How to Light a Cigar With a Torch Lighter

How to Light a Cigar With a Torch Lighter

If you want the best smoking experience from your cigars then you HAVE to know how to light them properly! This starts with the right equipment and I recommend the trust torch lighter. Torch lighters have a more powerful flame and allow you greater control when lighting your stogie.

With the correct tool, you then need to know how to use it and in this guide, I explain how to light a cigar with a torch lighter so you can become a lighting master and get maximum flavor from your cigars every time.

Choosing the Right Torch Lighter

The first step of how to light a cigar with a torch lighter involves selecting the right device! In most instances, choosing a torch lighter is a personal thing but there are some important considerations to make:

  • The lighter should use an odorless fuel source such as butane.
  • Consider the strength of the flame and if it’s adjustable.
  • How portable is the lighter and can you travel with it?
  • What style and design do you prefer?

Ideally, you want a torch lighter with an odorless fuel source that won’t affect the flavor of your cigars. It should also have an adjustable flame so you can match this with the size and diameter of your cigar.

Other factors like portability and style depend on your circumstances and your tastes.

Preparing Your Cigar

When looking at how to light a cigar with a torch lighter we can’t forget the preparation, First, take your cigar out of your humidor and unwrap it (some people do put their cigars in humidors in the wrapper). Next, cut the head of the cigar approximately ¼” - no more than this.

Proper Lighting Technique

With the head of your cigar cut you are now ready to use your cigar torch lighter! Below, I have outlined a simple 9-step walkthrough that anyone can follow:

  1. Check your torch lighter flame height beforehand and adjust if necessary.
  2. Hold your cigar around ¼” away from the lighter.
  3. Light the flame and slowly toast the foot of the cigar.
  4. Rotate the cigar as necessary to achieve an even burn.
  5. Once fully toasted, draw a few puffs from your cigar.
  6. Hit the foot of the cigar a few more times with your flame.
  7. Turn the cigar around and check the cherry for dark spots that haven’t been lit.
  8. If necessary, hit them with your torch lighter.
  9. Relax, enjoy, and touch up with the torch lighter if needed.

It’s important to take your time and not rush the process. Don’t place your torch lighter flame too close to the cigar, and don’t completely incinerate the tobacco leaves! Be gentle, be methodical, and enjoy the lighting process!

Safety Tips

a might lighting a cigar with a torch lighter

Torch lighters are one of the safer lighting methods compared to Cedar strips, wooden matches, or cheap BIC lighters. However, you still have to be careful and remember these safety tips:

  • Don’t hold the lighter too close to the flame.
  • Angle the cigar, not the torch lighter.
  • Lighting indoors is usually safer.

Depending on the design of the torch lighter you may need to have your thumb at the top near the flame. If this is avoidable, keep your fingers a safe distance from the flame.

Also, when using the torch lighter, angle the cigar, not the lighter. I’ve seen many people making the mistake of angling their lighter - the flame won’t angle in the same direction! Instead, it will simply continue to flare upwards and burn your fingers!

What to Do When Your Torch Lighter Isn’t Working

Don’t worry if you find your torch lighter isn’t working. The first thing to do is to make sure it has enough fuel as eventually you have to refill it. If it has fuel, give it a few clicks and double-check that it isn't working - sometimes the mechanism can get stuck or it misfires.

Failing that, it could be busted in which case you need a suitable alternative. I advise staying away from Zippo lighters as the petrol fuel can leave a nasty taste, but these are other options for lighting your cigars:

  • A cheap butane fuel lighter such as a BIC lighter.
  • Wooden matches.
  • Cedar strips.

It’s always a great idea to have a standby such as a box of wooden matches or a few cheap BIC lighters so you have a failsafe should your torch lighter stop working.

Become a Lighting Master and Perfect Your Torch Lighter Use

I hope you have found this guide on how to light a cigar with a torch lighter useful. It can take time to perfect the art, but once you have lit your stogies a few times and got comfortable with your torch lighter, you will be an expert.

Don’t underestimate the importance of lighting your cigar properly either! With the correct technique and tools, you can greatly enhance your smoking experience and enjoy your cigars as they were intended.

18th Nov 2023 Kevin Kauzlaric

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