6 Examples Of Home Cigar Lounges

6 Examples Of Home Cigar Lounges

Home cigar lounges come in a variety of different shapes and sizes. If you're looking for some inspiration, or if you just want to see what's out there, then you've come to the right place.

Sure, smoking a cigar on the porch is nice. Lighting up at the golf course is alright. But having a retreat within your own home is about as good as it gets; particularly if you find that you're having to cope with harsh weather at different times of the year (it all depends on where you live).

Here are several different examples of home cigar lounges that'll no doubt catch your interest.

1. The Project Cigar Room

The Project Cigar Room

Source: RyanDeyer.com

More of a cigar room than a cigar lounge, the room is fully sealed to prevent leakage, and it even has its own ventilation system. This means the ability to smoke all day without bothering anyone else in the house.

The room also features built-in speakers as well as a five-foot window into the main room that allows for TV viewing. Of course, you can see that the game room is right next door too. Not too shabby at all.

2. The Luxury Home Cigar Room

Source: Home Stratosphere

Now here's a real beauty. Amazing-looking furniture, excellent atmosphere, a TV screen, and access to sunlight, should you need it.

Invite a few friends over, reminisce over good times, and watch a little sports to get the blood flowing. Don't forget your favorite cigars.

3. The MVP Cigar Lounge

The MVP Cigar Lounge

Source: Home Designing

Former NBA star Michael Jordan's previous residence was a $16 million, 56,000 sq. ft. wonder. Not surprisingly, his cigar room was also nothing short of luxurious.

Of course, it features plenty of seating, and is right next to the wine cellar as well. Worried about the smell? Don't worry, he also had a system that took out all of the impurities from the air in the entire house.

4. The Basement Cigar Lounge

The Basement Cigar Lounge

Source: Vissbiz.com

This cigar room comes courtesy of some finished basement design ideas. If you've got a little bit of extra room in your basement, something like this might not be far beyond the realm of possibility.

A comfy couch, hardwood flooring, a TV, and a little bit of sunlight make this a great place to lounge about and enjoy your favorite cigar.

5. The Custom-Built Cigar Room

The Custom-Built Cigar Room

Source: Electrogent

This man cave/cigar room actually went viral on Reddit, and it's not hard to understand why; it looks absolutely incredible. You can see that there are plenty of books within reach, various bottles of alcohol off to the side (the globe bar), a fireplace by the lamp, amazing furniture, and - let's try to be manly about this - it is also features great interior design.

The cigar lounge belongs to Rune Jensen, a 33-year-old account manager who lives in the city of Esbjerg in Demark with his girlfriend in a three-story home.

6. The Cigar Lounge Fit For A King

The Cigar Lounge Fit For A King

Source: HGTV

A luxurious, ventilated cigar room. There isn't anything quite like it, is there?

The most incredible thing about a space like this is the atmosphere. You could see yourself spending a lot of time in this room, no doubt.

Quick access to your favorite drink is definitely a bonus too.


Are you inspired yet? Did you see something you liked?

If you're used to taking your cigar outside, in the garage, or on the patio, you probably wouldn't be inclined to think that having a great home cigar lounge would be possible. However, as you can see from the previous examples, a little creativity can go a long way.

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22nd Aug 2015 Kevin Kauzlaric

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