Reasons You'll Love a Great Cigar Bar

Reasons You'll Love a Great Cigar Bar

When you begin your journey into the world of cigars you discover a whole new realm. Cigar people have a language all their own; they discuss bunchers and banda, head and foot, sun-grown versus shade grown and so on and so forth.

Enjoy a quality smoke with a couple of aficionados and before long they will be debating the best humidors, cutters and lighters with a passion typically reserved for a favorite bourbon or even the NFL. Yes, the world of cigars is a realm of mystery to be sure! And discovering each and every facet of your new-found passion is nearly as enjoyable as a good quality stogie.

Within this mysterious world there is the equivalent of a “clubhouse” for grown-ups. A cigar bar or lounge is one of the best places you can spend your time and take a deep dive into your favorite pastime. It's a place where you can kick back, chill and enjoy your smoke with other cigar-lovers and do so in peace.

What is A Cigar Bar?

So what exactly is a cigar bar? And Does it differ from a cigar lounge? Well, first of all, the terms are used interchangeably. Yes some people refer to a cigar lovers’ gathering place that serves alcohol as the “cigar bar”, but trust us the names mean the same, so don’t get too caught up in semantics. However, that being said, there are different types of cigar bars and lounges and we’re here to break them down for you. Let’s find out more about these wondrous bastions of bonding for cigar-enthusiasts.

Members-Only Cigar Bar

As the name implies this type of cigar bar only admits official members and their guests. This exclusive establishment may be a cigar bar that charges a nominal fee for privileged participation or the cigar bar may be located in a country club or other restricted social group. There are rules to joining a members-only cigar bar and, although they may put you off, they are intended for the comfort of all members who wish to enjoy their smoke and possibly a cocktail and dinner.

Public Cigar Bar

The purpose of the public cigar bar is to allow those who sincerely wish to enjoy their smoke in the company of other cigar lovers. In a public cigar bar you can mingle with like-minded guests-some of them regulars. Quite often these lounges are part of a cigar shop. Space may be limited and require advance booking. In populated areas like cities, lunch hours can prove difficult to get into a public cigar lounge as many patrons look forward to their mid-day pleasure.

Cigar Bars Within A Restaurant or Lounge

Some public establishments offer a separate bar area, closed off from the rest, for their patrons to enjoy a fine cigar. Be aware many of these types of cigar bars don’t discriminate against cigarette smokers and aren’t limited to cigars-only.

5 Reasons to Love A Great Cigar Bar

No matter the style, patrons learn about cigars from knowledgeable staff and their fellow enthusiasts. And they can simply step out of the busy-ness of the day for an enjoyable spell while they sample and select cigars they wish to try. Sounds wonderful? Here are 5 reasons you’ll love a great cigar bar.

1. Comfort

The best way to thoroughly taste, appreciate and enjoy your cigar is in absolute comfort. You don’t want to be rushed, offend anyone with your smoke or feel like you’re in a hard-sell environment. A feeling of relaxation you experience as soon as you enter the lounge is a beautiful thing. Plush seating and an atmosphere of camaraderie where you can smoke in peace is a major advantage of a great cigar bar.

2. Cigar Selection

The selection of cigars at a great cigar bar, as you might imagine, is excellent. They’ll have many fine quality cigars from which you can choose and many different price points. The sheer variety of cigars is one of the big draws for novice and aficionado alike.

3. Attentive and Knowledgeable Staff

Many great cigar bars and lounges employ someone on their staff who is extremely knowledgeable about tobacco, its nuances, and the craft of cigar-making. Your go-to source, the staff member is there to offer advice, give you some background on different cigars, where they come from, the type of tobacco that went into the filler and wrapper and even regale you with facts and cigar trivia that will impress at your next dinner party.

4. Quality Atmosphere Dedicated to Your Pleasure

A great cigar bar is dedicated to one thing and one thing only; your enjoyment of a fine cigar. To that end you’ll always find a great cigar bar clean, comfortable and organized in a way that says you’ve arrived among friends. Many quality cigar bars offer a selection of food and drinks for their patrons’ enjoyment. Some have quite the extensive menu while others may simply offer a limited selection.

5. Amenities

In addition to offering various degrees of food and drink many cigar bars cater to today’s busy clientele with a host of other amenities. A well-appointed cigar bar offers comfortable seating, banquettes for groups, wi-fi, periodicals and books to peruse while you enjoy a good stogie. Some cigar bars have an area within where you can catch a game or even listen to music. It’s all about your pleasure in a great cigar bar.

A Great Way to Appreciate Your Passion

There are many more reasons to love a great cigar bar. Find yours! A trip to your favorite cigar bar is that little piece of heaven in your day. Life slows down for a moment and you have nothing to think about beyond enjoying your most delectable cigar. Appreciate your passion and go visit a great cigar bar.

We Support Your Passion

A good cigar is best enjoyed when you have the proper tools and accessories specifically dedicated to cigars. For all of your humidor and cigar accessory needscontactNorthwoods Humidors today. We’re here to answer any questions you may have and talk with you about our mutual pardon; cigars! We’d love to hear from you!

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