Elie Bleu Humidors:  10 Things to Know Before You Buy

Elie Bleu Humidors: 10 Things to Know Before You Buy

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Since the early Mayans first put flame to rolled tobacco leaves human beings have searched for ways to preserve and promote the flavor and integrity of their cigars. Keeping the choicest of favorite stogies in a temperate atmosphere, with just the right amount of humidity, away from the damaging effect of light and arid conditions, and maintaining the immediate environment has been found to be the ideal way to preserve your favorite smokes until you’re ready to enjoy. Necessity being the mother of invention, the humidor was born.

For all its necessary function today’s humidor evolved to become a prized desktop accessory, cherished heirloom, and beloved piece of furniture. The status surrounding luxury lines of humidors isn’t a surprise, given the craftsmanship involved. And while there are several humidor makers recognized for their true artistry one name tops the list of humidor artisans time and again; that name is Elie Bleu.

A Rich History

Elie Bleu logo

In 1976, deep in the heart of Paris’ famed cabinetmaking district of Faubourg Sainte-Antoine, the first Elie Bleu workshop began crafting wooden ornaments. The fine workmanship garnered the company quite a lot of attention and soon these wood workers were creating personal accessories, as well as accessories for the home, and bespoke wood crafts. Among these popular and luxury items, the humidor.

Humidors were by no means an afterthought for the Elie Bleu company. The art of crafting a fine humidor takes serious skill and talent. The mastery with which Elie Bleu’s craftsman created such coveted and stunning works of art made a deep impression on the world of humidors. In fact their line of humidors quickly became the company’s best selling product. Though superior craftsmanship factored into the equation, the real selling point for these stunning humidors was, and remains, the unmatched quality of each and every one of Elie Bleu’s heirloom quality pieces.

Creating Elegance and Luxury

Think humidor by Elie Bleu

Elie Bleu humidors are highly regarded as the ultimate in luxury items for cigar aficionados. Even among their peers, the Elie Bleu company is known for their excellence in both form and function. Exotic wood, rare materials and fine inlays, combined with their meticulous attention to every detail make Elie Bleu humidors the standard bearer for luxury cigar humidors.

Each one of these perfect humidors is painstakingly crafted under the strictest standards of quality control. The deep detail, precious materials and high quality function ensure your Elie Bleu is truly a luxury item. Elie Bleu humidors are handmade in France in very small numbers, only adding to their rarity and reputation. The high standards and creativity of the designers and craftsmen keeps production limited.

All the wood used to create these heirloom quality humidors has been open-air cured for ten years making sapping, cracking, and warping a non-issue. The striking finish of Elie Bleu humidors is owed to a special method of varnish application. Eight fine layers of varnish are applied providing lifelong luster to each humidor and preserving the precious wood with which the humidor is made.

Additionally, as would be expected of the ultimate in humidors, the boxes themselves are created to be the ideal place to house your cigars. Elie Bleu humidors are fitted with extremely accurate and visually appealing analog hygrometers, as well as their patented humidifier, which is warranted for 3 years. The box hinges and front lock, while delicate in appearance, ensure a hermetic seal to preserve the integrity of your cigars.

Real Elie Bleu Reviews

Elie Bleu humidor reviews

To be recognized as a luxury brand among cigar people a product must also deliver. The Elie Bleu cigar humidor does just that with supreme quality and function that makes this product among the most coveted humidors in the world. But don’t just take our word for it. Below are actual customer reviews of this outstanding line of humidors:

“Elie Bleu of Paris has long been renowned as the maker of the world's best humidors. These "objects de luxe" not only do a superb job of storing and aging your cigars but their unique designs, colors, and stunning veneers make for gorgeous works of art guaranteed to bring you visual pleasure for years to come. All wood for Elie Bleu humidors is open air cured for a minimum of ten years to eliminate the possibility of sapping, cracking or warping. No other humidor can match Elie Bleu's quality, durability, and beauty and each box ensures heirloom potential and reliability for generations of use." ~  hectic 109 Ebay

And this from eBay member cool breeze 5000 the owner of an Elie Bleu Classic Humidor Mahogany Finish:

"This is an excellent humidor. When properly humidified the humidor locks up like a bank vault.”

Our own recent customer Lina had this to say of the company and the Elie Bleu humidor she selected:

“I purchased a humidor as a gift for my husband and the team at Northwoods Humidors were awesome in responding to all questions and getting in touch about the shipping, delivery and instructions to use it. The product by Elie bleu is a one of a kind, beautiful piece.”

While customer reviews are reliable to garner opinions from fellow cigar aficionados, oftentimes industry experts are truly in-the-know when it comes to humidors.

YouTube authority on humidors, RonMelendi said this about Elie Bleu’s Year of the Dragon limited edition piece:

“A beautiful, wonderful work of art. A beautiful piece of furniture. The details and workmanship make this an absolutely incredible work of art. This humidor offers the perfect seal; the air pressure is tight and it maintains the ideal humidity. Construction is incredible and will last a lifetime. Definitely one of the top, if not the top, humidors on the market today. Fine attention to detail.”

What Are The Most Popular Elie Bleu Humidors?

The eclectic selection of humidors available from Elie Bleu is one of the many reasons this French woodcrafter is undeniably among the most popular names in luxury humidors. Because the classically beautiful, unexpectedly colorful and uniquely designed humidors are created in such small number, to own an Elie Bleu humidor is a status symbol, a statement of your fine taste and appreciation of outstanding craftsmanship.

The collections available in the Elie Bleu line of luxury humidors are distinctive. Appealing to the traditional as well as the extraordinary and edgy, Elie Bleu has crafted humidors to suit a wide range of tastes and preferences. Among the luxury humidor maker’s most popular and best selling collections are the Flor de Alba Collection, Medals Collection, and, of course, the Classic Collection.

Flor de Alba

Elie Bleu Flor de Alba Blue 110Flor de Alba calls to mind the flavor of Cuban tradition in vintage cigar box style, with an iconic label, colorful veneers, and intricate edging. There is a growing interest among collectors in vintage cigar boxes, along with an appreciation for the retro artwork depicted on these vintage treasure chests. The popularity of Elie Bleu’s Flor de Alba Collection attests to this upward trend.

Medal Collection

Elie Bleu Medals Collection

In keeping with the retro and vintage cigar box trend, the Medal Collection is another popular choice among cigar aficionados. In fact some believe the Medal Collection is the most popular collection and iconic to the Elie Bleu line of humidors. A bit more simplistic in design than the Flor de Alba, yet no less elegant, this heirloom-quality piece features a single cigar, inlaid on the lid, accented by six gold medals. This particular collection boasts several different options in color and capacity, each one a worthy piece to own.

The Classics Collection

Elie Bleu Macassar Ebony humidorYou can’t ever go wrong when you opt for a classic design and the Classics Collection’s steady popularity over the past 40 years proves that sentiment. Timeless and traditional these breathtakingly simple pieces rely on true artisan woodcrafting to impress. Macassar ebony, rosewood, mahogany, walnut, bubinga, and fruitwood are some of the raw materials sourced worldwide to create these enduring masterpieces. The Classics Collection also offers a carbo fiber humidor that is quite stunning in appearance. Like all of the luxury humidors made by Elie Bleu, the Classics Collection maintains optimum conditions for storage of your personal stogie collection.

These top three sellers are the company’s pride and joy. However, Elie Bleu has an edgier side that some may feel pushes the limits and challenges tradition in humidors. The controversial CHE Collection doesn’t appeal as much in the United States as other collections. Possibly due to the controversy surrounding the rebel himself.

Elie Bleu’s Gun Collection may hit a nerve in the current climate and could be perceived as a glorification of weaponry. The Vanity Collection is equally as dubious for it’s unique appeal. Though not the top sellers these three collections are certainly conversation starters.

Unique Works of Art

Form and functionality are the hallmark of a fine humidor, however in order to be truly legendary a cigar humidor must appeal to the creative side of the owner. Elie Bleu humidors are crafted by artisans with that in mind. The visually pleasing and stunning appearance of Elie Bleu humidors is sure to start a conversation. Impressively elegant to fancifully colorful Elie Bleu humidors are far from staid.

Casa Cubana Collection

Casa Cubana Collection of humidors

The Casa Cubana Collection was designed to celebrate and honor one of the most popular and revered countries; A nation synonymous with cigars. Each humidor in Elie Bless Casa Cabana Collection mimics the vibrant lifestyle of old Havana. The colorful Spanish colonial architecture is replicated in the details of the 17th century, when aristocrats from Europe began to settle the Caribbean island nation. Two centuries later the first Cuban cigar factory was established.

The extremely limited collection boasts all of the beauty and charm of Old Cuba in one-of-a- kind artist’s rendering. The splendor of the Spanish influence is seen in every small detail of this striking humidor. And because these humidors bear the Elie Bleu name you can rest assured these heirloom quality luxury pieces will keep your “sticks” in prime condition.

Gun Collection

Gun Collection of humidors by Elie Bleu

The Elie Bleu Gun Collection is another popular and unexpected grouping of humidor design. Each humidor in this edgy and stylish collection depicts a weapon with a silencer. You can bet a certain fictional MI6 agent would be sure to keep his cigars in one of these limited edition humidors.

Flors de Alba and Medal

These beautiful cigar boxes are Elie Bleu’s nod to the nostalgic whimsy of the classic Cuban cigar box. Crafted in excellence, as are all Elie Bleu cigar humidors, this collection is quite colorful and stylish. Nothing says “aficionado” quite like your own Cuban cigar box. And nothing says “perfection” quite like an Elie Bleu humidor.

By far one of the most famous take on the cigar box in Elie Bleu’s inventory has been the Medal. This collection features the classic high quality humidor with a rendition of a cigar box table. As with all Elie Bleu designed cigar humidors, the Medal collection features state of the art cigar-keeping accoutrements such as the humidification system and hygrometer. An always-popular choice is the Medal cigar box humidor.

Zodiac/Star Sign


Equally impressive and no less unique are the collection of humidors in the Star Sign line. The zodiac series depicts all twelve signs of the zodiac ( Aries through Pisces) in their star sector coordinates. The corresponding symbol is embossed in the finish of the wood. There is a small selection of different finishes and colors but due to the high demand for this line, and it’s initial limited production, the availability is quite limited.

In addition to the signs of the Zodiac, Elie Bleu has produced the Year of the Dragon (2012) and the Year of the Snake (2013). Just like the Zodiac collection these humidors come in a few different styles and are available to keep up to 110 of your most precious cigars in tip top smoking shape.


Che humidors by Elie Bleu

What started out as a special commission by a valued client soon became part of the lore and allure of Elie Bleu cigar humidors. An image of the Argentinian political leader and key figure in the Cuban Revolution is depicted atop one of Elie Bleu’s most popular humidors. When the iconic humidor was initially displayed to the public, the company faced a half-million euro copyright infringement lawsuit within 24 hours. The case was settled outside of court and Elie Bleu was granted exclusive rights to the image for the purpose of the humidor design.


Elie Bleu Vanity humidors

In keeping with the company’s penchant for the uniquely creative, Elie Bleu’s Tic-Tac-Toe Vanity collection is a passionate and deeply philosophical rendering of human life. The depiction of earthly remains, beauty, and heart call to mind the nature of life and death. The Vanity collection is the “thinking man’s” humidor.



Safari themes reflect the innate desire of man to pursue adventure and danger. Whether traversing the African savanna in hopes of catching a glimpse or a photo of the world’s most majestic beasts, or observing these spectacular animals as they migrate across the Serengeti, you dream of adventure. Elie Bleu’s Safari Collection calls to your inner thrill-seeker in many beautiful designs using wood to recreate the patterns and coats of the world’s most breathtaking beasts.

Stars and Stripes


As a patriot the pride you feel for your country can never be displayed enough. Choose from three different humidors, each one displaying the stars and stripes in different ways. Two of the humidors depict flags that are made entirely of sycamore inlay, while a third rendition uses cigar icons in place of the stripes found on Old Glory and uses veneer inlay to show off the design. Stay true to the red, white, and blue with a humidor from the Stars and Stripes Collection.

Elie Bleu also offers a humidor which displays a rendering of the Cuban flag that uses the cigar icon as well. What better place to keep your Cubans in top smoking condition? All of the humidors in the Stars and Stripes Collection are made with the same attention to detail for which Elie Bleu is recognized.

Elie Bleu High Quality Accessories


The attention to detail and pride in craftsmanship isn’t limited to Elie Bleu humidors. Other cigar accessories include table lighters, pocket lighters, cigar cases, cigar cutters, ashtrays, and humidor accessories to ensure you keep your collection of favorite cigars in fine smoking condition. The full line of cigar accessories includes lighters and ashtrays to mimic the theme of your luxury Elie Bleu humidor.

Not Only for Tobacco Products

Keeping in mind the company was founded in 1976 as an accessories and sundry artisan it should come as no surprise that Elie Bleu remains popular outside of the realm of fine tobacco accessories. The personal accessories line offers stylish storage for your fine jewelry, watches , lovely cufflinks, cufflink boxes, bars for the fashion minded, and watch winder boxes designed to keep your automatic watches in fine working order.

Each of the jewelry, watch, and cufflink boxes are made of a choice of carbon fiber, rosewood, or sycamore. The selection includes storage boxes for 6 or 8 of your favorite watches. There are cufflink/watch box combinations which can secret away 8b watches and 20 cufflinks, or 9 watches and 32 cufflinks. The combination boxes are available in the classic motif, as well as the Pirates Collection design. There are also boxes designed to hold a weeks selection of cufflinks and come in a variety of designs.


For the gambler Elie Bleu has a line of backgammon boxes as well as gambling boxes to hold playing cards and dice, and a box for chip storage. Keep your writing implements in luxury storage with a beautiful Elie Bleu pen box, leather lined to nest your ink pens in style.

Leather goods from Elie Bleu include credit card holders, cigar cases, belts, and traveling cufflink boxes. Only the finest exotic leathers, such as crocodile and lizard, are used in these luxury products.The leather line is designed and created in the same impeccable manner as all of the Elie Bleu products.

Quality Comparisons

Obviously when it comes to high quality luxury humidors you’re going to be making an investment. As with any major investment of heirloom quality goods you shouldn’t go into the purchase haphazardly. Weigh the differences between Elie Bleu and their competitors to find out how the Parisian company stacks up.

Two names come to mind as worthy competition to the Elie Bleu luxury humidor collections. They are Davidoff and Prometheus humidors, both very recognizable names in cigar circles. Both manufacturers have a rich history and produce high-end, impeccable quality humidors.

Davidoff NO. 1 HUMIDOR

Davidoff was founded in Geneva, Switzerland, after the 2nd World War. With ateliers (workshops) in different locations in France and Switzerland, the company produces a line of high-end humidors . These superb cigar chests are comparable in price to the Elie Bleu line, averaging around $2,500.00, with some higher end humidors available as well. The most popular of the Davidoff humidors being their marquetry designs. These designs use several different materials, such as glass, mirrors and exotic woods, to create stunning depictions of Caribbean rainforests and intricately designed mosaics of tropical flora.

There are several other styles and design creations available in the Davidoff name. The Davidoff name was made popular by Sir Winston Churchill and another popular design they offer is a humidor emblazoned with a bold image of the British flag. Humidors are only one part of the Davidoff catalog. Ashtrays, lighters and cutters are also available.

Prometheus Platinum Series Blue Sycamore Humidor

Prometheus humidors are relative newcomers, having opened for business in 1992. Based in Los Angeles the company’s rise to the top was fast and furious, in part due to their aggressive approach to global name recognition. Considered highly ranked among the top luxury humidors, the Prometheus Platinum line is both exceptionally beautiful and functional. The Prometheus Platinum Series collection definitely stands-out in the arena of luxury humidors.

The heirloom quality Prometheus humidors are made from sycamore, walnut, ebony and carbon fiber. The Platinum Series is the top-seller in the luxury category by this company, with the Limited Edition collector quality series close behind. The Platinum Series humidors are priced starting around $1,500.00-$1,750.00. Limited Edition humidors are priced at $1,750.00.

Northwoods Humidors: Your Source for Elie Bleu

Ultimately, purchasing a luxury humidor of this stature is going to depend a lot on your personal preference. Of course the retailer from whom you make that purchase can very quickly take the experience from enjoyable to frustrating. You need to take care to find the right retailer for your Elie Bleu humidor purchase.

With unmatched customer care Northwoods Humidors has been your headquarters for humidors and cigar accessories. Our customer reviews are outstanding, and we are in constant communication when it comes to your purchase. Should you have concerns along the way, we are available day or night. Call or email us anytime and we will respond as soon as possible.

Northwoods Humidors LLC

Should you ever need to make warranty claims we will assist you for life. We’ll provide you with receipts, claims contacts, and help you file your claim. Northwoods Humidors goes beyond customer service. We provide genuine customer care.

No matter what your purchase may be it will always be hassle-free. We offer fast and free UPS Ground shipping on most purchases, charge no sales tax (except in the state of Illinois) and offer our customers a 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee.

Northwoods Humidors is a small company based in Chicago, the heart of the Midwest. We hold the privilege of serving you in the highest regard. Our products have been hand-selected to provide the finest quality, style, and beauty available, no matter the price range. We thoughtfully and carefully package all of our products so that they arrive at their destination in perfect condition, without damage. Because When selecting your next humidor or cigar accessory purchase trust the retailer who cares as much as you do--Northwoods Humidors.

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