Favorite Places To Enjoy Cigars

Favorite Places To Enjoy Cigars

Looking to enjoy a nice cigar?

The optimal time, place and setting really depends on who you ask and what their preferences are.

In general, it's nice to be somewhere where there's comfortable seating. Additionally, it's best if it's somewhere where you aren't likely to bother anyone.

Here are several places where you can go to enjoy cigars.

At Home / On The Porch

Guy Smoking Cigar At Home

Smoking a cigar, at home, in solitude, is often the most obvious way to enjoy it.

You aren't likely to bother or offend anyone, and if it's a nice day out, you can go and sit on the deck or the porch to light up.

Home is also a great place to relax; especially if you aren't in a rush to get anywhere. You can really take your time and not be under any kind of pressure, which is ideal for enjoying a cigar.

Some even like to smoke while mowing their lawn or doing their yard work. One way or another, this work has to be completed, so you might as well make it an enjoyable experience.

In The Garage

Men Smoking Cigars In Garage

Another place to enjoy a nice cigar is in a garage; perhaps your own, or maybe even your friend's, if they're into cigars.

If the weather outside isn't terribly forgiving, the garage can be a nice alternative to the great outdoors.

This is particularly true if you have a workshop, a TV, a stereo system, or a bit of a man cave set up in the garage. You can take the time to enjoy some other activities while smoking, and some people really like having something to do while smoking a cigar.

Of course, comfortable seating can't hurt either. You may even want to break out the snacks!

At The Golf Course

It's always nice to have something to do while enjoying a cigar.

If the weather's nice, and you like to get a little bit of exercise, the golf course can be a great place to have a little puff.

Physical activity tends to be a matter of personal taste; some people like to swing at a ball while smoking, but others don't. Smoking can interfere with breathing, making it difficult to multitask. If you aren't sure, maybe give it a try to find out.

In A Hot Tub (Outdoors)

Smoking Cigar In Hot Tub

A hot tub helps to ease the tension in your muscles and can be very relaxing. What better time to enjoy a cigar, assuming your present company won't mind?

Moreover, if you're in a hot tub, you're probably not in a rush to get anywhere, so it's an opportune time.

Good company can really heighten the experience, so hopefully you are around people who also like to enjoy a cigar. Just remember to keep one of your hands dry so as to avoid ruining your cigar.

At A Cigar Bar

Some people enjoy bar or pub environments where they can freely smoke; though they can be a little rare these days depending on your location.

Jazz clubs, gentlemen's clubs, or cigar shops sometimes fall under this category.

These environments can vary quite a bit from one to another, and some connoisseurs prefer to find a place that's just right for them.

Nevertheless, it's nice to know that there are still a few locations out there where you can light up, and these places can quickly turn into your favorites!

Final Thoughts

There are a variety of places to enjoy a nice cigar; it mostly comes down to personal preference.

However, comfort is essential. You want to be able to smoke on your own time, not feel rushed, and be able to relax for a while.

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9th May 2015 Kevin Kauzlaric

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