Davidoff Cigars - The Rich Legend You Need To Know

Davidoff Cigars - The Rich Legend You Need To Know

Deep roots and rich tradition are the hallmarks of an enduring family legacy, and so it began with the Davidoff brand of cigars and cigar products. With a commitment to both innovation and legacy, the Davidoff name endures as a symbol of refined taste and luxury. Davidoff products, particularly their exquisite line of humidors, are recognized worldwide as the standard bearer by cigar aficionados and enthusiasts.

The Davidoff Legend Begins

Russian-born Zino Davidoff came to Geneva with his family in 1911. Just five years old at the time Davidoff studied under the tutelage of his father, a successful tobacco merchant. Years of learning the business gave Zino Davidoff a deep appreciation of all things related to the enjoyment of good tobacco.

In 1924 young Zino traveled to Argentina, Brazil and Cuba to perfect both his knowledge of tobacco and an understanding of what makes a superior cigar. Upon returning to Geneva in 1930, Zino took over the family business. There he invented the first desktop humidor, created to imitate the exact degree of humidity and temperature as in Cuba, thus keeping one's cigars in optimal smoking condition.

Zino’s connections and his appreciation of the art of fine cigars endured even as World War II interrupted trade. In fact, Davidoff’s business expanded during the war as it was one of the few channels by which both sides could avail themselves of high-quality cigars.

As the Allies secured victory in Europe, Davidoff sought to acquire a license to make his own cigars. Aligning his brand with the famous wineries of Bordeaux, Zino put out his “Chateau Collection.” His reputation grew and soon Zino was approached by Cuba to put out an international Davidoff cigar using cuban tobacco. High honor for a humble cigar merchant’s son. The company even used the factory which had been established to roll Cohibas, Castro’s personal cigars.

In 1968 the “Davidoff” cigars were released. Two years later the Max Oettinger company purchased Davidoff. Oettinger was another Swiss cigar importer, in business in Basel beginning in 1875. In 1989 Cuba terminated their arrangement with the Davidoff brand and the company moved their cigar-rolling operations to the Dominican Republic. In 2006, the Imperial Tobacco Company acquired Davidoff and produced not only cigars but high quality smoking accessories such as pipes and humidors.

On the subject of Winston Churchill, although Zino had immense respect for the cigar-smoking icon, sadly, the two never met. Davidoff’s tobacco shop did cater to some notables, however. From Zino Davidoff’s obituary:

“Davidoff never sold cigars to Winston Churchill, but his Geneva shop saw many other customers: Marshal Tito, the violinist Isaac Stern, the pianist Artur Rubinstein, even Orson Welles. But none matched Egypt's infamous and rotund ex-King Farouk who came into the shop after his exile in the 1950s. After lengthy negotiations, Farouk ordered 40,000 Hoyo double corona cigars, complete with his own cigar bands, but not before Davidoff ran a credit check in Rome, where Farouk was living in a somewhat financially careless style.” From the Obituary of Zino Davidoff, The Independent, January 18, 1994

What Makes Davidoff Humidors Such a Luxury Item

The Davidoff humidor was borne out of the necessity for perfect storage for the world's most perfect cigars. As Davidoff himself believed each cigar a work of art, he would not cut corners nor take chances that a cigar would offer anything less than the most superb smoking experience, no matter where the smoker may be. Your fine cigars deserve, require, nothing less than the luxury, high-end, humidors created by Davidoff.

So what is it about the Davidoff humidor that makes it so exceptional? To begin with Zino Davidoff, himself a master in all things cigar-related, understood the environment that maintains the character, the terroir, of a fine cigar. Knowing the specific temperature and humidity required led Zino to invent the first desktop humidor, remember?

After tweaking the specifics to mimic the soft Cuban air, so ideal for preservation of taste and condition of tobacco products, Davidoff went about creating the most aesthetically pleasing humidors, using extremely high quality components. His attempts have only been improved upon with advances in technology and availability of resources.

Davidoff humidors are considered luxury pieces for reasons in addition to their superior ability to keep your cigars preserved for a fine smoking experience. These lovely “treasure chests” are available in exquisite styles to reflect your upscale lifestyle. A humidor bearing the Davidoff name is a testament to fine craftsmanship as well as a signal that you have arrived. It’s more than a place to keep your stogies, it’s an affirmation of your place in life, represented as a luxury piece of furniture.

At the time of his death in 1994 Zino Davidoff’s name had already achieved status as a beacon of luxury living in all things cigar, fine leather goods, watches, pens, fragrance and fashion accessories. The name continues to represent Zino’s vision, his passion and his entrepreneurial pioneering spirit.

What Customers and Reviewers Say About Davidoff Humidors

Knowing the basics of a fine humidor is all very well and good, however, what do real cigar smokers think of the Davidoff line of humidors?

The case for investing in a luxury humidor:

“The combination of superior craftsmanship and reliable technical function makes these cigar humidors the best investment for the serious cigar aficionado. Because they are built to last a lifetime, they often become family heirlooms.”Ron’s Corner/Serious Cigars

The best humidor on the market:

“A few months ago the people at Boveda asked what I thought the best humidor on the market was today, I told them it might be this one. I think the Zino Z80 is the best-made humidor under $1,000. Not one of, it’s the best. In many ways, this is a baby Davidoff humidor, a smaller, cheaper and de-badged version the $2,500 humidors people gawk at in retail stores all over the world. If only it wasn’t two-tone and seemingly out of stock, I’d probably be picking up another one.” Charlie Minato, Halfwheel

A good quality travel humidor is a real necessity for the serious cigar aficionado.

“Living in the desert, the one thing that’s kept me away from other cigar cases is that traditional travel humidors are just that – they’re humidors. Cases are usually more temporary, and very few are sealed. This Davidoff accessory is a hybrid between case and humidor, bridging the gap with the functionality of both. The seal is formed magnetically at the opening, although it isn’t air tight like we get with plastic humidors. I find that one 65% Boveda pack keeps my cigars around 62-63% consistently, much like I’d expect with a wooden humidor.”Andrew, Small Batch Cigar

“Davidoff’s travel humidor is an expertly crafted statement to quality craftsmanship. Furthermore, it’s a luxury accessory ideal for the proud cigar enthusiast.

Indeed, it may be bulky and not provide the same storage capacity as smaller travel humidors. Nevertheless, it offers excellent performance with an air-tight seal and sufficient protection for you cigars.

If this is a cigar humidor that corresponds to your needs, then we couldn’t recommend it highly enough. It’s a great conversation starter and looks stunning even when kept in a shelf between usage.”Charles-Philippe, Bespoke Unit

The Davidoff Humidor is an investment of heirloom quality.

“They are an excellent investment as far as I'm concerned. I've had a larger one for over 25 years and it's going strong. Rock solid reliable humidity and it brings a smile to my face daily because of its stunning beauty and craftsmanship, not to mention the thought of what I keep inside. How do you place a price on that?

Also, it's an heirloom that can be handed down for generations. Granted I have much larger humidors for long term storage but this is my "ready to smoke" box. Holds about a hundred.”

Pepin_Garcia1950, Reddit

Ideal Gift for The Cigar Lover

Zino Humidor with lighter and cutter

“Purchased this as a birthday present for my brother along with the Zino lighter and cutter. He is very pleased with them. It will be a nice conversational piece sitting on his desk at the office.” Thang Nguyen, Northwoods Humidor Davidoff Product Review

From these reviews it is apparent that the Davidoff Humidor is an investment of the highest quality. All Davidoff Humidors are constructed with precision and care, and the utmost attention to detail-a true work of artisan craftsmanship. Your Davidoff humidor will maintain its beauty and excel in its task for generations to come.

Best Selling

Davidoff Humidors appeal to a certain level of cigar aficionado. Through the use of superior material and luxurious design Davidoff creates a prized piece of furniture of heirloom quality. Indeed Davidoff Humidors are created to be passed down through generations.

The desktop humidor is, by far, the most popular type of humidor. As you will recall Zino Davidoff himself invented the desktop humidor. It’s a practical-and perhaps a bit indulgent-cigar accessory, holding anywhere from 25-500 precious stogies and keeping them in tip-top smoking condition.

In addition to the practicality of the desktop humidor, consumers of fine tobacco do like a showpiece. It’s even better when there’s a story to go along with it. That’s what turns an heirloom into a legacy. Here are the top selling humidors produced by Davidoff.

The Zino Humidor Line

Praised as the finest humidors under $1,000.00 the Zino line is a very affordable series of humidors. They range in material and design, from acrylic to a few different wood options. The Zino line boasts some stunning design choices. The Zino Graphic Leaf collection is available with a cedar interior and the exterior sports a delicately engraved leaf design. The Zino Leaf is available to hold up to 60 or 80 (Z60, Z80) of your most treasured stogies.

The Zino line also offers a stunningly affordable two-tone wood and lacquered wood humidor. The Zino Z60 and Z80 have flush hinges, rounded handles for easy retrieval of the interior trays and the smooth finished wood of a much more expensive humidor.

The Winston Churchill

Without a doubt a big fan of the “good cigar” Sir Winston Churchill would be extremely flattered to have one of the most popular and emblematic humidors bearing his name and his likeness. The Winston Churchill. Just like the great British Statesman this humidor is of undeniable character. Available in 2 formats: the Primos, which is the smallest of the desktop humidors crafted by Davidoff with a capacity for 25-35 of your most prized cigars, and the Ambassador, which can store 70-90 cigars and has a removable inner basket. The removable dividers allow for a custom arrangement of your collection.

The Winston Churchill humidor by Davidoff is available in three distinct styles, The Union Jack, The London and The Traveller:

  • The Union Jack humidor’s design depicts the iconic flag of Great Britain on blue birch wood. A silhouette of Sir Winston is reflected on the top and side in a darker shade of tulip wood.
  • The London design is a tad more dramatic. With a bold depiction of Churchill and a decidedly modern air. A rendering of the Union Jack is also portrayed, in black against a light beige wood exterior.
  • The Traveller is the most innovative creation of all. This eco-friendly humidor is made from repurposed Italian wood, crafted in Italy, using a process to break down the wood and reassemble it to reveal the deep color, grain and texture. The forward-thinking Zino himself would be quite proud!

The Leather Collection

Davidoff’s leather collection is a true gentlemen’s humidor. Exquisitely simple, tasteful and unique, this humidor combines the fine craftsmanship of custom cabinetry with leather that’s supple, yet sturdy enough to last for generations. Each humidor in The Leather Collection is constructed in France, using handcrafted leather from Switzerland. The Leather Collection humidors are available in both formats, the Primos (holds 25-35 cigars) and Ambassador (holds 70-90 cigars).

Breathtakingly Unique Humidors from Davidoff

Two of the more unique humidors crafted by Davidoff remain The Dome and The Macassar Ebony.

The Davidoff Dome Humidor is as special as humidors get. The curvature of the sculpted dome requires hours of painstaking craftsmanship in order to achieve perfection. Only a true artisan with attention to detail is able to craft such a stunningly beautiful piece of furniture. The unique Davidoff Dome humidor is prized for it’s beauty and functionality. Available in two veneers, Macassar ebony or rosewood, and two finishes, matte or lustre, The Dome can accommodate up to 65 of your preferred stogies.

Macassar Ebony is a highly unusual, strong and dense wood. The heartwood is black, grey-brown or yellow with distinctive red-brown stripes. The fine grain and texture of this unusually beautiful wood accounts for its metallic-like lustre. Macassar Ebony is coveted for use in High-end cabinetry, musical instruments and specialty items such as billiard cues and knife handles.

The Macassar Ebony humidor from Davidoff’s Ambassador collection is quite stunning. There is no room for doubt that this humidor is a luxury item and one that the owner is proud to show off. With the high gloss exterior the wood gleams. The humidor’s interior is made of Spanish cedar, tray and dividers as well. The tray edges are bevelled as are the edges of the lid.

While both of these Davidoff Humidors are inarguably of museum quality beauty, they are no doubt high-end. The wood itself, along with the craftsmanship and functionality are beyond compare. When you choose these unique humidors for your cigar safe-keeping, you’ve selected a masterpiece.

Davidoff Smoking Accessories

The choicest cigars kept fresh in the utmost humidor, deserve nothing but the very best when it comes to accessories. Davidoff offers a full line of smoking accessories that continue the lineage of luxury. The accessories collections, from cutters, punch cutters, cases and lighters to travel humidors boasting the same high quality Davidoff storage in a compact, lightweight portable design, are crafted with the same attention to detail and comfort as all that bears the Davidoff name.

  • Guillotine Cut Double-Blade Cigar Cutters: Enjoying your cigar isn’t something that should be rushed. It’s a ritual, a ceremony, with each and every act contributing to the moment of cigar zen. The Davidoff double-blade cutter is crafted with precision. This patented all-stainless steel device is appreciated for its sleek styling, smooth operation, and precision engineering.
  • Z9 Punch Cigar Cutter: With an innovative design and modern flair. this smokers tool offers a fresh approach to punch-cutting. The two-toned punch tool bears the Zino logo, so there’s no doubt about the fine craftsmanship. A sleek modern tool with a nod toward affordability while bearing the name that’s synonymous with luxury innovation.
  • The Zino Davidoff Graphic Leaf Collection Leather Cigar Case: Carry your stogies in style with this ergonomically designed 2-finger leather cigar case. In addition to the ultimate comfort in portability, this fine leather case will keep your cellophane-wrapped cigars perfectly humidified for up to 15 days. But you would expect nothing more from Davidoff.
  • 8 Cigar Travel Humidor: Discrete, compact and has everything you need to keep your cigars fresh and smokable when you’re on the go. The trendy-yet-classic design is made from recycled leather and allows the discerning smoker to travel to new heights and places with their favorite cigars fresh and close at hand. Best of all, your travel humidor is crafted with the same attention to keeping your cigars in optimal smoking condition as your high-end desktop model.
  • Zino Davidoff Round Ceramic 3-Cigar Ashtray: Style and functionality come together in this stunning ashtray. Designed with three slots which hold up to the Toro-format cigar, this is ideal for the style-conscious cigar enthusiast.
  • Zino Davidoff Single Jet Torch-Flame Lighters: Putting flame to cigar is one of the most satisfying steps for any smoker. This lighter takes you to the sweet spot of stogie enjoyment with a single jet torch flame. The Zino lighter is sleek and striking in keeping with the collection’s modern trend. The lighter comes in three sizes, all suitable for the smoker-on-the-go, and three colors to coordinate with your favorite accessories.

Northwoods is Your Source for Davidoff

Northwoods Humidors is your online source for Davidoff Humidors and accessories. Understanding your passion for cigars and your dedication to the good life is our great pleasure. We are dedicated to one aspect of the cigar life, and only one-humidors and accessories. You can trust our expertise.

At Northwoods Humidors we take pride in offering the finest selection of humidors available. We understand your need to protect your fine stogie investment and desire to do so with confidence. Our attention to good customership is driven by one goal: to be the source our customers can depend on-for care and product. We provide professional knowledge and peace of mind.

Trust What Our Clients Are Saying

Northwoods Humidors is consistently being praised in reviews for two specific qualities, our knowledge of product and our attention to our customers, before, during and after sale. Here are just a few of the comments left by our appreciative clients:

“Prices are the best around and the service is always fantastic. Fast shipping, very responsive to any questions and just an all around great experience.” Mitchell Golden

“I love this place! It made my premium humidor buying experience totally seamless!! Kevin (the owner) was directly involved in my sale and guided me perfect! It’s not my first Prometheus humidor so I know! I have already recommended this place to my friends! Amazing customer service with unbeatable prices! Totally worth checking them out! You won’t be disappointed!!” Sachin Bhatia

“I received my Limited Edition Daniel Marshall Humidor today! I knew I would be pleased with the humidor, but I was extremely pleased with Northwoods as well. It arrived in a very timely manner, and was packaged extremely well to ensure it wasn’t damaged during transit. Also had a hand written Thank you note! Great experience with this company, I will definitely be shopping their other items.” Eric Norris

Let us help you with your next Davidoff purchase. We are here to answer questions, offer suggestions and guide you in this very special purchase. At Northwoods Humidors the price you see will absolutely be the amount you pay. We offer free shipping on nearly all items and, with the exception of Illinois residents (where we’re located), there is no sales tax added. We strive to make your experience seamless and exceptional.

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