Check Out These 5 Best-Selling Cigar Gifts!

Check Out These 5 Best-Selling Cigar Gifts!

Cigar lovers are usually easy to please in the gift department. Just get them something to make their cigar experience better, something that reminds them of their stogie-passion or the thing that ignites their excitement for celebrating cigars and you will be the hero. But with so many gift-worthy items out there how do you know it will absolutely have that “wow-factor”?

Lucky for you we’re here to help you decide what to give the cigar aficionado in your life. We understand what makes your cigar fan get excited and what will enhance their experience. We know just what your favorite cigar smoker needs to light up their life. Here we offer our very best-selling cigar gift categories and our top selling products for gift-giving.

1. Humidors

The first thing a cigar lover needs is a good quality humidor. We have the biggest selection of excellent humidors at every price point, from desktop beauties that hold enough to enjoy to heirloom quality humidors meant to impress and be handed down for generations. Many of our humidors are works of art. Here are a few of our top sellers.

  • Colibri Quasar Desktop Humidor: This beauty holds up to 45 of their favorite smokes. The clean, sharp humidor is designed specifically for Colibri in NYC and is available in three bold colors. Colibri is recognized worldwide for their quality and design. This is from their best-selling Quasar line and features an airtight seal and magnetic humidification system that keeps your cigars in perfect smoking order. You’ll never need to doubt the integrity of your favorite smoke. And the stunning design speaks to your recipient’s sense of style and panache.
  • Humidor Supreme Old Glory Desktop Humidor: Another desktop humidor but so much more! This quality humidor bears the image of the symbol of freedom and pride in our diverse and beautiful country. The Old Glory humidor, with gold-plated hinges and a wood body is destined to be a classic and cherished for years to come. This specific model holds up to 100 cigars and is lined with Spanish cedar to ensure your cigars carry optimal flavor and quality. With Sure-Seal technology and classic brass-framed analog hygrometer you’ll love to gift this humidor as much as your friend loves receiving it.
  • Daniel Marshall 200065 Ambiente 65 Cigar Humidor: One of the most recognized humidor craftsmen around, Daniel Marshall is the preferred humidor of royalty, US Presidents, Senators, Congressmen and Governors alike. In other words, those folks who like to make a statement. Gorgeous wood exterior, Spanish cedar interior and room for 65 of your very best cigars. The humidification system is state-of-the-art and your recipient even gets to show off their certificate of authenticity.

2. Cigar Lighters

Lighters made for cigar-lighting are a unique and necessary tool for the discerning cigar aficionado. Newbies and old pros alike want and need a good quality cigar lighter. Here are some of our top sellers.

  • Colibri Quasar Table Top Lighter: Since we started with the Colibri humidor let's continue the trend. This very popular lighter boasts a triple flame with built-in ignition. The stunning design belies the extreme quality of this cigar lighter. It’s meant for table tops so your recipient can impress friends, acquaintances and business associates alike.
  • Elie Bleu-J Diamond Jet Flame Cigar Lighter: As long as we’re impressing people let’s take a look at one of the most coveted cigar tools in any lighter collection. Elie Bleu is known for their high-quality patented designs as well as their durability and stunning style. With its side-ignition and fuel tank window your friend will always be at the ready when the stogies come out.
  • S. T. Dupont Ligne 2 Cigar Lighter:S. T Dupont carries a nearly century and a half reputation for innovation, extreme quality and recognition throughout the world. Gift your loved one with this statement lighter and they will cherish it forever. This model is a true luxury piece, crafted in France and sporting the signature DuPont lighter “ping”. A definite heirloom quality piece.

3. Cigar Cutters

Every cigar lover knows it's all about the cut. In order to enjoy a good smoke you need to ensure an even burn and the perfect amount of draw. That’s why choosing the right cigar cutter is so important. Here are our customers’ favorites.

  • Colibri V-Cut Cigar Cutter:This cutter provides a clean even cut every time. You’d expect nothing less from Colibri. Reasonably priced, the hand feel of the Colibri cutter is very ergonomic and this beauty is available in a variety of accent colors. Keep your Colibri V-cut cutter in mind for your favorite cigar smoker.
  • S.T. DuPont Maxijet Cutter: The history and heritage of this world renown company is available in a cigar cutter as well as other accessories. Let your friend carry a legend with them wherever they go and ensure the ideal cut for the best smoking experience.
  • Colibri Quasar Desktop Cigar Cutter:Keep the theme of excellence in form and function going with this cigar cutter. A desktop cutter of this quality says your recipient is a cigar lover who knows style.

4. Ashtrays

Of course anyone who enjoys a good smoke needs an ashtray. But not any old ashtray will do for your favorite cigar lover. Gift them an ashtray that is as aesthetically pleasing as it is useful. Here are two of our top choices.

  • Zino Davidoff Ceramic 3 Cigar Ashtray:Perfect in design and function the Zino-Z collection of ashtrays appear trendy in their fresh and modern design but are sure to become your gift recipients cherished classic. Ceramic and two-toned with three notches for those who don’t always smoke alone, the Davidoff Zino-Z ashtray is sure to be well-received.
  • Colibri Quasar Cigar Ashtray:Colibri products are consistently among the best sellers for gift givers because they are striking in design and seem to sense what the cigar lover needs and wants. This ashtray does just that. The unique Quasar design sports six fingers for your recipient and their friends and makes the perfect addition to a cigar lounge or office.

5. Travel Case

While there are countless travel cases out there one outstanding case sells out time and again. It’s theXikar Envoy 3-Finger Cigar Case. Whether your favorite stogie lover is out on the golf course or fishing on their favorite lake the last thing they want is to reach for their favorite cigar only to find it crushed. That’s a huge mood-buster! Help them preserve their peace by giving them this phenomenal product.

The Xikar case is lined with Spanish cedar to maintain the integrity of their perfect smokes and crafted of strong materials to prevent crushing. The beautiful Armada leather makes for a lovely addition to their cigar accessories. And the Xikar name is synonymous with quality.

Impress Your Favorite Cigar Aficionado

You can trust Northwoods Humidors for all of your gift-giving needs. Your favorite cigar lover will be thrilled with any of our products. We know cigars and we know cigar people. We are cigar people! And we’re here to help you. Contact Northwoods Humidors for more information.

28th Aug 2023 Colleen D

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