Bey-Berk Carbon Fiber and Yellow 25 Cigar Humidor

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  • Bey-Berk Carbon Fiber and Yellow 25 Cigar Humidor (C417)
  • Bey-Berk Carbon Fiber and Yellow 25 Cigar Humidor (C417)
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In 1981 two distant relatives Serop Beylerian and Kurken Berksanlar, combined their sense of creativity and keen understanding of materials to offer innovative products both for the home and the office and established Bey-Berk International. Bey-Berk’s commitment to continually develop products of superb design and superior craftsmanship, while maintaining highly competitive prices, continues to be the driving force behind the Company’s success. Bey-Berk’s philosophy is to develop long-standing business relationships with each and every customer, by providing excellent customer service and dependability. The company has grown from a single porthole clock to a catalog containing upwards of 2’000 products ranging in various categories. The Bey-Berk Carbon Fiber and Yellow 25 Cigar Humidor is a charming box with bold finishes that will surely stand out on your desk or in your lounge. 

Bey-Berk Carbon Fiber and Yellow 25 Cigar Humidor Details

  • Yellow Lacquer finish
  • Carbon Fiber center
  • Spanish Cedar lining
  • Chrome accents
  • Includes Humistat
  • External Hygrometer


  • 11"L x 7.75"W x 3.5"H

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