Top 10 Occasions For Cigar Smoking

Top 10 Occasions For Cigar Smoking

When is the right time to smoke a cigar? What are some good occasions to celebrate with a smoke?

Smoking cigars may already be a part of your regular day-to-day routine. However, you may have also noticed that they tend to be more enjoyable on specific, special occasions.

Maybe it's when you get together with your best friends for some drinks. Maybe it's when you're on the golf course. Perhaps it's when you're watching your favorite sports team on your big screen TV.

Ultimately, there is no right or wrong, but it is nice to be able to commemorate a special event with a fine cigar. Here are 10 occasions that are practically tailor-made for cigar smoking.

1. Poker Night

Cigars are almost a given at regular poker night gatherings, be it weekly or monthly. It may seem cliché or stereotypical, but there is a reason why people are often depicted enjoying a cigar during these moments.

You're in good company, you're enjoying the thrill of the game, you're not in a hurry to get anywhere, and some adult drinks are almost always at hand. It feels good to celebrate the party-like atmosphere with a drag on your favorite cigar.

2. Career Advancements

Maybe you just got a new job. Maybe you finally got that big promotion and bonus you've been waiting on. Or, maybe, you actually finished the manuscript for your first novel.

Advancements in your career call for celebration. Follow up that feel-good moment with a smoking session, and you're bound to capture more of those good vibes. Just remember to get your head back in the game when it's time to go back to work!

3. Weddings

If weddings weren't occasions for celebration already, some newlyweds are opting to have cigar bars at their receptions, where both men and women can enjoy a puff. Let's hope this isn't just a passing trend, and that it becomes a tradition unto itself.

Of course, in general, weddings and are ideal occasions for pulling out the cigars. Just remember to be respectful of others; particularly the wedding party! Outdoor weddings might provide more opportunities for a smoke compared to a fancy indoor wedding.

4. The Weekend

There's nothing quite like that sense of freedom you feel when the clock rolls around to 5 PM on a Friday afternoon, is there? The next two and a half days are for you to figure out, and you can spend them however you want to.

Are you in a festive mood? If so, there is no better time to bust out the cigars than the weekend. Start it off right with a smoke, and plan how you're going to spend the rest of your freedom time.

5. Newborns

The birth of a child is traditionally prime time for bringing out the cigars. It's time to celebrate the newborn with a few cigars and a few of your friends (make sure to pass them out, as this is a time for celebrating together).

These occasions are only going to come around ever so often (it depends on how many kids you intend to have), so make them memorable! If it's your first newborn, your life will change in ways you don't even expect.

6. Birthdays

Birthdays and cigars go together, especially if it happens to be your own, since you can do pretty much whatever you want at your own birthday party. If you're in someone else's home or in a location other than your own residence, you may want to use some discretion of course.

However, if it's the birthday of a best friend, you can no doubt share in the smoking. Head on down to the man cave for a good smoke.

7. The Fourth Of July

It only comes around once every year, and it's a special occasion for celebrating your freedom as an American. Can you think of a better time to pull some special patriotic cigars out of your humidor?

Why not take a smoke while watching the fireworks? The visuals will definitely complement the taste of your cigar.

8. New Year's Eve

As with the fourth of July, New Year's Eve only comes around once every year. It's time to say goodbye to another year - good or bad - and usher in a new one.

Looking to start the New Year right? Then you better have your cigars at the ready, because there's no better way to welcome new adventures and experiences into the next 365 days than with a fine, hand-rolled cigar.

9. When Your Team Wins

Did your team win the big game? Then this is clearly an occasion for celebration. Bring out the cigars, and light up with your friends in the man cave.

For some, smoking a cigar is a tradition every time their team wins. It's up to you, of course. How often you bring out the cigars might depend on how often your team is known to win (or lose, as the case may be).

10. While Enjoying A Great Meal

Whether during an exceptional Thanksgiving dinner or while you're enjoying your favorite dish, a cigar makes for a great complement to a delicious meal. Granted, you can't just light up at any dining room table or restaurant these days, so you'll have to pick your moments.

The best way to enjoy a cigar with a meal is to smoke it in between courses. Find a cigar that doesn't have too strong of a taste, and it will enhance flavors of the meal.

Final Thoughts

Are there other good times to dig out the cigars? Of course! Any occasion that calls for a celebration is an appropriate time for a cigar, as long as it's acceptable to smoke in the environment in which you're looking to smoke.

In fact, when you really think about it, these "occasions" could pile up pretty quickly if you were to celebrate all of them. Oh well, any excuse will do for a fine cigar, right?

Don't forget to share in the celebration; nothing beats the good company of friends and family.

26th Sep 2015 Kevin Kauzlaric

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