12 Best Cigars to Ring in the New Year

12 Best Cigars to Ring in the New Year

There are many celebratory occasions that call for a good cigar but none is more celebratory, in our humble opinion, than ringing in the new year. Enjoying a good stogie as a new year filled with promise comes into view isn’t just about being festive. The pleasure of the ritual involved in smoking your cigar is derived from the pause that lets you reflect a bit-on the day,, the year and your plans for the year to come.

Our 12 Best Cigars to Ring In The New Year

Given all that your celebratory cigar means for you shouldn’t the cigar with which you greet the new year be worthy? An occasion like this calls for a special cigar. Wether you prefer a medium to full strength stogie or something a little more mild we can help you decide which celebratory stogie fits the occasion. Here we offer our selection of the 12 best cigars to ring in the new year.

1. Romeo Y Juliet 1875

We begin with a classic that suits any budget and offers a celebratory flair that’s as iconic as a glass of your favorite bubbly at midnight. A bit spicy and nutty with notes of roasted coffee beans, this favorite cigar is medium bodied. The Cuban pedigree is legendary and is sure to impress. Grab a box to share with friends.

2. H. Upmann 1844 Reserve

The H. Unman 1844 Reserve is more full-bodied but may be regarded by some aficionados as medium bodied. The Cuban-legacy cigar was once a popular choice among the old school cigar smokers. This reimagined classic still retains a bit of the style appreciated by fans of the bygone era when the enjoyment of cigars and brandy were de rigueur for those of a certain class. With notes of black pepper, wood, leather and buttered toast this stogie pairs well with a glass of your favorite Cabernet Sauvignon, a good porter or dark beer. This Dominican cigar is also an affordable splurge so you can buy a box to share as you and your friends ring in 2024 in style.

3. Ashton Cabinet Selection No. 4

Of course the classic Ashton name had to appear somewhere right? This mellow Dominican gives off notes of honey, roasted coffee beans and rich and nutty cashews. The Ashton Cabinet Selection No. 4 is a smooth blend of filler tobaccos that have been fermented for five to seven years. The Connecticut Shade wrapper exudes an extra layer of smooth flavor. Long a favorite among aficionados and industry folk, the Ashton name is associated with first rate smokes. Because of the smooth draw and mellow flavors this cigar pairs perfectly with a midnight bubbly.

4. Ashton Symmetry

For those who prefer a full taste cigar the Ashton Symmetry is ideal. Made with Dominican tobaccos grown on the famed Fuentes estate and blended with an alluring Nicaraguan tobacco that was grown in the volcanic soil of the region the Ashton Symmetry was the creation of legendary cigar artisan Carlito Fuentes. Full-bodied notes of figs, dried cherries, rich roasted coffee beans and cedar you’ll also detect the classic whip of Fuentes spices; this is one ultra-refined stogie. It pairs well with a top shelf single malt scotch or an exuberant champagne. This is definitely one to impress and well-suited for a memorable celebration.

5. San Cristobal Ovation

Another full-bodied cigar, the San Cristobal Ovation is the perfect smoke for ruminating on your hopes and goals for the new year. Often described as creamy-flavored with notes of hickory and a bit of loamy earthy richness, this pleasurable smoke bears the classic signature of esteemed cigar artisan Jose “Pepin” Garcia. The outer leaf is an aged and refined San Andres that’s wrapped around a unique blend of rare Nicaraguan tobaccos. Pair this unique and coveted smoke with a good quality bourbon to bid adieu to the old year and slip warmly into what's to come.

6. Arturo Fuente Hemingway

You can never go wrong with a cigar of iconic esteem. The aged Dominican tobaccos are of a blend conceived by Carlito Fuentes. It’s no wonder this cigar has a decades long history and the reputation worthy of such a legendary name, paying homage to two of the world's great artists. This medium strength smoke exudes notes of woodsy spices and is a bit sweet around the edges. The soft finish makes the Arturo Fuente Hemingway a perfect companion to pair with a sparkling wine, crisp pale ale or perhaps even a quality sipping rum.

7. Sobremesa Brulee Robusto

Many an aficionado will argue that this is one of the better creations by cigar artisan Steve Saka and they may be right. Mellow and creamy, this Robusto imparts a buttery, toasty sweetness with notes of almonds and cream. The Nicaraguan tobacco is the best quality and provides a balanced flavor profile that holds your interest. Whether you’re very recent to the passion for a good cigar or you’ve been enjoying the pleasures of a fine smoke for years you’re sure to love the Sobremesa Brulee Robusto.

8. Padrón 1964 Anniversary

The Padrón 1964 Anniversary is certainly well-suited to celebration, whether you’re pondering the year ahead with a small group of friends and family or you’re watching the festivities in Times Square with a crowd. The classic profile offers notes that are all cigar. Rich, medium to full bodied with notes of nutmeg, cinnamon, nougat, cedar and even a hint of cayenne pepper in the blend of fine Nicaraguan tobaccos that have been aged to perfection this is a prestige stogie that delivers everything you enjoy and more. The Padrón 1964 Anniversary cigar has consistently scored high ratings and never fails to impress. Pair it with an old school cocktail or a vintage whiskey. Happy New Year indeed!

9. Montecristo

Another Cuban legacy cigar, the light and approachable creaminess of this mild Dominican is a tried and true favorite among all levels of cigar smoker. Dominican filler tobaccos are surrounded by a Connecticut Shade wrapper and the mild flavor imparts notes of silky sweet grass. The lightness of the Montecristo is appealing and not overwhelming as some of the other fuller-bodied contenders. That’s why it pairs very well with a flute of your favorite Prosecco or a crisp pilsner.

10. Perdomo 10th Anniversary Champagne

What better time to enjoy a champagne-monikered cigar than on New Year’s Eve? The Perdomo 10th Anniversary Champagne is a very popular cigar among the Perdomo offerings. It’s a medium strength Nicaraguan with luscious notes of cream and spice and offers a cool, nutty finish. The 10th Anniversary Champagne actually goes very well with a glass of the good stuff, be it Dom or Moet and Chandon this cigar balances the palate. It's an easygoing cigar that exceeds expectations. You’ll find the Perdomo 10th Anniversary Champagne can hold its own among aficionados. And it's priced so you can share with your friends as you celebrate the coming year.

11. La Aroma de Cuba Mi Amor

This celebrated and award winning cigar was blended by renowned cigar artist Jose “Pepin” Garcia and is an industry favorite as well as standard among the cigar club crowd. The complex taste of the La Aroma de Cuba Mi Amor are exceedingly well-rounded and offer the smoker a unique tasting pleasure. Medium to full bodied, this supreme stogie imparts notes of roasted coffee beans, spices, rich and silky cashews, nuts and black pepper. Because of its multiple layers of flavors that blend together so well the La Aroma de Cuba MI Amor is the ideal smoke when alternating between libations. It pairs equally well with a good craft beer, whiskey and sparkling wine.

12. Oliva Serie V

Another full-bodied favorite, the handmade Oliva Series V is laden with ligero leaves that offer a coarse texture and potent profiles. This very spicy Nicaraguan blend is here for the party. Notes include leather, spice and just a hint of molasses. The density of the flavor is on par with a strong cup of coffee and equally as jolting. And like a rich cup of coffee is often the perfect way to end a meal so too is the Oliva Series V cigar.

Our Favorite Dozen

There you have it-our top 12 best cigars to ring in the new year. Our list includes a variety of flavor profiles and tasting notes that appeal to nearly everyone in the room, which is key to enjoying a celebration. Plan ahead to have a few of our choices for the best cigars to ring in the new year.

Improve Your Cigar Experience

Don’t forget that part of the enjoyment of any cigar smoking ritual is found in the right accessories. Cutters, punches and cigar lighters are essential to getting the most your stogie has to offer. And if you’re traveling to welcome the new year away from home you’ll want to take along your favorite cigars in a travel humidor or crush proof cigar case.

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