9 Best Cigar Lighters

9 Best Cigar Lighters

While choosing the right cigars is incredibly important, you need the right tools to enjoy your stogies too and perhaps the most vital piece of equipment is the cigar lighter! Cigars are more complicated to light compared to cigarettes, so investing in one of the best cigar lighters is essential, and in this article, I have hand-picked nine superb options including both torch lighters and soft flame lighters.

Elie Bleu J-14 Diamond Jet Flame Cigar Lighter - Alba Collection - Best Overall

The Ellie Bleu J-14 is a superb lighter series but the Alba Collection of this model has that extra style and pizazz that make it stand out. Although this looks like a traditional soft-flame lighter, it actually has an incredibly efficient diamond jet burner system with an easy-to-use side ignition and flame adjustment.

But the functionality is just one aspect of the amazing lighter. The design is truly incredible and it has the shape of a classic lighter from decades long past, combined with vibrant colors and patterns that turn it into a work of art. The pattern on the casing looks superb, and the beveled logo on the lighter lid looks classy too. If you want the ultimate in style and function, this is the best cigar lighter available.


  • Excellent durability and build quality.
  • Artistic design is available in four colors.
  • Diamond jet burner system.


  • Expensive

Vertigo Cyclone Torch Flame Triple Jet Cigar Lighter - Best Value

If you don’t want to spend a fortune on a cigar lighter, look no further than the Vertigo Cyclone. This budget cigar lighter has a powerful triple jet flame and a simple ignition mechanism. You should never run out of fuel either as it has a clear fuel tank with a stylish ribbed design. The flames are wind-resistant so it’s perfect for outdoor use, and it is small enough to fit in your pocket too.


  • Budget-friendly
  • Clear fuel tank
  • Triple jet flame


  • Cheaper build quality

S.T. Dupont Le Grande Cigar Lighters - Cling Series - Best Premium

Some cigar lighters are worth the expense and the S.T. Dupont Le Grande is such a model. This premium torch cigar lighter combines a retro and classic style with the modern functionality of a robust jet torch flame.

The premium metal body looks marvelous and the combo of polished and black metal makes a stylish contrast. When you flick the lid open to reveal the flame mechanism, you also get that satisfying “cling” sound that’s so recognizable. The dual ignition system is easy to use too and actually creates both a soft and torch flame so that you can light your cigars easily.


  • Timeless classic
  • “Cling” noise on opening the lid
  • Durable build quality and premium materials


  • Expensive

Best Torch Cigar Lighters

Every cigar enthusiast should own at least one torch lighter! These windproof, directional lighters give ultimate control and allow you to light your stogies with ease.

S.T. Dupont Slim 7 Torch Flame Cigar Lighter

The S.T. Dupont Slim 7 is the best cigar lighter for portability as it is thin enough to slide into your pocket even if you have a wallet. It features a single jet flame that emits from the opening at the top of the lighter and is ignited by a long button on the side that you can easily operate with your thumb.

The slimline design also makes this lighter stylish with a modern twist but it’s certainly not a traditional lighter. You can get the casing in a range of colors and it has a dual design with the top and button one color, and the casing a second color. For functionality and portability, this is a superb option.


  • Slimline and portable design.
  • Available in a huge range of different colors.
  • Durable metal construction.


  • Some may not like the modern design.

S.T. Dupont Maxijet Torch Flame Single Jet Cigar Lighter

S.T. Dupont also makes modern cigar torch lighters and the Maxijet looks incredible with its slimline design, thin body, and matt finish. It’s available in a range of casing colors including matte black, chrome, blue, and purple and each one features the logo emblazoned on the ignition button.

The ignition is a standout feature of this cigar lighter too as it has no lid. Instead, the flame opening sits at the top and you simply press the button on the side to light the single jet torch flame. Made from high-quality metal, this lighter is durable too and its portable size means it’s great for travel use.


  • Side-press ignition.
  • Stylish and modern matte finish.
  • Powerful and wind-resistant torch jet flame.


  • It doesn’t have a fuel-level window

Xikar Tactical 1 Torch Flame Single Jet Cigar Lighters

If you favor a more modern design the Xikar Tactical 1 is the best torch lighter available. It is compact and has a sleek body with a dual-color casing and the Xikar logo emblazoned at the bottom. It might only have a single flame, but this is an oversized jet flame so you get excellent temperatures and lighting power for your cigars.

As a travel lighter or to carry around you get the benefit of a low-profile pocket clip, and there is a fuel window too. At the bottom, there is an easy-to-use flame adjuster too.


  • Modernistic design is available in four color combinations.
  • Large single jet flame.
  • Low profile clip.


  • The fuel window can be a little tricky to view.

Best Soft Flame Cigar Lighters

cigars, a lighter, and a straight cutter

While torch lighters are the preferred option by most, soft flame lighters offer some benefits including better fuel economy and improved safety.

S.T. Dupont Ligne 2 Soft Flame Cigar Lighters - Perfect Ping Series

S.T. Dupont has been making lighters for 146 years and the Ligne 2 Perfect Ping series has to be one of their crowning achievements. This soft-flame lighter is everything you could want and it’s the best cigar lighter if you want to treat yourself, or even as something like a special wedding gift or an anniversary gift for a cigar aficionado.

The style is undeniable and it can fit neatly in your pocket too. The silver and palladium model is reminiscent of scenes from old movies while the gold version is a little more flashy. Either way, you get the legendary pin when opening the lid, and the soft flame ignition mechanism is easy to use. This butane lighter measures just 1.5x2.4x0.43 inches so makes the perfect travel lighter too.


  • Available in either a gold or silver finish.
  • Perfect “ping” on opening the lighter lid.
  • Incredibly classy and stylish design.


  • Expensive.

Xikar Meridian Triple Soft Flame Cigar Lighters

The Xikar Meridian combines traditional style with modern functionality to give you one of the best soft-flame cigar lighters available. The black casing gives this lighter a bold look, and it is available in six different trim colors including gold and gunmetal.

In terms of ignition, this butane lighter has a unique triple-flame mechanism where the flames combine into a single, powerful flame with a large roller bar and flint ignition. You should never run out of fuel either as it features a stylish fuel viewing window, and it’s altitude tested up to 12,000ft.


  • Available in six different trim colors.
  • Triple flame design for easier lighting.
  • Stylish exterior with a comfortable grip.


  • It is not the smallest soft-flame lighter available.

S.T. Dupont Ligne 2 Cigar Lighter - Silver Palladium Series

If you want to look like a movie star from the 1950s and make a statement with your cigar, the S.T. Dupont Ligne 2 Silver Palladium Series is THE best cigar lighter available. This pocket lighter is timeless and meant to impress and the durable palladium and silver casing look incredible.

On flicking the lid open you get the iconic “cling” which reveals the simple soft-flame mechanism underneath. Everything about this cigar lighter speaks of class and style, but it is also functional and will last for years.


  • Stunning, classic design.
  • Characteristic “cling” sound on opening.
  • Compact and easy-to-use design.


  • Especially expensive.

How to Choose a Cigar Lighter

I hope you now have food for thought and have a clearer idea of the best lighter for cigars available. But which one is the best cigar lighter for you and how do you choose? To help, I have listed the main factors you should look at below.


The fuel type is especially important as this impacts how your cigar lights, but can alter the taste. Generally, I advise staying away from petroleum fuel as this can leave a nasty taste in your mouth and taint your cigars.

Butane is the ideal choice and this is widely regarded as the best fuel type for cigar lighters. It is a odorless fuel source and thus doesn’t affect the taste and flavor of your cigars.

Size and Style

Portability is obviously a consideration - do you want a pocket lighter that you can carry with you and take on your travels? Or do you want something larger and stationary that you intend to use in your cigar den?

The style is incredibly personal too as you can get both traditional and modern cigar lighters. Traditional designs have the finger-flip lid whereas modern torch lighters look more utilitarian and imposing.


I don’t like having the price as my determining factor and I would always opt for quality, and buying the best product for the purpose I want, but it’s understandable that many people have a set budget to adhere to.

Torch lighters are typically more expensive and their price can range from $50 on the cheap side, to $500+ for the best cigar lighters. The cheapest soft-flame lighters can be a slow as $20 or less, but you can easily pay $500+ too depending on the model and quality.


Some consideration can be given to the manufacturer but I prefer to look at the fuel, style, features, and design of the cigar lighter. Notable manufacturers who are known to make the best cigar lighters include S.T. Dupont, Xikar, Vertigo, and Elle Bleu.


I have given you both soft-flame and torch flame options above and both are viable but you have to think about which flame type you prefer.

Soft-flame lighters can be affected by wind, and the flame isn’t directional so it can be trickier to use. However, they are generally safer and use far less fuel.

In contrast, torch flame lighters use more fuel and burn hotter so they can be more dangerous. The benefit is that the flame is windproof and directional, and you can generally light your cigar easier and quicker with these devices.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much should a good cigar lighter cost?

For a quality torch lighter that will last and is easy to use, the minimum you should pay is $50. This is relatively cheap for a torch lighter too and at this price range you will find the lighters have limited features.

How many flames is best for a cigar lighter?

This depends on the size of your cigar! A torch lighter with a single flame is perfectly adequate but when used for larger cigars the lighting process will take longer. In this instance, you could benefit from using a torch lighter with three or four flames.

Is it better to use matches or lighters for cigars?

Traditional wooden matches are fine as a substitute if your cigar lighter has run out of fuel, but a fully functioning torch lighter or soft-flame lighter is always the best and most convenient option to light your stogies with.

11th Apr 2024 Kevin Kauzlaric

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