S.T. Dupont: 8 Things to Know Before You Buy

S.T. Dupont: 8 Things to Know Before You Buy

Simon Tissot-Dupont Northwoods Humidors What to know before you buyS.T. Dupont or better known as, Simon Tissot-Dupont, is the man behind the famously known Parisian luxury cigar lighter and cutter brand. Prior to this, he was the man behind the camera, the photographer to Napoleon III at the early age of 25 years old. It was during this time, in the mid-1800’s that Dupont learned the ropes of Parisian luxury and high-end fashions. That same year, he began producing luxury travel trunks for European elites. And so — this story begins in a workshop in Rue Dieu, Paris in 1872.

Within a decade of manufacturing high quality leather briefcases, Dupont’s products became an essential item amongst the highest social circles. By 1884, he became a supplier to one of the world’s largest shops, Les Grands Magasins du Louvre. For 35 years, Simon Tissot-Dupont ran the industry as the leading producer for high-quality leather bags. He had established his market and solidified his personalised initials and intricate detailing as the trademarks to the famous S.T. Dupont brand.

In 1919, Dupont passed the company down to his two sons, Lucien and André. The brothers, being naturally business-savvy, shifted the workforce at S.T. Dupont with a stronger staff of craftsmen including goldsmiths, woodworkers, engravers, leather craftsmen, lacquer workers, and locksmiths. Lucien and André continued to produce travel cases and accessories and eventually moved the factory to the family's hometown of Faverges. The factory remains in Faverges, at the foothills of the Alps. The commune is close to Lake Annecy, the third largest lake in France. With its pure atmosphere and natural scenery, the lake was always something that Simon Tissot-Dupont drew inspiration from; a place that is still an inspiration for the company’s progressive environmental and sustainability ethos today.

10 years after acquiring the company and moving the atelier to the Alps, Lucien Tissot-Dupont went to New York to present the S.T. Dupont travel cases in Louis Cartier’s Fifth Avenue shop. The trip was extraordinarily successful and marked yet another precedent for luxury travel accessories. With the market crash in the foreground, Lucien was able to move their target market to an audience unaffected by the depression. The consumer became even more elitist and while the orders were skyrocketing S.T. Dupont was ready for innovations. Lucien developed a new process to treat the fine leathers used in their trunks and travel cases. The diamond tanning technique uses diamond powder to create a more durable and limber effect on the leather, a procedure that is still used today.

By 1934, the brothers had 15 years under their belt. Lucien’s motto became, “Make it more beautiful. Make it expensive. Make it innovative” and the client list was there to prove it. Among a few of their notable creations was Humphrey Bogart’s lightweight travel bag aboard the actor’s yacht, the Santana, a personalized travel case for the wedding of Princess Elizabeth (later Queen Elizabeth II, and the “Riviera” bag for Miss Audrey Hepburn. When the Maharajah of Patiala ordered 100 solid gold cigarette lighters to be included in 100 evening bags, S.T. Dupont was challenged to design the world’s first luxury lighter.

What makes S.T. Dupont a luxury brand?

When the company began producing the lighter in the early 1950’s, an error was made causing an excess amount of frictionS.T. Dupont Logo Northwoods Humidors What to know before you buy between two of its moving parts. Blind-sided by the mistake, the company distributed the faulty production. Consumers received the lighters and noticed a charming “ping” when they flicked their lighters open. The noise quickly became the attribute that created S.T. Dupont’s originality. The “ping” is so popular that in later years their other collections would be modeled after the infamous noise.

What makes an S.T. Dupont product a luxury product is not just its trademark noise or signature logo, it is the quality. It’s no secret that the company is labeled as a luxury brand, but what marks its high quality is a number of factors. Hours of work are put into every single item, handcrafted in the foothills of the Alps, one of France’s most exquisite natural environments. The materials alone are superb, selected with a fine eye and assembled with the utmost precision. Lacquer is hand painted, silver and gold plating placed onto exteriors, and leathers personally dusted with diamond powder.

Holding an S.T. Dupont product is grasping well over a century of history, and this alone is a justification for calling anything luxury. The company has taken almost fifteen decades to perfect their processes and materials, holding tradition and experience at the highest regard. The items are opulent from the outside in, starting from its packaging and ending at the very last fragments.

What do people think of their products?

5 Star Reviews S.T. Dupont What to know before you buyS.T. Dupont has been featured on every media outlet from local newspapers in the early 1920’s, to Halfwheel, to entering a plethora of YouTube Vlogs. A mutual agreement of the brand is that the quality is astonishing with respect to the price in direct correlation. However, rightfully so for a company that has been alive for as long as Dupont has. While some come for the “ping” others stay for the longevity of their items. Since most customers make on average 1-2 purchases with the company, it is thrilling to discover that their products go beyond statement pieces and achieve the highest functionality.

Black Natural Lacquer Cigar Lighter - Le Grand Collection

“I have many lighters like this one. Inevitably they stop working over time. Not this one. It is built to last, have had it over a year. The best made windproof lighter you can possibly find. Feels solid, looks good, and lights the first time every time. Worth every penny.” - Jon

Black Chrome Maxijet Cigar Cutters - Chrome Series

Spring loaded sides handles, super sharp blades, an outstanding cutter. I get comments on it everytime someone uses it. It was expensive but it is DuPont. - Everett

What are the most popular S.T. Dupont models?

The S.T. Dupont lighter regardless of a collection or series is favored, however, there are a few lines that stand out against the others.

Le Grand

Northwoods Humidors S.T. Dupont Sunburst Brown Natural Lacquer Cigar Lighter - Le Grand CollectionThis series is the first lighter in the world to have two types of flames, the soft double flame and the torch flame. By simply spinning the drive wheel your soft flame is ignited with effortless force. Push the drive wheel up to get your wind-resistant torch flame. Use the soft flame to light your stogie and keep a symmetrical amber with your torch flame. The S.T. Dupont masters of lacquering have hand painted two of the finishes, Sun Burst Brown Natural Lacquer and Black Natural Lacquer. The last finish is a stunning gridded palladium finish. Each of the three are imprinted with the signature S.T. Dupont logo.


Northwoods Humidors S.T. Dupont Golden Bronze Cigar Lighter Initial CollectionThe initial is a completely modernized version of the lighter originally commissioned by Maharajah of Patiala or “The Magnificent”. A brass body, guilloche cap, and the rounded corners and roller are just some of the features that distinguishes this lighter from the other Duponts. Also known as the flame holder”, this collection stands by every “Dupont”authenticity; the parallel pipe dal shape, the perfect combination of the body shaped by the Faverges silversmiths, the unique lighting action and the instantly recognizable, crystal-clear ring of the lighter cap when it is opened. The new release includes six finishes of white and gold bronze symmetrical designs.

Northwoods Humidors S.T. Dupont Chrome Cigar Lighter - Defi Extreme CollectionDefi Extreme

The newest lighter to come out of the french atelier is a rugged, industrial, blue torch flame.The innovative and unique construction combines a body with high-precision injected metal and a semi-rigid matte black jacket for protection. This lighter was built to perform whether it be in the most violent winds, at an altitude of more than 3500 meters, in freezing cold or scorching hot climates. The refined ergonomics of S.T. Dupont is reflected in the Defi Extreme with these phenomenal attributes. The four finishes are simple with respect to the complex workings of its interior. You can find this collection in four different colors of metal with matte black, red, grey, and chrome.

Does S.T. Dupont sell humidors?

Northwoods Humidors S.T. Dupont Sunburst Blue 75 Cigar Humidor

Given the brand’s pride of high quality products, it’s no surprise that S.T. Dupont carefully released one humidor in their entire inventory. The dignified cigar box stands out amongst a collection labeled “Cigar Universe” with items such as a punch cutter and triple cigar case. The exterior is finished with a technique known by its french artisans as “sunburst”, which takes a meticulous fashion of lacquer application until the body appears with fading shades of a single color; one option comes in blue and the other a golden brown. The body is finished in an atelier favorite, palladium. The same tradition and techniques are used to create the cedarwood humidor and assemble its inbuilt humidifier and hygrometer, each part placed by two expert hands.

Does S.T. Dupont have other accessories?

S.T. Dupont has grown their inventory to include a wide variety of polished accessories. Starting with the original production of leather goods, the company expanded their inventory from travel bags to include document carriers, wallets, cases, and card holders, and even belts. After a century of refining taste and practice, the collection of lighters grew tremendously and the company began acquiring other tobacco related products such as cigar cutters, ashtrays, and cases for cigars, cutters, and lighters. The S.T. Dupont pen has become a sought after possession for gifts and treasures.

Northwoods Humidors S.T. Dupont Natural Chrome Maxijet Cigar Cutters - Chrome SeriesS.T. Dupont Maxijet Cigar Cutters - Chrome Series

This handcrafted set of chrome cutters have become noteworthy items amongst cigar aficionados. The Dupont quality is spoken for with razor sharp steel blades and highly engineered functioning to give your cigars the perfect cut time and time again. These cutters come in three types of natural chrome and two options of black. Keep this compact product in your pocket or purse or simply leave it out to as a talking piece.

Northwoods Humidors S.T. Dupont Black Leather and Metallic Double Cigar CaseS.T. Dupont Leather and Metallic Double Cigar Case

The mix of materials in this item is like watching the french Alps fall into the water of Lake Annecy. The blending of metallic and leather is not only practical to keep your stogie fresh during travel, its a marvelous item to touch and view. The case is finished off with the three threads of the french flag and signature logo, as would any of your leather goods by Dupont. This double case comes in black, brown, and orange and if you’re looking to lower or higher your travel quantity, you can find this item as a single or triple case.

Northwoods Humidors S.T. Dupont Black and Golden Ball Point Pen - D-Initial Collection

S.T. Dupont Black and Golden Ball Point Pen - D-Initial Collection

In 1973, Jackie Kennedy became an addition to Dupont’s high profile clientele. She loved her lighter so much that she asked for a matching pen, giving life to “The Classique”. The atelier decided to match the roller of the lighter with the body of the first lady’s new pen. Today this iconic pen is paid tribute with the D-Initial series of gold and chrome writing instruments. This entirely new modern has been inspired by the timeless style of its predecessor and is available in ballpoint, roller and fountain pen. In S.T. Dupont fashion, this pen falls into your fingers and onto the page with little to no effort. Within the ballpoint, an ultra glide refill gives your handwriting an assertive tone that swishes smoothly across any document, making every signature a work of art.

Why should I buy S.T. Dupont from Northwoods Humidors?

Northwoods HumidorsNorthwoods Humidors is an expert when it comes to selecting the best cigar humidors and accessories. This is a company that promises to supply you with exceptional service and always follows through. Owner and customer consultant, Kevin takes the same patience and care as the french atelier in Faverges. Growing up in the Northwoods of Wisconsin, Kevin experienced a similar type of tranquility that he would later become nostalgic to when lighting his first cigar. The coniferous forest was a place to watch time pass, reflect, and regroup. The name was given to his beloved company as a way to channel this feeling again and bring his following to.

Northwoods Humidors is proud to be selling cigar humidors and accessories for over five years. Where most online platforms are flooded with ambiguous items, Northwoods Humidors is focused in their inventory, ensuring you that every item has been carefully selected. Immediately following all inquiries you will find a detailed response that helps you to streamline your search and find something that works perfect for you or your loved one. No question is too big or too small. This company is eager to become your most dependable retailer for cigar humidors and accessories and if you've seen the reviews you've seen this company's evident dedication to their services.

"I was looking for the right humidor for storing my sticks with a quality product that stand the test of time. I found the best deal at Northwoods Humidors. Kevin is the proprietor and shared a wealth of knowledge and advice on identifying the perfect humidor. He went well beyond expectations in customer service and will recommend Kevin and Northwood Humidors to all my friends and family." -- M.G.

Northwoods Humidors Target Bay Review Stamp

"I had called after business hours and the owner, Kevin answered the phone. He was in the midst of getting his shipment ready but he took the time to talk to me, giving me his undivided attention and answering all the questions. HE deserves my repeat business and I hope you give him yours. You won't be disappointed!" -- P.S.

Northwoods Humidors promises a hassle-free shopping experience. You can take a leisurely stroll through the website at your own pace. The platform is simple and stripped down, making it effortless to find what you need. Feel comforted knowing that the price you see is the price you pay. Kevin, will be paying your shipping costs and the only taxes added are if you are residing in Illinois, due to state law. What you see is what you get at Northwoods Humidors and if you don't believe me then find out for yourself!

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