rich flavors coaxed from deep within the leaves as you smoke your flavor infused cigar are like a pleasant wine. There are subtle flavors and a satisfying end to each draw. And these cigars are created by cigar artisans and names you recognize for their [premium influence on the world of stogies. So, without further adieu we present to you the best flavor infused cigars you need to try.

1. Java Latte

The Java Latte, borne of a collaboration between Rocky Patel and Drew Estate is, perhaps, the finest coffee infused cigar available. The fine Nicaraguan tobaccos deliver a flavor that is creamy, smooth and sweet with the gentlest hints of mocha and java. Your experience with the box pressed beauty is enhanced further when accompanied by a strong cup of coffee. If you are a fan of coffee in all its forms you owe it to yourself to try the deliciously coffee-infused Java Latte by Rocky Patel.

2. Tabak Especial

Another coffee infused delight is the Tabak Especial made expressly for Drew Estates label and, no doubt, a premium cigar. Sweeter and absolutely more flavor forward than the Java Latte the Tabak Especial evokes the palate of Kahlua. Cigar master Jonathon Drew combines fine Nicaraguan tobacco with the rich and velvet-smooth flavors of Nicaraguan coffee. A Connecticut Shade wrapper and Sumatra binder contain the flavors within until you’re ready to put flame to flavor and sit back to enjoy this unique cigar.

3. Odyssey Coffee Robusto

The Odyssey Coffee Robusto is an intensely flavored, well-crafted cigar from the makers of Punch and Macanudo. This robusto delivers a sweet, creamy, chocolate and coffee flavor profile with an even burn and a delightful finish. Much like a cup of your favorite coffee. And this entry into our best infused cigars you need to try list is also fairly easy on the budget.

4. Tatiana Amaretto

Small but filled with rich amaretto flavor, the Tatiana Amaretto combines a mild bodied cuban seed tobacco that's been grown and rolled in the Dominican Republic by premium cigar artisans. All of this and a superior Indonesian wrapper ensure a smooth smoke as well as a flavorful one. The almond flavors and whispers of the famed Italian liqueur deliver a sweet, festive and palate pleasing draw from this favorite premium flavor infused cigar.

5. Havana Honeys Dominican Del Sol Rum

As mellow as a tropical vacation with the golden notes of honey and a not-overpowering finish that speaks of a high quality rum. The Havana Honey is hand-rolled using Dominican long-filler tobaccos and an Indonesian Sumatra wrapper. The subtle notes are undeniably pleasant as well. Close your eyes and this cigar is sure to transport you to some beach, somewhere.

It should be mentioned that Havana Honeys also come infused with flavors of blackberry, vanilla and of course the original honey-infused flavor.

6. Al Capone Jamaican Blaze Rum-Flavored Cigarillos

OK, so maybe not a true contender among many of these superior cigars but the Al Capone Jamaican Blaze is a fun little smoke. The Brazilian Bahia wrapper surrounds 100% Honduran rum-flavored tobacco that attests to the company’s claims that these smokes have been “dipped in rum”. Spicy yet surprisingly smooth this cigarillo delivers on the promise of rum flavoring.

7. Carlos Toraño Reserva Decadencia

This flavor-infused cigar is no doubt a labor of love by its creator. This Port infused cigar is made in a truly unique way. The tobaccos are a blend of the best Dominican, Nicaraguan, Honduran and Indonesian fillers that have been aged in French Oak barrels formerly used to store the award-winning Decadencia Chocolate Port wine from Wilson Creek Winery. Wrapped in a Connecticut Shade wrapper the Carlos Toraño Reserva Decadencia is an ultra-smooth premium cigar that offers up a symphony of complex flavors of chocolate, port wine and fruity finish. This is one to be savored.

8. The Bourbon Cigar by Ted’s 10th Anniversary

When you bring together two of the most popular “kick back and relax” devices there’s something special going on. That’s exactly what Ted’s did with the Bourbon Cigar. This amazing stogie is infused, quite aromatically, with Maker’s Mark, a premium Kentucky bourbon. Dominican long-leaf filler, recognized for its rich and even burning nature, as well as the Sumatra wrapper are all flavor infused with the exquisite oaky and vanilla notes of this top-shelf bourbon. The manner in which the infusion occurs is a proprietary method but no matter-it works and it does so quite satisfyingly. Not surprisingly The Bourbon Cigar is a mild and premium smoke.

9. Toscano Anno Domini 1492

Toscano is one of the oldest cigar makers and has been doing so since 1818. This fire-cured cigar, though reminiscent of the methods used to make Drew Estate Kentucky Fire Cured which is mesquite forward, isn’t the same at all. This unique smoke is a tribute to the discovery of America (thus the date included in the name) and uses distinctly American tobaccos. Kentucky tobacco grown in Tennessee then cured and infused with the flavors of hickory, molasses, honey and pepper are used for both filler and wrapper.

10. Tatiana Classic Vanilla

Hand rolled in the Dominican Republic from Dominican-grown Cuban seed tobacco and wrapped in Indonesian leaf, the Tatiana Classic Vanilla is just that-a classic. One of the most popular flavor infused cigars this one offers a mellow, simple and lovely natural vanilla flavor and smoke. While some people consider “vanilla” a term to describe staid, stale and boring this smoke is anything but.

11. Azúcar Espinosa

For those for whom a flavor infused cigar may seem a bit overwhelming, rest assured this delightfully tasty and warm cigar from Espinosa will surely become a go-to. We can’t tell you much about the blend of this fine smoke because they keep it a closely guarded secret but rest assured Espinosa is a name you can trust. We do know the Azucar Espinosa is hand-rolled in the Dominican Republic and uses Dominican tobaccos for filler, binder and wrapper. Oh-and it is deliciously satisfying!

12. Acid Cigars

Depending on your opinion we may have just saved the best for last. Those flavor infused aficionados in the know celebrate the well flavored cigars brought to you by the aforementioned Jonathon Drew of Drew Estate.

Drew’s process is cloaked in secrecy but what we do know, the basics, is that the tobaccos are delicately infused with rich botanicals and essential oils, wine and other natural flavors. Once the cigars are sufficiently exposed to the all-natural flavoring agents they are encased in plastic to further lock in the exquisite flavors. These flavor infused cigars are kept in a cool room for a designated amount of time.

The result is a cigar in which the flavors become more apparent with each draw. The smoke imparts a delicate aroma that is pleasant and, if you will, mouth-watering. Acid’s seemingly-endless multitude of blends offers such flavors as honey, citrus, white pepper, red wine, cocoa, vanilla and dozens upon dozens of flavors evoking spicy and sweet palate and even the floral back notes evident in the Acid Kuba Kuba.

Find Out for Yourself

Don’t just take our word for it, try a few of the popular flavor infused cigars for yourself and let your preference guide you. Like different bourbons or a fine wine, your selection of music or favorite fragrance, finding a favorite flavor infused cigar depends on you trying a few and determining what you like. Talk about some fun homework!

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