7 Popular Humidor Brands Enthusiasts Love

7 Popular Humidor Brands Enthusiasts Love

Choosing a humidor is often a personal matter for the cigar enthusiast. However if you know and love such an enthusiast then you probably know their likes and wants as far as style and the type of humidor which best suits their needs.

For most who are recent to this exquisite pastime a desktop humidor is the way to go. The appropriate size desktop depends on the number of cigars you expect to keep in your collection. The general rule of thumb is to select a humidor that’s slightly larger than the number of cigars you plan to have on hand. For instance, if you have a collection of 20 premium stogies, plan to keep them in a desktop humidor that has a capacity to keep 50 cigars. Desktop humidors come in various capacity sizes, designed to hold anywhere from 20 cigars to 100 or more.

Tips for Selecting The Perfect Humidor

Here are some additional tips to help you select the right cigar humidor, whether for a gift or a treat for yourself.

Figure out your budget: Humidors come in a wide range of prices depending on everything from the humidification system to number issued. A decent humidor can be had for under $300.00 and for high-end collectibles, the sky's the limit. And, for the most part you get what you pay for. If you want a quality humidor it will cost you. But keep in mind it’s an investment to protect your investment. And a good quality humidor lasts for many years. In fact a lot of the better humidors are crafted to be of heirloom quality.

Make sure you have adequate space and dividers: When cigar smokers begin to home their hobby they tend to purchase a variety of cigar types. Mild, medium and full-bodied cigars need to be kept separate so the flavors don’t mingle and corrupt the intended smoke.

Where will the humidor live? If you’re in a temperate area that doesn’t experience great shifts in weather conditions then you can select what suits your fancy. However, if you live in an area that experiences really cold winters, arid, desert-like summers or extended rainy seasons you’ll need to consider the humidification system and how easy it is to adapt to your geographical location.

Does it go with your style of decor? Yes, your humidor is a piece of furniture in which you proudly store your favorite cigars. It will be in view and as such you’ll want something that complements your decor. From modern to traditional and wood to acrylic we have a humidor for any preference.

How much of a time commitment will it be? Cigar aficionados are devoted to their pastime. Ensuring the smoking experience is all it’s meant to be is their primary focus. That being said, some humidors take a bit of time to get that “just right” internal environment. Choose a reliable humidor that hits your stogie “sweet spot” in short order. You’ll likely need to season your humidor and tweak your humidification system to get everything copacetic but beyond that a reliable humidor won’t require a whole lot of your time.

Our 7 Most Popular Humidor Brands

For your gifting pleasure, or for your own reward, we’ve put together a list of seven of our most popular humidor brands that enthusiasts love. Here are seven of the best, according to our very discerning customers.

1. Daniel Marshall

Craftsman Daniel Marshall established a workshop in California in 1983 and since then has created luxury humidors for members offer royal families, three U.S. Presidents, senators, congressmen and all levels of government dignitaries, executives and captains of industry. Now you can be among the elite. Daniel Marshall Humidors are exquisite and remarkably functioning de to the dedication of the brand and their focus on attention to every detail. As a luxury brand you would expect nothing less. Here is one of the more popular models at Northwoods Humidors.

The Daniel Marshall 20065 Ambiente 65 Cigar Humidor

2. Colibri

Established in 1926 Colibri transformed the lighter industry and continued to shake up the world of cigars as they produced many exquisite accessories. Their cutters are very popular as are their lighters. But the Colibri humidor is equally appreciated by those who love a good smoke. The Heritage is one of the most popular and enduring styles of humidors. Designed to preserve and protect your cigars in the traditional way but with a sleek and modern appeal.

Colibri Heritage 105-125 Cigar Desktop Humidor

3. Davidoff

The name Davidoff is very recognizable among cigar aficionados. The brand has been making fine quality cigars and accessories beginning just after WWII. While the Davidoff company has changed hands over the years it’s still as highly regarded as it was when Zino Davidoff opened his first cigar store in Switzerland in the 1940s. Today one of the more popular products in their humidor line is the acrylic humidor.

Davidoff Clear 60 Cigar Acrylic Humidor

4. Savoy

The premier luxury cigar maker, Ashton, is the proprietor of Savoy Humidors & Accessories. As such you can imagine their products are held to a very high standard. The humidors are as beautiful as they are high-performing. This brand produces humidors that are secure and have a specially-designed humidification system. The Savoy Santos in the Executive line is a popular humidor recognized for its exquisite wood design and understated elegance.

Savoy Santos Rosewood 25-100 Cigar Humidor Executive Series

5. Craftsman’s Bench

If you want a humidor that’s of fine quality and value look no further than Craftsman’s Bench. This company produces the number one selling line of humidors in the US. And it’s no wonder. The full line of Craftsman’s Bench humidors are stylish and designed with quality in mind. One of our customers favorites is the Key West, as whimsical, beauty and old school-quality as the town for which it’s named.

Craftsman’s Bench Key West 90 Cigar Humidor Classic Series

6. Elie Bleu

If you’re looking for a fine example of the high-standards and extreme quality of a luxury brand Elie Bleu has it all. Fine detail and unmatched in style and functionality an Elie Bleu humidor is top among the most exquisite heirloom quality humidors you’ll ever find. Born in the heart of Parisian woodworking and cabinet-making district in 1976 Elie Bleu rode the cigar boom wave to popularity with their stunning humidors. They offer some of the most stylish exteriors, ranging from traditional and elegant simplicity to colorful and campy designs. An Elie Bleu humidor is easily recognizable for its chic style as much as it is for its outstanding performance. What a legacy to leave your children and their children for generations to come.

Elie Bleu Macassar Ebony 50-300 Cigar Humidor Collection

Elie Bleu Alba 75 Cigar Humidor Alba Collection

7. Northwoods Large Acrylic Humidor

We would be remiss to omit our own humidor as its become exceedingly popular among cigar aficionados. We’ve partnered with Boveda to take over production of their acrylic humidor. Our 75 cigar capacity acrylic is powered by the amazing Boveda humidification system and lined with traditional Spanish cedar. Not only that but this humidor, unmatched in security, allows your friends and associates to see your proud display of exquisite stogies.

Large Acrylic 75 Cigar Humidor Powered by Boveda

We’re Here to Help

As with anything we offer here at Northwoods Humidors you can expect phenomenal customer care. Our knowledgeable staff, lead by owner Kevin, a Certified Consumer Tobacconist, is here to answer any questions you may have regarding our popular humidor brands or anything to do with cigars. 

22nd Dec 2022 Colleen D

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