Top Cigar Humidor Brands in the United States - Part 1

Top Cigar Humidor Brands in the United States - Part 1

Humidors come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes but their purpose is all the same-to keep your cigars fresh and prevent any degradation so that you may enjoy your next cigar as you please and as it was meant to be enjoyed. A humidor will keep your cigars in the absolute optimum environment, with the correct amount of humidity and a proper seal.

Storing your finest cigars in a humidor is an idea that began to take hold in the early 1800’s. The first humidors were simple, but as the upper crust began to appreciate a good stogie humidors became elaborate in design and even more precise in function. Today you’ll find modern day humidors which are as much a work of art as they are necessary for storing your fine cigars.

Of course the type of humidor you require will depend on your precise needs. Some cigar aficionados may boast a sizable collection, hence the need for a large humidor. Should you desire to take a few choice cigars with you in your travels there are portable humidors available to ensure a fine quality cigar remains so.

With the vast array of humidors available, and for the two centuries they’ve been in the limelight of cigar culture, it’s understandable that not only are there so many humidors on the market, but there are countless brands of humidors, worldwide. In the following piece we take a look at four of the top cigar humidor brands in the United States.

US Humidors

There are many fine American made humidors, sure to fit anyone’s budget. From authentic Amish craftsmanship to ecologically-minded companies, there are humidors that fit your style-and lifestyle. One company only designs sturdy travel humidors.

For those who purchase humidors the basic purpose is to maintain the integrity of your cigar by keeping it fresh in flavor and smoke-ability. A humidor provides the ideal environment to do just that. That way when you desire your cigar it will be ready for you to enjoy as it was meant to be enjoyed.

In recent years American-made humidors have become quite popular. They are just as superbly crafted as any you would find in France, England, or Germany for instance. In looking at what is offered by US-based cigar humidor brands you’ll find a broad range of prices and many that provide excellent function. You’ll find these cigar humidors maintain a tight seal, come with the necessary accessories (hygrometer and thermometer) to provide optimum humidity control, and are just as beautiful to look at as those made far and wide.

Four of The Top US Humidor Brands

Here are four of the top brands of cigar humidors in the United States. There are several smaller, boutique operations as well, however these stand out time and again when reviewing the ratings. They are each unique and serve a specific purpose as to your own personal cigar humidor needs. Read our follow-on Part II article in which we will look at additional US brands.

Daniel Marshall

Founder of Daniel Marshall

Since 1982 cigar lovers all over the world have taken notice of this American artist. The young artisan took a chance and pursued his dream of marketing his designs to some of the most prestigious gift houses in Europe. His stunningly simple and beautiful cigar humidor and cigarette case designs caught the eye of Dunhill and they acquired the young artist to build Dunhill humidors for the US market.

Daniel Marshall set up shop in Costa Mesa and hired craftsmen skilled in painting and cabinet making to staff his new business. From there the brand grew to become one of the most coveted cigar humidor brands in the world. The DM collection of cigar humidors have graced the desks of dignitaries, US Presidents, and the Hollywood elite. While the DM cigar humidor remains affordable there are limited edition humidors created by the artisans of Daniel Marshall which are truly magnificent.

Craftsman’s Bench

Considered to be America’s bestselling line of humidors and accessories Craftsman’s Bench brand features fine quality and affordable cigar humidors for all cigar fans, from the novice, to the connoisseur. There are two specific lines of humidor offered by this humidor division of the J. C. Newman Cigar Company of Tampa, FL.

Craftsman's Bench products

Craftsman’s Bench Classic Humidors are available in many stunning finishes, with enhancements that are as unique to your style as they are beautiful. From traditional to contemporary to whimsical there is a humidor made just for you.

Craftsman’s Bench Executive Series takes the outstanding beauty of the stunning finishes and rich wood tones and adds enhancements to function. The easy-to-read hygrometer and humidifier attach invisibly to the lid. As part of the patented IMAS system your humidor is strong and sturdy with the added security of top-of-the-line accessories included.

Diamond Crown

Diamond Crown HumidorsAnother popular humidor line, also by J. C. Newman Cigar Company is Diamond Crown. Diamond Crown cigars have long been a favorite of cigar aficionados so it stands to reason that their humidor line would be top-shelf. After all, it needs to keep and protect your favorite stash which likely includes a few of their own.

Following the creation of the outstanding Diamond Crown cigar in 1995, and subsequently the Maximus, Julius Caesar, and Black Diamond thereafter, equally well-received, the brand embarked on creating their own line of humidors. In addition to being world-class in maintaining the ideal environment for the storage of cigars, the Diamond Crown humidor is highly coveted for it’s sheer beauty.

From traditional to exotic each humidor is a work of art that stands on its own or complements the decor of your home or office. Painstakingly crafted from high grade solid wood, the Washington, Jefferson, and Delaware models of the American Series are stunning. The Alexander sports a high-gloss Black Ebony veneer that’s as breathtaking as it is luminous and the Drake has a natural Rosewood design lending an exotic air. Both are in the highly-rated St. James Series of humidors.

A Diamond Crown humidor is an investment of heirloom quality. The pieces come in various sizes, able to accommodate from 40 to 160 of your finest cigars.

Cigar Caddy

As the trend toward high quality cigars grew in the US, Cigar Caddy rose to answer the call to create a secure way to protect and transport your personal cigar collection. Cigar Caddy Travel Humidors are the most durable and dependable way to preserve the flavor and quality of your finest cigars while taking them along with you.

Cigar Caddy brand

Traveling exposes your fine cigars to elements perhaps not commonly present in your home or office. For this reason it’s imperative to transport your treasures in an easy yet protective manner. Cigar Caddy humidors are weatherproof, waterproof, and crushproof. Take them anywhere and you’ll still be bale to enjoy your perfect cigar when you arrive.

Cigar Caddy out of Weston, FL, provides one type of cigar humidor. They offer the most protective and durable way to travel with your prized stogies. Nothing extremely fancy, just good solid humidor protection.

Other US Humidor Brands

The four humidor brands in the United States selected here are specifically makers of humidors. They have the expertise necessary to ensure the best and proper materials have been used to create your humidor. However many fine furniture manufacturers in the US also make humidors of exceptional quality as well. In Part II we will take a look at other popular US humidor brands.

A Personal Choice

Of course, as with any purchase of this type, selecting a cigar humidor is uniquely personal. Your purchase doesn’t simply reflect your needs, but your sense of style and panache as well. Take time and read reviews as they pertain to your selections. Your ideal humidor does exist and it just might be made right here in the USA.

Photo credit: idovermani via Visual hunt / CC BY

19th Nov 2017 Kevin Kauzlaric

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