Prometheus: 10 Things To Know Before you Buy

Prometheus: 10 Things To Know Before you Buy

Prometheus, credited with molding men out of water and Earth, was a Titan and a champion of mankind. With undying love for his creation, Prometheus stole fire from the Gods and gifted it to the human race. As punishment for defying the Gods, Zeus sentenced the Titan to eternal suffering in the farthest corner of the Earth. Prometheus was bound to a rock by chains where an eagle fed on his regenerating liver, perpetually and boundless of the elements of time.

Keith K. Park

In order to know the history of Prometheus International, it’s important to first learn the history of Keith K. Park, founder and CEO of the now globally recognized brand. Park is a man of many hats. His first being given as a Columbia graduate. After finishing his Masters of Economics at the University, Park heard a mentor’s intuitive advice and considered the option of falling in the footsteps of his father. Specifically, his entrepreneurial path. His feelings were solidified after working for some time in the research department of a New York investment bank. Park craved an innovative challenge and his father’s business was just the platform needed to work these creative muscles.

KGM Industries, the disposable lighter company, originally started in Korea and was brought to the States after his father moved the family to Southern California just ten years prior to Park joining the family business. With his ambition and keen sense of management, he fit perfectly. In 1992, Park’s first business trip to Korea became the launch of Prometheus, the premium lighter division of KGM. The collection included luxury brand lighters and later, high-end cigar humidors. With a wide spectrum of quality and price, Park and the family cordially decided to break the Prometheus division off from KGM in order to manage both companies sufficiently. By 1997, his shares were sold back to the family, receiving his brand in return. During the RTDA Trade Show of that same year, Park was fortunate to sell 200 Limited Edition Humidors, locking in the recognition of his brand and solidifying his company’s name as a sole enterprise.

The collection of Prometheus accessories grew and slowly but surely, so did Park’s hat collection. In the Spring of 2002, Park produced a documentary film, The Fuente Family: An American Dream, maintaining his long-standing relationship with Carlito Fuente. At a dinner later that year, the two discussed the potential launch of a cigar line and Fuente happily agreed to make them in partnership with his family. To top that off, he even gave Park the idea to name the line, God of Fire, a nickname given to him during the production of the film. In 2004, together with the release ofthe God of Fire Red Humidor, came the anticipated launch of the God of Fire cigars.

Prometheus International, Inc.

6231 Bandini Blvd.

Los Angeles, California

Why are Prometheus humidors considered luxury humidors?

Northwoods Humidors Prometheus Humidors Interior Imagine an empty enterprise. A restaurant. A clothing store. A shoe repair shop. Now envision the establishment filled with customers. The owner is the first one in and the last one out. They’re seen greeting customers, checking products, and conversing with staff. Only an owner could bring the same amount of passion as hard work. Prometheus Humidors are luxury simply for the meticulous nature of its owner, Keith K. Park. Every box is checked to the very last millisecond of seasoning Mahogany interiors. Every humidifier inspected until the last minute standing inside the factory. These products are given the finest attention with the craftsmanship of their humidors being a work of art. 

With all its fastidious fashions, the quality of a humidor is decided by the source of its veneer. Rarity comes as a preference and excellence a standard at Prometheus International. The veneers are sourced from every corner of the world and assembled in France. Striking Macassar Ebony, flawless Walnut Burls, and exquisitely dyed Sycamores arrive at the factory to be complimented with Spanish Cedar lining and dividing. A Prometheus Optima Humidifier and Hygrometer is collected and attached precisely. Nickel plated jumbo hinges are applied for the promise of a fastened and secure closing, without any remnants of a separation in the material. A seal is then placed and a fine eye is set to the exterior, the interior, and every small crevice to ensure the highest quality production. 

Why do people like Prometheus humidors?

Northwoods Humidors Prometheus Walnut Burl 75 Cigar Humidor Platinum SeriesPrometheus is a company that prides themselves on excellent customer service. Their longevity and success is due, in part, to the evaluations of products based on the feedback they receive from their loyal shoppers. With the continual growth of e-commerce, the brand's recognition has reached an ultimate high. Blogs like CigarAficionado and Brostrick have featured Prometheus in recent articles with the latter naming the company one of the “Best Selling Cigar Humidors for 2018”. The list of customer reviews is quickly growing from social media and online retailers. While some have specifically highlighted the best qualities of their boxes, others have pledged their loyalty to the company as a whole. A Northwoods Humidors customer recently provided a detailed review of the Prometheus Walnut Burl 75 Cigar Humidor - Platinum Series.

“I am officially hooked on Prometheus humidors. I have bought two, the first being from the Milano Series for my brother in-law.After leaving three of my own stash at his house for a couple weeks, I stopped by to enjoy one. They were in mint condition — better than when I left them. The humidity levels stuck to a steady 70% with very little variation. I decided to finally buy my own. And it is definitely worth it. The Platinum Series was magic straight out of the box. I’ll never purchase any other brand. Solid purchase.” — J.H.

Another customer of Northwoods Humidors purchased the Prometheus Macassar Ebony 100 Cigar Humidor - Octagon Series.

“What a gorgeous humidor. It came promptly and was packaged immaculately. I cannot say enough good things!” - Alex

What are the most popular Prometheus humidor models?

Prometheus humidors are simple and elegant. The company has been fortunate to create three sophisticated lines of desktop humidors. Each collection is an update of the other, perfecting each product and improving every aspect whether it be the cut of the wood or the placement of its parts. The fine manufacturing of these humidors is reason alone to pay attention to the Prometheus brand. 

The Milano Series

Northwoods Humidors Prometheus Rosewood 50 Cigar Humidor Milano Series

A perfectly crafted box with polished corners and edging. This series shows off five different veneers in counts 50 and 100. Elm, Rosewood, Sepele, Walnut, and of course, Macassar Ebony. All evidence of Prometheus production is present. The nickel-plated brass plate on the opening reads, "Prometheus cave à cigares" or “humidor” in French. The nickel-plated jumbo hinges are included with the engraved year of production. The token OptimaHumidifier and Hygrometer stand one above the other and together with its perfect seal, promise to maintain a 70% humidity level.

Northwoods Humidors Prometheus Macassar Ebony 50 Cigar Humidor Octagon SeriesThe Octagon Series

The Octagon boxes stay true to their name with a crisp cut of geometrical edges. The collection comes in two sizes and three charming veneers, Macassar Ebony, Walnut Burl, and Rosewood. Mahogany interiors fill each humidor as would any proper cigar box and its respective hinges and systemization is in its rightful place. Preinstalled to the humidors are a magnet, ready for the attachment of your complimentary digital hygrometer and thermometer.

The Milano and Octagon series are modestly priced while maintaining their prominent qualities. Both collections aresubtle in changes but distinguished in their appearances. It would be no difficult task to decipher one from the other, but to have both would be a sensible choice.

Northwoods Humidors Prometheus Red Sycamore 75 Cigar Humidor Platinum Series

The Platinum Series

This notable collection with all its sharp corners and fine tuning boasts six different options and three sizes. A state of the art look has been applied to a box that has now perfected its optimal conditions for your cigar storage. Carbon Fiber and Sycamore are introduced to the line and accent the modern and stylized looks exquisitely. While the polymer is kept to one finish, the Sycamore is spread between three eccentric colors of red, blue, and yellow.

What are the most unique Prometheus humidors?

The Limited Edition humidors by Prometheus go beyond style and design and exceed all expectations of artistry and story telling. Once a year, the company produces a short supply of finely crafted humidors, each one inspired by the year that passed and the future that follows. None have been like the one preceding for if there is one fact noteworthy of the series, it's the authenticity. The first Limited Edition Series was created in 1996 and named the Cohiba after the original Cuban Cohiba Cigar. By 1999, Keith K. Park, owner and CEO of Prometheus International, released the Limited Edition Fuente Fuente Opus X Humidor, igniting the flame to his relationship with Carlito Fuente and addingthe fourth series to the roster. Five years later marked the production of the 2004 God of Fire Humidor, a cabinet designed by the master Italian glass artisan, Claudio Tamburini. Each cabinet had one glass door and fourdrawers, signed and serial numbered up to one hundred by the artist himself.

Northwoods Humidors Prometheus Stairway To Heaven Limited Edition Series Cigar Humidor 2018

With every year that passed, Prometheus patiently created and manufactured one more story. 2007 spoke of The Lost City, an American drama set in Cuba starring Andy Garcia, Dustin Hoffman, and Bill Murray. 2012 celebrated the 100th anniversary of the Fuente brand as well as the 20th anniversary of their own company. In 2016, Prometheus supported his longtime friend Carlito Fuente and released another collection of cabinets, but this time in honor of the twenty year-old friendship with the famous cigar maker. The 2018 OpusX Forbidden X "Stairway to Heaven”, follows the release of the Heaven and Earth series produced in the year before. A total of 100 humidors will be released across 5 wood selections. Each humidor comes with 80 rare vintage Fuente Aged Selection cigars. The production is dedicated to the life of Carlos Fuente Sr. who passed in August of 2016, a death mourned by the entire cigar world.

Does Prometheus make other accessories?

Prometheus is a brand that originally found purpose through the distribution of premium, high-quality lighters. Since beginning in 1992, the company has expanded their inventory to include ashtrays, cigar cutters, cigar cases, cigar tubes, travel humidors, and portable humidors. This year marked the release of two separate limited collections with God of Fire and Fuente Fuente Opus X lighters, ashtrays, and cutters

Northwoods Humidors Prometheus Magma T Magma X Lighters Cutter-H Limited Edition Series

Identical two tone schemes are the styles of these productions with each line including black and white items. The 2018 Limited Edition God of Fire accessories are designed with the profound logo of the God of Fire brand. Prometheus Bound portrays the punishment of the Titan who defied the Gods by gifting the human race with fire. The 2018 Limited Edition Fuente Fuente Opus X accessories are created with the symbol of the famous cigars produced by the Chateau de la FuenteRare Estate Reserve. 

Each item in the collection has been selected to match its twin edition, God of Fire. In them you will find the well known and well made Magma X, a jet turbo, flat flame, wind resistant cigar lighter with a patented built-in double punch cigar cutter; the equally defined Magma T lighters having a triple torch flame burner. Both items are limited to a short supply of 1,000.

The Cutter-H is a stainless steel, double-bladed, cigar cutter made with the finest eye for the precision of your sever. Similar to the other accessories, these cutters are compact and easy to place inside of your pocket or purse. They are even offered with an accommodating case to protect your steel blades from damage.

Northwoods Humidors Prometheus Bone China Ashtrays God of FireThe 2018 Limited Edition Black and White Bone China Ashtrays are a superb fit for any home, office, or shop. Bone China, a material made from porcelain containing bone ash, is solid and weighted. These trays are an extension of the three optioned God of Fire Bone Ashtray including red, blue-white, and blue-gold.

Aside from small production sets, Prometheus includes sleek and narrow pocket humidors that are easy to store away and carry from outing to home. The humidors are made from a Spanish Cedar interior and can store up to three stogies of your choice. The outstanding manufacturing of these products ensures you won’t have to use any humidifier in your travels.

How does Prometheus compare to Elie Bleu and Davidoff?

While Prometheus products may display a lower cost, they maintain the same miraculous quality of craftsmanship and material. Rare veneers and french-made parts are held by the artisans who work with tolerance to deliver only perfect items. In half the time, Prometheus has proved to be at an equal stature and in that time, has created an unprecedented amount of items that are considered authentic cigar products. With diligence and passion, this company is on its way to becoming superlative.

Zino Davidoff, a company that has been producing fine cigars and humidors for 50 years, is based out of Basel, Switzerland and is one of the top choices for premium products. The exquisite selection of humidors are designed with style that is exclusive to the brand. The lively humidors that make up the Davidoff inventory are individualistic, each one’s process unique to its collection. The company is known for using a wide array of materials such asokoume-wood, straw, glass, and mirrors. While the humidors are crafted in France, the imagery is sometimes inspired by places like The Terroir of Davidoff located in the North-West of the Dominican Republic or the United Kingdom and objects like the tobacco leaf or the cigar wrapper. The famous dome shaped boxes are also one of the several distinct qualities of the Davidoff brand.

Northwoods Humidors Davidoff Zino Z6 Leaf Humidors Natural Oak Zino Z6 Leaf 60 Cigar Humidor

One of the most distinguishable yet familiar humidors is the Zino Z6 Leaf. In this collection, Davidoff reconnected with wood and more natural finishes. This line is elegantly adorned with an engraved tobacco leaf. The veneer used in the Z6 collection is oak, coming in natural, grey, and dark variations. At an attempt to rejuvenate their prior collection of the Zino Graphic Leaf Collection, the Z6 refines an ordinary appearance.

In these differences you will find that Davidoff prices are higher when comparing them to Prometheus humidors. As a company that has gained massive appeal throughout the industry, the demand is said to be slightly higher for this company. After fifty years of craftsmanship, Davidoff became the leading manufacturer for not only humidors but their premium cigars, produced in the the Dominican Republic.

Elie Bleu is another widely known brand. Located in France, this company is a premium designer and manufacturer of wooden cabinets and boxes. The Elie Bleu process is steady and patient. For more than 40 years, the company has taken only the finest veneers to their famous workshop in Paris where boxes are sculpted for nearly six months. The list of collections is extraordinary, most being inspirited by real people or places. Cuban photographers Marc Pasini and Alberto Korda have received their own collections with famous shots displayed and polished onto the top of its boxes. Cuba itself served as the muses for the latest Casa Cubana Humidor and the famous Alba collection. The list is extensive and some of the imagery used on the Elie Bleu boxes are simply pulled from an adoration for the idea. Examples of this could be the Falcon, Eagle, Pirate, Vanities,Zodiac, and Stars and Stripes collections. These humidors fall under the specialty designs at Elie Bleu.

Elie Bleu Eagle 110-250 Cigar Humidor

Northwoods Humidors Elie Bleu Eagle Cigar Humidor Limited Edition Series

One that stands out is the Elie Bleu Eagle 110-250 Cigar Humidor - Limited Edition Series. Above the lock you’ll find an inscription that matches its above design effortlessly, reading, "Man needs to follow his great vision, like the Eagle seeks the deepest blue of the sky.” The United States is home to not only the bird featured, the bald eagle, but the veneer as well. Red Gum or Sap Gum grows in the southeast of the states and was no afterthought to the crafting of this series.

When it comes to pricing, Elie Bleu stands out as another top tier for premium humidors. The company has mastered their craft and respectively become one of the most acknowledged brands for quality and high-end boxes. The company is not only its materials or manufacturing, but sometimes, its the years of experience in a highly competitive industry.  

Why should I buy Prometheus humidors from Northwoods Humidors in the U.S.A.?

Northwoods Humidors Logo

Northwoods Humidors is the best source for high quality cigar humidors. This is a company that promises to supply you with exceptional service and always follows through. As Keith K. Park is to Prometheus, owner and customer consultant, Kevin is to Northwoods Humidors. Kevin is behind every inquiry and every purchase from start to finish. Growing up in the Northwoods of Wisconsin, Kevin experienced a type of tranquility that he would later become nostalgic to when lighting his first cigar. The coniferous forest was a place to watch time pass, reflect, and regroup. The name was given to his beloved company as a way to channel this feeling again and bring his following to. 

Northwoods Humidors is proud to be considered an expert in cigar humidors and accessories. Where most online platforms are flooded with ambiguous items. Northwoods Humidors is focused. Immediately following all inquiries you will find a detailed response that helps you to streamline your search and find something that works perfect for you or your loved one. No question is too big or too small. This company is eager to become your most dependable retailer for cigar humidors and accessories and if you've seen the reviews you've seen this company's evident dedication to their services.

"I was looking for the right humidor for storing my sticks with a quality product that stand the test of time. I found the best deal at Northwoods Humidors. Kevin is the proprietor and shared a wealth of knowledge and advice on identifying the perfect humidor. He went well beyond expectations in customer service and will recommend Kevin and Northwood Humidors to all my friends and family." -- M.G.

Northwoods Humidors Target Bay Review Stamp

"I had called after business hours and the owner, Kevin answered the phone. He was in the midst of getting his shipment ready but he took the time to talk to me, giving me his undivided attention and answering all the questions. HE deserves my repeat business and I hope you give him yours. You won't be disappointed!" -- P.S.

Northwoods Humidors promises a hassle-free shopping experience. You can take a leisurely stroll through the website at your own pace. The platform is simple and stripped down, making it effortless to find what you need. Feel comforted knowing that the price you see is the price you pay. Kevin, will be paying your shipping costs and the only taxes added are if you are residing in Illinois, due to state law. What you see is what you get at Northwoods Humidors and if you don't believe me then find out for yourself!

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