Insider View Into Launching The Imperios Cigar Co. With Founder Isaiah Jordan

Insider View Into Launching The Imperios Cigar Co. With Founder Isaiah Jordan

The following is an interview with cigar entrepreneur Isaiah Jordan. It's not often one gets an insider's look into creating a new cigar company, so please enjoy this entertaining interview!

Isaiah, what inspired you to create the Imperios Cigar Co.?

Isaiah Jordan Imperios Cigar Co Entrepreneur - Legado Cigar

Well for starters I have always had a passion for business and I only venture into fields that I am passionate about and or directly relates to me and my everyday hobbies/lifestyle. After being first introduced to the cigar world I instantly fell in love with the environment, the rituals, the aromas, the process, the style. To make a long story short after learning the basics of cigar smoking I began to search for my "go to" cigar. then shortly after finding a brand and blend I enjoyed I began trying to craft what I thought would be the perfect cigar for myself. Then challenging myself to craft a cigar that other would enjoy just as much as myself thus the 3+ years journey began.

Please tell us a little bit about your background.

I am a proud Detroit Michigan native. As a youth I was always intrigued by what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur and investor. I learned a lot from my parents. My mother who work in foreign exchange for nearly 20 years also being one of the most creative people I know from where I get the "can do" determination and my father who is a business man in his own right from whom I learned professionalism and consistently providing great service and or product to speak for you. Also reading and studying those that I look up to.

What makes your cigar company and/or the Legado cigar different from others?

Imperios Legados Cigar

The thing that I believe makes my company and the Legado cigar different is the superb quality we provide for a wide range of enthusiasts at our price point. I believe we have masterfully crafted the perfect cigar find the perfect balance of Price, Quality, Size, Shape, Flavor and Burn. Also the message in the Brand. Imperios Legado translates to Empires Legacy. We like to say "build your Empire, secure your Legacy" and an Imperios Cigar is a way for that individual to reward themselves after long days weeks and or months of work toward what they love and take some time to reflect on what they are working towards while enjoying a beautiful cigar without breaking the bank.

Entrepreneurs like you who decide to create a new business from the ground up intrigue me. What has been the hardest obstacle you’ve overcome in the process of starting your own cigar company?

I would say not allowing failure to discourage me and that is a message to all entrepreneurs in any field. When you don't get something right the 1st few times it can be easy to believe that your just not good at it or fit to be a success at it but you have to stay focused and determined. Also understand that every individual is not going to see your vision the way you see it. You have to reinforce what you believe you can do and keep pushing to make it perfect and the product will speak for itself. Like I said earlier this journey alone has been over 3 years and there was al ot of trial and error. I'm still learning as I go.

Give us an interesting fun fact about the research or product development process you went through to develop your first cigar, the Legado.

Imperios Cigar Company - Legados Cigar

A fun fact, I would say I changed the name of the cigar about 10 times before I came up with Imperios Legado (lol). Looking back it's funny some of the names I came up with because I was trying to make something that sounded catchy. But after a while it just came to me and Imperios Legado was born.

Given your interest in starting a new business, what is the best piece of advice from an entrepreneur you’ve ever received?

I would say the best advice I received is do what makes you happy. Invest in what your passionate about or you will lose the ambition to stay on top of it. When you love what you do it's not about the money and once it's evident that you have your all into it then the benefits will follow.

What’s on the horizon for Imperios Cigar Co.---any plans for the near future that you can share with us that we can follow up with you on?

The Legado is a hard act to follow (lol) but we are working on a couple blends to add to the line:

  • One a more heavier bodied blend in a different ring gage
  • Second we are working on an mildly flavor infused cigar to be paired with beverages as coffee, teas and spirits
  • And, of course Imperios Cigar Accessories as well

Where can people find out more about the Legado or the Imperios Cigar Co.?

We are on all social media, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram as @imperiosCigars and we have just recently launched our website

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27th Feb 2015 Kevin Kauzlaric

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