Keep Your Humidor in Tip-Top Shape with These 4 Accessories

Keep Your Humidor in Tip-Top Shape with These 4 Accessories

Of course established aficionados know this, but for those cigar lovers who are just getting into their passion a cigar humidor is a must. Once you make the investment in a cigar humidor there really is no turning back. You are in the grips of a wonderful pastime, my friend, and like a wine connoisseur you need to educate your palate. That means tasting and trying a variety of cigars that you need to safely store in a protective environment. Enter the humidor.

Keep Your Humidor Tip-Top

Once you make the investment in a cigar humidor there really is no turning back. And with a cigar humidor comes humidor accessories. After all, you want to keep your humidor in tip-top shape as it does house some pretty precious cargo. By knowing which accessories you need and how to use them you’ll make sure your humidor and the cigars within are in the best possible order. Of course there are different accessories based on the type of humidor you own and not all of them are necessary. However there are some you shouldn’t do without. Some add to the glamor of your newfound passion while other accessories are vital to keeping your cigars in the best smokable condition. Let’s have a look at the top accessories to keep your humidor in tip-top shape.

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1. Hygrometer

OK this one is non-negotiable. The hygrometer is the heart and soul of your humidor. It determines the relative humidity inside your box and helps you maintain the appropriate level to prevent degradation to your cigars. Most humidors come with a built in hygrometer and that’s fine. Be sure you calibrate your hygrometer often for best results. Otherwise the built-in hygrometer works most efficiently and is often preferable for maintaining humidity levels because of its placement as the humidor box was constructed.

2. Humidor Solution

Seasoning your humidor is the most important step in keeping it in tip-top shape. And it seems like there are just as many methods for seasoning your humidor as there are humidors. Some cigar lovers with an opinion on the practice may suggest an elaborate process using a few different solutions and others may suggest a wipe down of the humidor’s interior with water and a sponge. While every humidor is unique they all share some similar properties, that being certain components that manage keeping your cigars out of harm’s way. To that end the wood inside your humidor must absorb enough moisture in order to maintain the relative humidity. This can vary depending on the area of the country where you live. 

Desert climates are much drier and the southeast or tropical areas are much more humid. Most humidors have Spanish cedar lining. This wood has a naturally pleasing fragrance and, as a cedar, is an insect repellant. That means your stogies won’t fall prey to the horrible tobacco beetle. Cedar also keeps away fungus like mold or mildew and because it regulates moisture inside the box it is ideal to keep your humidor in tip-top shape. That is, if it is seasoned appropriately. Seasoning a humidor isn’t difficult but it is somewhat involved. Each manufacture has their own recommendations for the seasoning process so begin there, or use our guide here

You may use your own solution with distilled water but never, ever use tap water. Tap water is treated with chlorine and other chemicals and also contains impurities that will damage your stogie stash as well as your humidor. For best results, especially if you are new to owning and maintaining a humidor, use a professionally premade solution. Again, refer to your manufacturer’s recommendations.

3. Calibration Kit

Calibrating your hygrometer is a very necessary part of humidor maintenance. As such you will need to stay on top of it. Your hygrometer, as we mentioned previously, is the most important tool in keeping your cigars at the appropriate relative humidity (68%-72%) inside the humidor. If the humidity levels are off you risk moisture and mold infiltrating your stogie stash or a too-dry environment rendering your cigars equally unshakable. 

Experienced cigar humidor owners may refer you to a method known as the “salt test”. This involves testing your hygrometer by using damp salt, which renders a reading of 75% relative humidity under specific conditions. Read about it here. We think those newbies and even the more experienced cigar lovers will fare better using a trusted Boveda One-Step Hygrometer Calibration Kit. 

The kit removes the guesswork that may accompany the salt test. The Boveda Kit is highly accurate and dependable (so much so that it’s used regularly in laboratory settings by professional chemists when calibrating instruments) and works with both analog and digital hygrometers. And it’s backed by the Boveda name.

4. Humidor Sensors

Having a humidor sensor is a wonderful way to obtain peace of mind peace of mind. We offer a few different options but we like the accuracy and-ok, the “techie” bells and whistles- of the Sensor Push HT1n Humidity/Temperature Smart Sensor. This device provides up-to-the-minute data via your smart phone app. Powered by Swiss made components the Smart Sensor takes readings every minute. The data is stored for up to two weeks. And it is accurate within 0.5° F and 3% relative humidity. We also feature the Xikar Purotemp Wireless Hygrometer with remote sensor and base unit. 

The base unit has the technology to read ups to three separate units in different locations and is the ideal choice for someone with multiple humidors. The unit alerts you if your conditions are less than acceptable. Trust the Experts at Northwoods Humidors

There you have it, our 4 favorite accessories to keep your humidor in tip-top shape. If you’re looking for anything cigar or humidor related or shopping for the perfect humidor for your stogie stash please contact Northwoods Humidors. We’re the most knowledgeable when it comes to keeping and maintaining your cigar collection and we’re here to answer any questions you may have. Contact Northwoods Humidors today and fire up that passion for all things cigar.

5th Jun 2024 Colleen D.

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