How Selecting The Right Cigar Lighter Improves Your Smoking Experience

How Selecting The Right Cigar Lighter Improves Your Smoking Experience

The world of cigars is enjoying a bit of a heyday right now. There are so many outstanding products available and many luxury brands are adding to their lineup as people’s desire for a quality stogie increases. But, no matter how excellent your favorite smoke is, it’s impossible to enjoy your cigar without the proper light. And not any old lighter will do.

Did you know there is a right and wrong way to light your cigar? It’s not as simple as lighting a candle or even a cigarette. It takes awhile to properly light your smoke in order to get the most enjoyment you can out of your treasured moment.

First, The Proper Way to Light Your Cigar

Your cigar is made up of a few carefully selected components, wrapper, binder and filler. Each of these was chosen to impart the true flavors and essence, just as the cigar maker intended. You owe it to the artisan to ensure a proper and even light. More than that you owe it to yourself!

Savor your stogie by following these tips to ensure a properly lit cigar.

  • Keep your cigar near the flame, but not touching the fire. Burning the cigar directly in the flame and lighting it as one does a cigarette makes the cigar too hot and you will lose some of the wonderful essence-and possibly burn your mouth!
  • Hold your cigar at a 45° angle to the flame. Patiently and slowly rotate your cigar until you have a glowing ring around the end. The edges will be thinly blackened. Take your time and keep at it.
  • Take your first puff by raising the unlit end to your mouth. As you draw on your cigar the ember should burn evenly. If this doesn’t happen, gently blow on the ember until you have an even light, or touch up the end with your cigar lighter. Your goal, for optimum flavor, is a cool smoke and a round, even ash.

What Makes a Cigar Lighter Different

The best way to get the perfect light for your cigar is by using a lighter designed specifically for such a meaningful purpose. A good cigar lighter uses butane for fuel and has a wide flame, or sometimes multiple flames, to perform your lighting ritual with ease. Why butane? Well, my friend, butane is a clean burning fuel. None of the odor and especially none of the taste altering properties of other lighter fuels or your vanilla-scented candle.

Another significant difference between cigar lighters and a grocery store disposable, etc? Size matters when it comes to cigar lighters. Different flames, and the number of flames, have a direct impact on cigar flavor as well as how your cigar burns. When you use the right tool for the job, life is much easier, isn’t it?

Ensure your stogie is lit to your pleasure is by using the correct lighter for the type of cigar you want to light. For instance, the big ring cigars are best lit with a triple or quadruple flame lighter. The multi-jet flames light the large cigars more thoroughly and evenly by providing ultra-hot fire. However, using such a strong and hot flame on a cigarillo might leave you with nothing but ash. In that case you would use a torch lighter for precision. A torch offers an even, needle-like flame. You’ll likely need more than one lighter in your arsenal.

It can be overwhelming to determine the right cigar lighter for your best, most pleasurable smoke. Here we help clear up any confusion so that you may select the right cigar lighter and smoke happily.

Choosing A Cigar Lighter

There are two specific types of cigar lighters. Torch flame and soft flame. Each one has distinctive pros and cons, depending on the type of smoking experience you wish to have. Here we help you determine the best cigar lighter for you.

Torch Lighters

Torch lighters are also called jet lighter or turbo lighters. They contain butane stored in a pressurized chamber which is forced through a nozzle and, when lit, creates a hot, strong and very intense flame. Remember your high school science experiments when out came the bunion burners? The torch cigar lighter is basically a min-bunsen burner.


The intense heat of a torch is ideal for lighting your larger ring cigar evenly and thoroughly. They are available in single, double, triple and quadruple jets. Some torch lighters have an angled jet for a more precise flame. Many of the torch type cigar lighters are wind resistant which makes them ideal for outdoor activities in which cigars are enjoyed.

A torch lighter works well with cigars that tend to burn unevenly. The precision of a torch-style cigar lighter enables you to light specific areas where the wrapper leaf is not burning in sync with the rest of your stogie, robbing you of the full flavor experience. Some torch lighters have built-in cigar cutters and a window to view your fuel level. Torch lighters come in some beautiful desktop styles, many of which are collectors and heirloom quality.


Torch lighters burn very hot; nearly twice the temperature of soft flame cigar lighters. An aggressive light alters the flavor of your premium smoke by giving it a blast of butane. Also, because of the torch’s intensity the top of the flame isn’t visible and if you aren’t careful your cigar will burn too hot. Because they often have components like ignition switches and batteries, sending your torch lighter out for repairs may be necessary. They require maintenance to prevent the jets from getting clogged, usually just a blast of compressed air. This will ensure consistent, optimal performance of your torch cigar lighter. Torch lighters go against TSA regulations so don’t take your favorite torch in your pocket, carry-on or checked luggage. It will be confiscated.

A Few of Our Customer Favorites

  • S. T. Dupont Maxijet Cigar Lighter: This contemporary line of ergonomic lighter is ideal for home or on the road. The slender body has plenty of heft so you know you have a quality lighter. A high-powered dependable flame makes this lighter ideal for all occasions.
  • Colibri Quasar Table Top Cigar Lighter: A classic geometric design, reflecting the innovative engineering for which this brand is recognized makes this triple flame cigar lighter as lovely to look at as it is functional.
  • XIKAR Volta Torch Flame Quad Jet Cigar Lighter: The XIKAR patented technology combines with a simple cylindrical design to deliver a tabletop lighter that’s powerful in both performant and appearance.

Soft Flame Lighters


Soft flame lighters are half the intensity of the torch and help you avoid searing your cigar. Searing a steak is okay but you never want to sear your stogie. A soft flame may take longer but it creates a cooler light which means more flavor for you to enjoy. Most cigar makers rely on a soft flame to produce the full effect of their craftsmanship. A soft flame gives you more control over the light and there are wide double soft flame cigar lighter for larger ring cigars.

A quality soft flame lighter will last for years and years and require far less maintenance as they have fewer components than the torch. Most high-end luxury lighters are soft flame for this reason. Also, unlike torch flame lighter the soft flame is permitted by TSA so they make a great travel lighter.


One of the biggest turn-offs about soft flame lighter for cigar smokers is its vulnerability to wind. The slightest breeze will blow out your soft flame. Another drawback for some of the more impatient cigar smokers is the time it takes to achieve the ideal light. Of course many cigar aficionados understand the lighting ritual is part of the pleasure.

Some Customer-Preferred Soft Lighters

  • Colibri Julius Soft Flame Cigar Lighter: Named for the brand’s founder and inventor of the first semi-automatic lighter this customer favorite is equipped with a double flame for your larger ring cigars. The design and craftsmanship of Colibri’s Julius is impeccable and the fuel wheel enables you to get the right light every time.
  • S.T. Dupont Ligne 2 Cigar Lighter: Truly heirloom quality and a stunning statement piece this lighter is compact and easy to use. Of course the famous ping of the lighter is present in each light and will bring a smile to your face, even before the first draw on your premium cigar.
  • XIKAR Meridian Triple Soft Flame Cigar Lighter: This stunning lighter puts the “class” in classic. Design, hand feel and powerful triple flame (the first of its kind) make this lighter a favorite among our customers. Large roller, easy ignition and comfortable grip combine to make every light seem effortless.

The most discriminating cigar smokers need a lighter that intensifies the experience. At Northwoods Humidors we offer an array of cigar lighters expressly designed to do just that. Browse our exclusive collection of high-end as well as truly affordable cigar lighters and add to your pleasure.

3rd Aug 2022 Colleen D

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