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  • Chicago Candle Co Old Fashioned Cocktail Candle - Green Wine Bottle
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Discover the rich, sophisticated ambiance of the Chicago Candle Co Old Fashioned Cocktail Candle. Infused with the classic charm of oak barrel whiskey, a twist of orange, and a drop of cherry, this candle offers an irresistible aroma that elegantly captures the spirit of a time-honored cocktail. Its unique scent profile brings a touch of nostalgia and warmth to any setting, making it a perfect addition to your evening unwind.

Each candle is a masterpiece of sustainable luxury, hand-poured into upcycled wine bottles that have been meticulously cut, sanded, and polished to a smooth finish. With a generous burn time of over 65 hours, these candles are designed not just to scent your space but to add a visually stunning element to your decor. The use of 100% soy wax ensures a clean, eco-friendly burn, aligning with the values of those who cherish both quality and environmental responsibility.

As an Authorized Retailer, Chicago Candle Co. ensures that each Old Fashioned Cocktail Candle meets the highest standards of craftsmanship. This candle is not just a purchase; it's an investment in atmospheric excellence, perfect for those who appreciate the finer things in life and wish to imbue their homes with a scent that’s as rich and inviting as the cocktail that inspired it.

Chicago Candle Co Old Fashioned Cocktail Candle Details

  • 100% clean-burning soy wax 11 oz. candle
  • Scent: Oak barrel whiskey with a twist of orange and just a drop of cherry
  • Made in the USA in Chicago, IL
  • These unique scents are blended from natural essences and are intensely fragrant
  • Burn time is 65 hours or more
  • Each one is hand cut and hand poured into up-cycled wine bottles
  • Each wine bottle is hand cut, sanded and polished to have a beautiful finish
  • The wine bottles are donated from local shops and cafes in the the Chicago-land area
  • We are an Authorized Retailer for Chicago Candle Co.

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