Diamond Crown : 8 Things To Know Before You Buy

Diamond Crown : 8 Things To Know Before You Buy

If you want to know the history of Diamond Crown, you need to learn the name Julius Caesar Newman, otherwise known as J.C. Newman, the name of a young immigrant boy who rolled his first cigars in the family barn in 1895. More importantly, the name of a century old company that has earned its impeccable reputation as one of the top producers of high-quality premium cigars and luxury cigar accessories.

Diamond Crown

At the age of 14, Julius Caesar became a cigar maker apprentice in Cleveland, Ohio and began his long journey into the cigar trade. After working nearly three years as a journeyman, the young J.C. was laid off due to a severe recession, leaving him unemployed and even hungrier for the “American Dream”. It was here that he decided to start his own company. With $50, the teenager bought enough tobacco to fill his first order, 500 cigars for the family grocer. He named this first brand “A.B.C.”, an acronym that stood for “Akron, Bedford, and Cleveland,” the name of a local streetcar line.

These humble beginnings developed into substantial earnings by 1916 when the company had rapidly expanded, adding two factories in Marion and Lorain, Ohio. At this point, J.C. had employed 700 employees and had a top selling brand, Judge Wright. “A fair trial will give a verdict in favor of this cigar,” the tagline read. Although, the like for anything was spreading thin by the time the Great Depression hit. Business continued, however, and after World War II, Newman’s sons, Stanford and Millard returned home from military service and joined the company.

While Stanford was responsible for the overall operation of cigar manufacturing, Millard oversaw the company’s sales. As America experienced its post-war economic boom, the company flourished, selling its famous line, Student Prince cigars. By 1954, the company joined the Tampa cigar manufacturing community and relocated to the city famous for producing high-quality premium cigars. With the move came a closer proximity to the primary source of tobacco, Cuba, although in the early part of the 19th century, genuine Cuban tobacco rolled cigars had been primarily made in Tampa. In order to prepare for the move, Stanford sourced out a promising manufacturing location in Ybor City, Tampa’s central cigar-making district. The Regensburg factory, built in 1910, was one of the last and largest of Tampa’s cigar factories left standing. Its nickname, “El Reloj”, was Spanish for “The Clock”. The factory’s hourly chimes were restored by the Newman family in 2002.

Diamond Crown Julius Caesar NewmanIn 1958, Julius Caesar Newman passed, and with his death, Stanford promised to continue the success of his father’s company. In only five months, the son was able to acquire an existing premium brand, Cuesta-Rey, from Karl and Anch Cuesta, a brand (along with Diamond Crown) that is still under the J.C. Newman name. By 1961, when the enactment of the Cuban Embargo restricted Tampa from obtaining their tobacco, Stanford innovated. In order to replace the historic Cuban tobacco, he needed to replace the flavorful wrapper leaf. With this determination came the discover of Cameroon wrapper leaves of West Africa, a leaf in par with the appearance of Cuban tobacco but, with even better burning qualities and overall taste. J.C. Newman became the first premium cigar manufacturer to introduce Cameroon tobacco to America.

After 20 years amidst a declining cigar industry, Stanford made the bold decision to buy out the extended family shares of the company. Alongside his two sons, Eric and Bobby, Stanford was determined to turn the company around. Three weeks into the leveraged buy-out, Carlos Fuente approached the now head of operations with a proposition. In order to focus on his handmade factory in the Dominican Republic, Fuente had to close his Tampa location. If Stanford was willing to make his Tampa factory brands, he agreed to make handmade cigars for J.C. Newman Cigar Co. The first brand under the new partnership, La Unica Dominican Primeros, became the number one selling premium bundle in America within 6 months of launching. In even less time, the production of Cuesta-Rey was moved to the Fuente’s Dominican factory with the enjoyment of similar success. By 1990, J.C. Newman Cigar Co., having both Cuesta-Rey and Diamond Crown under their belt, became the distributor of of Carlos’ Arturo Fuente and Montesinos brands, partnership that prospers to this day.

Why are Daniel Marshall humidors considered luxury humidors?

Diamond Crown Tampa Florida FactoryWith Diamond Crown manufacturing cigar accessories for more than 75 years, its become one of the most respected brands in the cigar industry. In honor of Stanford’s father, Julius Caesar, the brand was created under rigid quality standards, commitment to consumer satisfaction, tradition and excellence. Its no wonder why the word luxury is easily paired with any of the J.C. Newman labels. Whether your peering into the distinctions of a hand-rolled cigar or the veneers of a finely assembled humidor, every Diamond Crown product bears the marks of exquisite craftsmanship.

Diamond Crown humidors are designed with fine attention to the mind of a cigar aficionado. Every piece is promised to be 100% one-of-a-kind with classic styling and a brilliant finish. The foundation of this artistry begins with superb proficiency and benefits that are worthy of the name Diamond Crown. The authenticity in the brand’s product is in the assembly of the box. In five steps, Diamond Crown achieves a level of control that can only be presented after nearly eight decades of fine tuning.

  1. Assembly

    Craftsmen assemble natural wood to form a six-sided box. With no lid yet, the humidor is simply a box that is fully enclosed on all six sides.

  2. Applying High-Gloss Finish

    The humidor then passes a total of four quality control inspections. It is then left to rest and dry for 24 hours. This process is repeated 14 times. In total, it takes two weeks just to apply the exquisite high gloss finish to a one single humidor.

  3. Lining the Interior

    After inspecting the finish, a craftsman carefully cuts the unique lid into the humidor, installs top quality brass hardware, and lines the humidor with genuine Spanish Cedar.

  4. Hand Polishing

    A third inspector checks the alignment of each lid and each humidor’s seal before a craftsman carefully cleans and hand polishes the exterior. He then stamps the Diamond Crown logo on the humidor.

  5. Packaging

    Lastly, the humidor is wrapped in a felt bag for protection and placed in a luxurious presentation box before the fourth inspector examines the package one final time and allows it to leave the factory.

Diamond Crown craftsman working slowly and meticulously, taking nearly a month to make a humidor. Because of the natural variations in wood grains, no two Diamond Crown humidors could possibly be the same.

What are the most popular Diamond Crown humidors?

The American Series

Over two hundred years ago, our forefathers were known for making the finest quality furniture pieces out of the hearty Cherry hardwood that grows deep in the Adirondack Mountains. Today, Diamond Crown is proud to use those same time-honored traditions to bring you the American Series Humidors, exquisite boxes made from American hardwood on American soil. Each humidor begins as a six-sided box and then is cut open to form separate lid and base sections. As an added benefit, the lid and base are hinged with piano hinges for a sturdy, but smooth and precise closure. Using the same meticulous techniques as Colonial woodworkers, the artisans delicately hand carve and hand finish each humidor with a stain that brings out the lustrous beauty and contrasting tones in the wood. The American Series of humidors are hand-crafted in upstate New York and reflect traditional American styling with meticulous craftsmanship.

The Washington 110 American Series Diamond Crown Northwoods Huidors

The Washington 110 - American Series

The Washington is one of three styles within the American Series of humidors by Diamond Crown. This box is finished in a deep mahogany and lined with Spanish cedar. As with all humidors made by the company, each includes an invisible magnetic attachment system that affixes the humidifier and hygrometer to the back of the humidor without need for velcro. A felt-lined bottom is added to prevent scratches and the box is carefully packed into a felt storage bag for the best protection while in-tranist to your home or shop. This humidor holds up to 100 cigars.

The Delaware 80 American Series Diamond Crown Northwoods Humidors

The Delaware is one of three styles within the American Series of humidors by Diamond Crown. This box is finished in traditional cherry and lined with Spanish cedar. The Delaware features beveled edge detailing and includes a Diamond Crown Humidification System and digital hygrometer (as does the Washington). This humidor comes with an IMAS (invisible magnetic attachment system) and can hold up to 80 cigars.

Diamond Crown Jefferson 95 American Series Northwoods Humidors

The Jefferson is one of three style within the American Series of humidors by Diamond Crown. This box is finished in traditional oak and also made from genuine solid Cherry hardwood. This humidor has curved sides and beveled edges and comes with all three attachments including, one IMAS, digital hygrometer, and one Diamond Crown Humidification System. The box is lined with Spanish cedar and comes with one Spanish cedar divider. Each styling of the American Series is an easy setup process with an included manual instruction.

The St. James Series

The St. James series consists of classic, handcrafted humidors that come in three sizes: 40, 90, and 160 count. This exquisite line of humidors not only offers superior styling, but exceptional construction. One would only expect to find this in a piece of fine quality furniture. Using ancient woodworking techniques, the Diamond Crown artisans delicately hand finish the exotic wood veneer that gives the St. James Series humidors their classic contemporary styling. The artisans then seal the humidor with multiple layers of varnish that provides durability, and a mirror-like finish that further compliments the wood's beautiful contrasting tones. Backed by a lifetime guarantee, the St. James Series represents the artistry and quality that is worthy of the name Diamond Crown.

The elegant designs of the St. James Series humidors are paired with a luminous high-gloss finish that make an impressive addition to anyone’s home. Featuring silver handles (on the 160 count only), the series comes with a custom lock and key system. It also includes the Diamond Crown Humidification System and Digital Hygrometer with clean IMAS® attachments. The collection comes in six immaculate veneers.

St. James Series


The Windsor features an exotic African Bubinga high-gloss finish with stylish black accents.

The Alexander is wrapped in an exotic Black Ebony veneer detailed with dark accents.

The Drake features a lush Natural Rosewood design. Elegant wood grains of this exotic species are enhanced by the soft, supple appearance of the satin finish.

The Oxford features an exquisite Brazilian Rosewood high-gloss finish with handsome black accents.

The Peabody features multiple layers of varnish that provides a mirror like finish.

The Mozart is wrapped in a dark Ebony and Ivory veneer that resembles a well-designed symphonic piano.

How do Diamond Crown humidors compare to humidors made by other luxury brands such as Elie Bleu and Davidoff?

Diamond Crown J.C. Newman 4 Generations

When it comes to any luxury brand, its important to weigh your options and choose the best price and quality for the sake of your wallet and especially your taste. Factors such as how long your item is going to last and a company’s warranty are extremely important. Diamond Crown offers a lifetime warranty from the J.C. Newman manufacturer.

While some other companies make humidor lids and bottoms separately in an assembly line fashion, Diamond Crown creates a fully finished six-sided box before cutting the lid in order to ensure that the wood grains of the top and bottom of each humidor match and that each humidor’s seal is perfect.

Every luxury brand has a deep story behind it and this company is Julius Caesar Newman, 14 year old Austrian-Hungarian immigrant who decided to make his American Dream a real story. The backstories are what separate any brand from one another. While Elie Bleu began in the cabinetmaking district of Faubourg Sainte-Antoine in 1976, Daniel Marshall’s story started in 1982 in Costa Mesa, California. For S.T. Dupont it began in the late 1800’s. But perhaps what is most important is what these companies have in common. If it weren’t for passion, companies like Diamond Crown, Elie Bleu, Davidoff, S.T. Dupont, and Daniel Marshall would be nonexistent. A quality product’s true foundation lies in loving what you do and working hard.

Why Should I Buy Daniel Marshall products from Northwoods Humidors?

Northwoods Humidors

Northwoods Humidors is the best source for high quality cigar humidors. This is a company that promises to supply you with exceptional service and always follows through. As Julius Caesar is to Diamond Crown, owner and customer consultant, Kevin is to Northwoods Humidors. Kevin is behind every inquiry and every purchase from start to finish. Growing up in the Northwoods of Wisconsin, Kevin experienced a type of tranquility that he would later become nostalgic to when lighting his first cigar. The coniferous forest was a place to watch time pass, reflect, and regroup. The name was given to his beloved company as a way to channel this feeling again and bring his following to.

Northwoods Humidors is proud to be considered an expert in cigar humidors and accessories. Where most online platforms are flooded with ambiguous items, Northwoods Humidors is focused. Immediately following all inquiries you will find a detailed response that helps you to streamline your search and find something that works perfect for you or your loved one. No question is too big or too small. This company is eager to become your most dependable retailer for cigar humidors and accessories and if you've seen the reviews you've seen this company's evident dedication to their services.

Diamond Crown Washington 110 Cigar Humidor - American Series

"What a beautiful humidor! I received this humidor recently as a birthday present, and it is almost simply a work of art. Beautifully understated, it exudes classiness. It seems to be supremely made and I am confident that it will last a lifetime. I look forward to seasoning it and beginning to age cigars! In addition, Northwoods Humidors is positively a great company that I would recommend to anyone. Their customer service and expertise are second to none." - J.B.

Northwoods Humidors Target Bay Review StampDiamond Crown Alexander 90 Cigar Humidor - St. James Series

Northwood is an establishment that takes totime to serve its customers. They are very detail oriented and are willing to go the extra mile to make the sale. Then they go above and beyond to ensure I am happy with my purchase down the road. As for the diamond crown humidor, it is an absolutely magnificent humidor that rivals competitors at many times its cost. If you want a good place to store your rare expensive stock, look no further than DC, holds humidity perfectly and is very thick so protects from temperature swings too." - M.H.

Northwoods Humidors promises a hassle-free shopping experience. You can take a leisurely stroll through the website at your own pace. The platform is simple and stripped down, making it effortless to find what you need. Feel comforted knowing that the price you see is the price you pay. Kevin, will be paying your shipping costs and the only taxes added are if you are residing in Illinois, due to state law. What you see is what you get at Northwoods Humidors and if you don't believe me then find out for yourself!

3rd Jan 2019

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