Cigar Humidor Box vs. Cigar Cabinet: Which Is Right for You?

Cigar Humidor Box vs. Cigar Cabinet: Which Is Right for You?

As you grow in your appreciation of a good cigar you begin to refine your tastes. Trying different types of cigars is a fun way to experiment with the myriad choices. For instance, maybe you like coronas but want to try a panetela or a torpedo. Maybe you’ve been smoking the mellow stogies and feel like a more robust smoke would appeal to you. This is what makes an occasional smoker a cigar aficionado.

When you develop your particular tastes for different cigars you may opt to begin investing in boxes of your favorites. When that happens you will need a humidor that fits the number of stogies in your collection. Now you’re faced with a dilemma: do you buy another humidor or maybe two? Or should you start looking at the larger-capacity cigar humidor cabinets?

Your growing collection may be better accommodated by a cigar cabinet humidor, especially if you’re into aging your cigars. If your collection grows into the hundreds, a cigar cabinet is a worthwhile investment. Here we take a look at just what a cigar cabinet is and what it can do for you and compare both the cigar cabinet and humidor so you understand the differences.

Should You Consider A Cigar Cabinet Humidor?

You probably already understand how a humidor operates but for those who may not we’ll give a brief explanation. Cigar humidors maintain the integrity and smokability of your cigar collection by regulating the temperature and relative humidity within the humidor. This is done with the help of a hygrometer, which measures the relative humidity, a hydration system which provides the humidity as well as the lining, which is usually made of Spanish cedar. A material which helps to maintain the humidity and keep out pests. All of these components work in unison to maintain a perfect level of humidity inside your humidor so your favorite stogies stay in perfect condition.

Most cigar smokers have humidors that are of the desktop variety or something similar which can hold anywhere from 25 to 100 favorite cigars. If you want more than that in your collection you may opt for additional humidors of the same capacity. However if your collection continues to grow and you intend to maintain more cigars than that you should consider a cigar cabinet humidor.

What Exactly is A Cigar Cabinet?

Cigar cabinets work the same way as your favorite humidor. They maintain the proper temperature and humidity for safekeeping your cigar collection. They just operate on a larger scale. The cigar cabinet typically opens in a double-door (French door) style and opens to reveal multiple levels for storing your cigars. While some cabinet humidors have drawers in place of levels it can be difficult to maintain the proper humidity due to the closed off nature of the drawer.

Just as with any other type of humidor the cigar cabinet humidor comes in many different styles and price points. Cigar cabinets may also be used for commercial use and you’ll likely see something similar to private use cabinet humidors in your favorite cigar store. The main difference in the cigar humidor box and cigar cabinet is cigar capacity.

Maintaining a Sizable Quantity

Say you begin collecting different types of cigars and suddenly you’re out of space in your favorite humidor. You don’t ever want to risk overloading a humidor box. To do so would put your entire collection at risk. The humidity is impossible to maintain and the temperature may fluctuate. The more cigars you store, the more they absorb moisture and impact the relative humidity in your cigar humidor box. When this happens your cigars can succumb to mold and mildew or, if the hydration runs out your stogies will become dry. In either case the mistake of overloading will affect the taste and enjoyment found in smoking one of the cigars.

When you invest in a cabinet humidor you’ll have the luxury of storing many cigars. The capacity will not compromise the humidity levels within the cigar cabinet and the temperature is much easier to control as well. When you add newer cigars or higher quantities to your cigar cabinet the integrity of the cigars already stored won’t be affected. And a cigar cabinet has the capacity to maintain 600-4000 of your favorites and keep them in excellent condition. A cigar cabinet humidor is worth the investment, especially for the avid cigar aficionado.

The Cost of Investing in A Cabinet

Because of their size cigar cabinet humidors simply are a more costly investment. As with the cigar humidor box you can find a cabinet that performs the necessary task of maintaining your cigars and looks just fine or you may opt for something of heirloom quality; a piece of furniture that is quite beautiful, eagerly displayed and can be handed down through generations.

In addition to the style and quality of the cabinet itself you need to remember the job at hand, maintaining a sizable cigar collection, requires a more accommodating humidification system. Performance is everything when it comes to humidification and temperature. The system must provide a consistent flow of moisture and air to circulate it along with the Spanish cedar lining that covers more area than that found in a cigar humidor box.

Weigh the option of a few high quality cigar humidor boxes against the quality and assurance of a cigar cabinet. Obviously a few box humidors will have the capacity for a few hundred cigars. And multiple humidor boxes help maintain separate types of cigars without compromising the flavor. But if you have many more cigars in your collection, or plan to in the future, the investment in a cigar cabinet is well worth it.

Do You Have Questions Regarding Cigar Humidor Box versus Cigar Cabinet? Contact Us

When you are shopping for a cigar cabinet keep in mind this investment requires some homework. You certainly don’t want to cut any corners. Especially when you consider the investment in cigars your cabinet may hold. At Northwoods Humidors we understand both the cigar humidor box and the cigar cabinet. After all, that’s our specialty. If you’re debating between the two or have questions regarding either humidor type please reach out to Northwoods Humidors. We’re the unmatched and unequaled humidor experts.

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