Daniel Marshall : 10 Things To Know Before You Buy

Daniel Marshall : 10 Things To Know Before You Buy

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Behind every well crafted, luxury Daniel Marshall humidor and finely blended premium cigar is a man that has dedicated his entire career to providing the best quality products in the industry and succeeded. Daniel Marshall, owner and operator of the world renowned brand, began this adventure in the early 80’s in California with a dream to create and sell his designs to the most prestigious gift houses in the world. In a matter of only 35 years, the man behind the infamous label has built a brand that managed to surpass expectations of an American artist in the market of classic European gift houses. Daniel Marshall has, become the “It” man of the elite cigar industry.

Northwoods Humidors Daniel Marshall

Within the company’s first year in 1982, Daniel Marshall landed a deal with Dunhill and Cartier, a french company known for manufacturing luxury jewelry and watches. After introducing a rare collection of precious wood cigar and cigarette cases to the firm, Marshall was asked to build their Dunhill humidors for the U.S. market. With his first major distribution locked in, the company was able to establish their workshop in Costa Mesa, a city in Orange County, California. It was here where the workings of skilled cabinetry and painting began. After just one year of building and crafting, Dunhill London noticed the intricate quality of the very new Daniel Marshall brand and hired the company to build an entire collection of humidors in 12 sizes for Dunhill USA, Harrods of London, the famous English emporium and Nat Sherman, a New York City based brand of handmade of cigars. By the end of 1983, Daniel Marshall was officially the exclusive supplier of Dunhill humidors in all Dunhill USA stores.

The company rapidly entered into the world of high-end luxury goods and celebrity sponsorship. In 1986, DM produced authentic flatware chests for Tiffany and Gumps and custom fitted versions for Tom and Nicole Cruise and Georges Marciano. By 1988, a collection of Walnut Burl business card cases were manufactured and distributed to Neiman Marcus as well as a collection of humidors, jewelry boxes, and card cases for His Royal Highness King Hassan II of Morocco. In 1990, together with Tiffany, the company developed the Sony 10th Anniversary Walkman packaging to be personally handed out to celebrities like Barbara Streisand, Herbie Hancock, and Michael Jackson. The next year, Daniel Marshall proudly crafted a tissue box for President Ronald Reagan.

The Daniel Marshall brand was skyrocketing with productions of one-of-a-kind rare wood pieces, however it was only until 1992 that the company solidified their name in the booming cigar industry. After participating in Cigar Aficionado’s first “Big Smoke Event”, they began building nationwide exposure. The company shifted production to exclusively make Daniel Marshall products due to the emergence of Cigar Aficionado and a high demand for their top quality craftsmanship and design. With an honorable 11 year long-standing relationship, Daniel Marshall pulled out of production with Dunhill as time didn’t allow them to create their collections. It was this same year that the “Ambiente by Daniel Marshall” collection of entry level humidors became a top seller.

Northwoods Humidors Daniel Marshall

By 1995, Daniel Marshall traveled to Dominican Republic and began the process of aging tobacco while developing the packaging for the company’s cigar line. They collaborated with major high-end brands like Gianni Versace and Hennessy Cognac of France to create authentic Daniel Marshall humidors that brought the company into global recognition. In 1997, Cigar Aficionado awarded a “Best Buy” rating on the Ambiente brand of humidors. As the famous magazine soared through publications and created a familiar industry, Daniel Marshall continued to earn the confidence, trust, and business of some of the world’s most influential individuals and prestigious firms.

In recent years, Daniel Marshall remains one of the most popular and affordable luxury brands of cigars and accessories. In last year’s season of Jerry Seinfeld’s Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee, comedian Steve Harvey plugs the company name into the episode while noting the gold flare to his Daniel Marshall cigar. (As featured in The Best Cigar Lounges in Chicago). By now, the brand rolls off the tongue as easy as so, without effort, but not to discount the massive effort made by the man behind the name, Daniel Marshall.

Why are Daniel Marshall humidors considered luxury humidors?

Northwoods Humidors Daniel Marshall

The success of the company’s humidors is in a large part due to the intricate production and sourcing of its parts. To begin explaining the nature of the humidor itself, it's important to first understand the reason for having a humidor in the first place. The goal is to replicate the climate of Nicaragua, Cuba, and Dominican Republic; the areas in which the tobacco is grown are tropical and have humidities of 70 degrees, hence why tobacco would ideally be stored at the same level. Any humidor manufacturer would understand this rule, however, Daniel Marshall achieves this while taking a number of remaining factors into consideration.

All Spanish Cedar produced by Daniel Marshall comes from Brazil. “Cedro” in Spanish, is always found naturally on well-drained soil and thrives in climates that experience less than 120 inches of rainfall. After trial and error, the company discovered their ideal time frame and location. As any other intelligent businessman would, Daniel Marshall found his source and stuck with it for life.

Northwoods Humidors Daniel MarshallWhen a company sells two products that go hand in hand, a new level of understanding is obtained for each individual item. Without several lines of world-renowned premium cigars, Daniel Marshall may not have grasped the strong urgency for creating the perfect humidor, and vice versa. The company uses its own humidors to mature their cigars in order to create what a wine connoisseur would consider the “body”. For the Red Label cigars, the maturing period is one year. Daniel Marshall firmly believes that cigars become something more than a cigar with age. A key component to this point was made when Marlon Brando called him to buy one of his humidors.

[From an interview with Cigar Aficionado] 

“We talked on the phone. I said what do you need? He said, ‘Your biggest.' I said, ‘I'm a huge fan. Can I ask you why you are buying these humidors? I never knew you were a cigar smoker.' He said ‘I'm not a cigar smoker. I'm going to take these to Tahiti, put my scripts in there, and it will keep the humidity out.”

When someone like Marlon Brando is keeping his scripts in one of your humidors, you’ve accomplished the production of a luxury item.

What are the most popular Daniel Marshall humidors?

Dating back to its original release in 1993, the “Ambiente by Daniel Marshall” collection of entry level humidors have remained a top selling design for the company. The collection comes in two sizes to fit 65 and 125 cigars, the latter including a tray for extra storage. Starting with Spanish Cedar wood from the Daniel Marshall source in Brazil, the humidor is framed with smooth jet matte-black on the exterior. Each size comes with a digital hygrometer and humidifier and is secured with 24k gold plated hinges with a gold finished lock and key tassel. The bottom is lined with felt to protect the humidor from damage. Each size is packaged into an attractive and sturdy Daniel Marshall box as well as including a 2 oz. Daniel Marshall Special Care Humidifier Solution bottle and a 4 oz. Reusable Distilled-Water bottle. The Ambiente humidors also come with a magnetic monthly marking device to track when you last refilled the humidifier. A Daniel Marshal Authenticity Card is purposely placed inside each and every humidor to ensure its precision and well known quality.

Daniel Marshall 20125 Ambiente 125-Cigar Humidor w Tray- Matte Black

Northwoods Humidors Daniel Marshall 20125 Ambiente 125-Cigar Humidor w Tray- Matte Black

Daniel Marshall 20065 Ambiente 65-Cigar Humidor - Matte Black

Northwoods Humidors Daniel Marshall 20065 Ambiente 65-Cigar Humidor - Matte Black

The Signature Series Precious Burl Wood humidors come in two full sizes (100 and 125) as well as a third travel size. As all other Daniel Marshalls are, the Precious Burl Wood collection are handcrafted by artisans in the Santa Ana, California workshop. From start to finish, each humidor passes through 175 individual and delicate procedures. Finally, to accentuate the natural beauty of the precious wood, each piece is finished with Daniel Marshall's exclusive ‘1,000 coat finish’. Both sizes have two adjustable Spanish Cedar dividers while the Slim Travel Humidor includes one, each built out of a Spanish Cedar interior with 24k gold plated hinges and gold finished lock and key tassel. All three humidors are lined with felt and delivered with the Daniel Marshall authenticity card and sturdy branded packaging.

Daniel Marshall Slim Travel Humidor - Precious Burl Wood

Northwoods Humidors Daniel Marshall Slim Travel Humidor - Precious Burl Wood

Daniel Marshall 30125 Signature Series 125-Cigar Humidor w Tray - Precious Burl Wood

Northwoods Humidors Daniel Marshall 30125 Signature Series 125-Cigar Humidor w Tray - Precious Burl Wood

Daniel Marshall 30100 Signature Series 100-Cigar Humidor - Precious Burl WoodNorthwoods Humidors Daniel Marshall 30100 Signature Series 100-Cigar Humidor - Precious Burl Wood

What are the most unique Daniel Marshall humidors?

Originally made for Alfred Dunhill of London in 1982, during the company’s first year of production, Daniel Marshall created a humidor of Macassar Ebony from Sri Lanka. In the 35th anniversary Collector’s Edition, the company drew inspiration from the very first humidor he ever constructed. The original prototype was believed to be lost but was discovered in the archives of the Santa Anta workshop not long before creating the updated version. The 35th Anniversary humidor is limited to 100 pieces, each one signed and dated by Marshall himself. The humidor can hold 125 cigars and is built with 24k golden brass hinges as well a gold plate under the lid, engraved with its limited edition number. Each humidor is sold with a small bottle of Glenfiddich 21 Reserva Rum Cask Finish, signed by Kristen Grant, the granddaughter of William Grant who found the distillery in 1886. Included are two Glenfiddich whiskey tasting glasses from Scotland. Paired by Daniel Marshall are five DM Red Label Tasting cigars and ten 92-rated DM Red Label Churchill cigars. Hosted at the Daniel Marshall Cigar Lounge at the Kitzbuhel Country Club in Austria on January 20th of last year was the 35th anniversary celebration.

Northwoods Humidors Daniel Marshall 35th Anniversary Collectors Edition Humidor - Macassar Ebony

As part of the Precious Burl Wood collection, the 10085 Limited Edition is made from the same veneer and designed as a treasure chest. The humidor is built to fit roughly 125 cigars with a Spanish Cedar interior and the same ‘1,000 coat finish’ on the exterior. The edges are lined in a glistening black. This edition of the Precious Burl Wood collection includes a Daniel Marshall cigar cutter and is kept conveniently under the lid. As with all other Daniel Marshall humidors, the collection is built with 24k golden brass hinges and a golden finished lock and key tassel. One 2 oz. Daniel Marshall Special Care Humidifier Solution bottle and one 4 oz. Reusable Distilled-Water Bottle are packaged neatly into the secure and sturdy DM box.

Daniel Marshall 10085 Limited Edition Treasure Chest 150-Cigar Humidor - Precious Burl Wood

Northwoods Humidors Daniel Marshall 10085 Limited Edition Treasure Chest 150-Cigar Humidor - Precious Burl Wood

How does Daniel Marshall compare to other luxury brands like Elie Bleu and Davidoff?

Northwoods Humidors Daniel Marshall

Daniel Marshall is famous for being the luxury brand that crafts their elegant pieces in the United States. Located in Santa Ana, California is the company’s workshop where each and every humidor is manufactured and distributed. Although the veneers and other materials are sourced outside the country, the affordable high-end brand exists within the States whereas companies like Elie Bleu and Davidoff are based out of France and Switzerland.

When it comes to any luxury brand, it is important to weigh your options and choose the best price and quality for the sake of your wallet and especially your taste. Factors such as how long your item is going to last and a company’s warranty are extremely important. Lucky for you, Daniel Marshall is both affordable and offers a lifetime warranty covering product defects while Elie Bleu offers a two year warranty.

Every luxury brand has a deep story behind it and this company is Daniel Marshall, the man himself. The backstories are what separate any brand from one another. While Elie Bleu began in the cabinetmaking district of Faubourg Sainte-Antoine in 1976, Daniel Marshall’s story started in 1982 in Costa Mesa, California. For S.T. Dupont it began in the late 1800’s as a photographer. But, perhaps what is most important is what these companies have in common. If it weren’t for passion, companies like Elie Bleu, Davidoff, S.T. Dupont, and Daniel Marshall would be nonexistent. A quality product’s true foundation lies in loving what you do and working hard.

As Daniel Marshall said, “In my work the wood chips fly into the sweat on my face.”

Why Should I Buy Daniel Marshall products from Northwoods Humidors?

Northwoods HumidorsNorthwoods Humidors is the best source for high quality cigar humidors. This is a company that promises to supply you with exceptional service and always follows through. As Daniel Marshall is to Daniel Marshall, owner and customer consultant, Kevin is to Northwoods Humidors. Kevin is behind every inquiry and every purchase from start to finish. Growing up in the Northwoods of Wisconsin, Kevin experienced a type of tranquility that he would later become nostalgic to when lighting his first cigar. The coniferous forest was a place to watch time pass, reflect, and regroup. The name was given to his beloved company as a way to channel this feeling again and bring his following to.

Northwoods Humidors is proud to be considered an expert in cigar humidors and accessories. Where most online platforms are flooded with ambiguous items, Northwoods Humidors is focused. Immediately following all inquiries you will find a detailed response that helps you to streamline your search and find something that works perfect for you or your loved one. No question is too big or too small. This company is eager to become your most dependable retailer for cigar humidors and accessories and if you've seen the reviews you've seen this company's evident dedication to their services.

"I bought the Daniel Marshall 20065 Ambiente 65-Cigar Humidor - Matte Black a few weeks ago for my brother-in-law as a Christmas present. He absolutely loves it!! Especially how it closes tightly shut so seamlessly. Kevin's knowledge, passion & patience made my buying experience a very memorable one. I would recommend using Northwoods Humidors for any cigar or humidor needs!!!" - P.L.

Northwoods Humidors Target Bay Review Stamp

"I am very pleased with the Daniel Marshall humidor I purchased from Northwoods Humidors. Very good quality and exactly what I wanted in a humidor. However, the buying experience from Kevin at Northwoods was hands-down the best online purchasing experience I can remember in a longtime. The humidor was shipped immediately, arrived packed meticulously to prevent any shipping damage and there was a personalized note from Kevin in the packaging which made me feel as if I had bought the humidor from a local mom and pop. Very nice touch! I will most certainly recommend Northwoods Humidors to my friends and family." - M.H.

Northwoods Humidors promises a hassle-free shopping experience. You can take a leisurely stroll through the website at your own pace. The platform is simple and stripped down, making it effortless to find what you need. Feel comforted knowing that the price you see is the price you pay. Kevin, will be paying your shipping costs and the only taxes added are if you are residing in Illinois, due to state law. What you see is what you get at Northwoods Humidors and if you don't believe me then find out for yourself!

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