Interview with the Inventor: CigarMedics, the Makers of the HumidiMeter™

Interview with the Inventor: CigarMedics, the Makers of the HumidiMeter™

Interview with the Inventor Cigar Medics HumidiMeter Northwoods Humidors Man Holding Cigar with Beard

Northwoods Humidors has added CigarMedics to the website and there's reason to celebrate! CigarMedics is rapidly growing in popularity in the cigar community with their HumidiMeter™ being named the must-have accessory for any aficionado. The measuring device's highly accurate readings and affordable price make this a Northwoods Humidors favorite. Lucky for you, we got some answers from HumidiMeter™ inventor, Lou on how it all started and what we can expect from CigarMedics in 2020.

NH: When did you first get into cigars?

L: I started smoking cigars about 35 years ago.

NH: What inspired you to create the CigarMedics HumidiMeter™?

L: I grew tired of always guessing if/when my cigars inside my humidor were ready to smoke. If I smoke a particular cigar one day and I did not enjoy the taste, it didn’t necessarily mean it was a bad cigar, but it could have been too dry or too moist at that time. If I was experiencing this, I knew other cigar smokers would be as well; so, I wanted to invent a device that would simply convert the internal moisture of the cigar and display it as relative humidity (RH%) which is a number most cigar smokers identify with.

NH: What sets the HumidiMeter™ aside from other measuring devices such as the Boveda Butler and SensorPush?

Interview with the Inventor Cigar Medics HumidiMeter™ Northwoods Humidors HumidiMeter™ Exterior

L: We feel that the HumidiMeter™(HM) should be used in conjunction with devices like the Boveda Butler or SensorPush. It is great to know the humidity levels inside your humidor BUT it is even better to know the RH% inside your cigar. We found that it can take months for a cigar to reach equilibrium inside your humidor. I use my HM on a daily basis and if I get a reading in between 62-68%, I know the cigar will taste similar to what the blender intends it to. I also use it for cigars I purchase online to get an idea of how long I will need to let the cigars rest in my humidor or if it can even be smoked right of the truck.

NH: People are calling the HumidiMeter™ the accessory of the year. Did you ever anticipate such success with your product?

L:We are starting to get recognition in the market, as well as from many cigar reviewers that like it, but we feel there are many people that still do not know this product exists or why it is even necessary. It is intended for every type of cigar smoker – from beginner to aficionado. It has definitely paid for itself over again in the number of cigars it saved me by smoking too soon!

NH: What accessories are available for the HumidiMeter™?

CigarMedics Calibration Standard Case Stand Exterior Shots Northwoods Humidors Interview with the Owner CigarMedics

L: We currently offer a calibration standard that is used to test the accuracy of the HumidiMeter™. Please know that the HM is pre-calibrated for cigar tobacco (black tobacco), so the calibration standard is not needed to calibrate the device, just to ensure its accuracy over time. We also offer a case that protects your HM. Lastly, we offer the Xcissor Cigar Stand, which is made out of 302 stainless steel and is a great little tool to rest your cigars on. We can add a custom engraved logo for these as well.

NH: Do you have any other cigar accessories that you are working on? 

L: As a matter of fact, we do! We are currently in the design phase of a unique cigar cutter. You can become a subscriber on for notifications on its release.

NH: Last but not least----what cigars are you currently smoking?

L: Of late, I have really been enjoying the flavors of Nicaraguan cigars. I feel like the past few years the cigar makers have really produced some great cigars with multi-country blends. My favorite vitola is the Robusto, but will smoke any size if someone offers me one.

6th Feb 2020 Northwoods Humidors

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