Boveda 84% RH Pack for Humidor Seasoning, X-Large 320 gram

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  • Boveda 84% RH Pack for Humidor Seasoning, X-Large 320 gram (B84-320-OWB)
  • Boveda 84% RH Pack for Humidor Seasoning, X-Large 320 gram (B84-320-OWB)
  • Boveda 84% RH Pack for Humidor Seasoning, X-Large 320 gram
  • Boveda 84% RH Pack for Humidor Seasoning, X-Large 320 gram
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Boveda humidor seasoning packs are the best and easiest method for seasoning your brand new humidor. How does it work? Simply place just one 320g 84% pack in your humidor for every 150 cigars the humidor is capable of storing. Shut the humidor lid and 14 days later your humidor is all ready! Just remove the seasoning packs and then add whichever humidifier you desire. It's so simple! Boveda takes all the guesswork out of seasoning your new humidor.

Proper seasoning is important for getting the performance and flavor characteristics that Spanish-cedar humidors can provide. The purpose of seasoning is to raise the moisture level of the wood inside your humidor to the level you want to store your cigars, typically 68-70% RH. If your humidor isn't properly seasoned before storing your cigars, the Spanish-cedar wood will remove the moisture from your cigars until equilibrium is met. This will ruin your cigars. 

Boveda has done extensive research to know that 14 days is the ideal time period for seasoning humidors. After 14 days, the wood will have reached equilibrium at between 68-70% relative humidity. At that point the seasoning packs can be removed and replaced with standard Boveda packs (or another humidifier), at the RH level you prefer.

Up until now, the largest and most popular size (60 grams) has been Boveda’s bread and butter for wood humidor maintenance. Typically, 3-4 packs were used to properly regulate a desktop humidor. This process has been condensed into a larger single unit with the 320 gram pouch. The pouch lasts up to 6x longer than any previous Boveda pack.

Once you smoke a cigar stored with Boveda, you’ll finally enjoy it exactly as the master blender intended.


  • Guaranteed to be the most safe and effective way to season wood humidors
  • Equivalent to over 5 large 60g Boveda packs
  • Prevents both cracking & warping by slowly raising the moisture of the interior wood
  • Simply leave the 84% packet in humidor for 14 days, then replace with standard RH Boveda packets
  • Each packet lasts 2-4 months but have a 2-year shelf life if left in original packaging
  • Use with or without the Boveda 320g mounting plate


  • Boveda X-Large (320 gram)
  • Dimensions: 6.75″ x 5″ X 0.8"

Lifetime Guarantee

  • Lifetime Guarantee from the manufacturer (Boveda)
    • We assist you in filing any claims with the manufacturer

How Many Boveda Seasoning Packs You Need

  • The 320 gram pouch is designed for humidors of all sizes, ranging from 25 count to 150 count.
  • Multiple 320g packs can be mounted in even larger humidors and cabinet humidors.
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Warranty Information

  • Manufacturer's Lifetime Guarantee.
  • You will have peace of mind when you buy from us because we assist you in filing a warranty claim with the manufacturer should you need to.
  • Other retailers do NOT provide this service.
  • We will be with you from the start of the process by providing you with the warranty contact info and a receipt of your purchase to file a claim.
  • We will be in contact with you during the claims process to make sure you receive the service you deserve.
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