Northwoods Humidors --- A Place To Relax

Northwoods Humidors --- A Place To Relax

Are you looking for a place to relax and view cigar humidors and accessories? 

Northwoods Humidors is working to be that place for you.

Now living in a big city, I like to relax by thinking back to my time growing up in the Northwoods of Wisconsin. The picture below is a good visual of this peaceful environment. It's easy to imagine yourself quickly letting go of life's troubles in a place like that.

Our goal here at Northwoods Humidors is to create a similar setting----a place to relax as you shop for cigar humidors and accessories. Smoking a cigar should be a time that puts your mind at ease. Like the Northwoods. It's my true hope that after you spend some time with us you won't feel rushed or hassled, but instead, feel as though you are somewhere you can kick back and be at ease. 

Thank you for stopping by already. We look forward to having you visit again.

28th May 2014 Kevin Kauzlaric

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