The Most Popular International Humidor Brands

The Most Popular International Humidor Brands

The primary function of a humidor is simple; to maintain the optimum level of humidity inside the box in which one keeps their favorite stogies. Once tucked safely inside a storage vessel of the ideal atmosphere for cigar-keeping, you should be able to confidently retrieve your treasure and enjoy a smoke in the way it was intended. Many enthusiasts prefer to smoke their beloved cigars after a period of 2-5 years storage in a humidor.

Although a simple assignment, cigar-keeping is crucial to quality tobacco, and to the integrity of the cigar itself. When you invest in your preferred collection you’re doing so with the intention of enjoying a premium smoke at the perfect moment. It’s not something done haphazardly and certainly not an inexpensive endeavor. You’ve invested in your cigars, now you must find the ideal way to store and keep them.

The Art of The Collection

Much goes into the art and artistry of the perfect cigar. Appreciating and collecting cigars is a hobby requiring the right accessories in order to maintain your investment, perhaps displaying it in an appreciative manner, and making your plans to enjoy your favorites in celebration and ceremony. The initial investment beyond your cigar should absolutely be a quality humidor.

Many of the international brands of humidor are unmatched in quality and performance. Here we take a look at the most popular of the international brands, focusing on what makes them stand out. British, Italian, German, Swiss and French humidor craftsmen take pride in their creations and their perfectionism proves beneficial to those who obtain one of these beauties.

Elie Bleu

Elie Bleu humidors for sale

Although the primary function of a humidor may be to keep your cigars in tip-top condition, it is so much more than an ordinary storage device. The right humidor is one which expresses the style and grace of the owner themselves, elegant, luxurious, traditional, sleek, or modern. Elie Bleu cigar humidors are the epitome of elegance and luxury in a fine-tuned and precision piece of craftsmanship. Each and every one of Elie Bleu’s handmade, artisanal pieces are created in France under the strictest of standards.

Each one-of-a-kind Elie Bleu humidor is hand-crafted from one of a variety of rare wood. These heirloom quality humidors have been open-air cured for aminimum of ten years. This process ensures the possibility of warping or cracking is eliminated. Elie Bleu cigar humidors are each a work of art in and of themselves. However they provide the optimum in cigar-keeping. The aromatic cedar lining is specially aged and kiln-dried to perfection.

Elie Bleu cigar humidors come in a selection of sizes and can hold a fairly large collection. Prized as much for their superior cigar-keeping as the stunning artistic detail, to own an Elie Bleu cigar humidor is to possess a masterpiece.

The designs offered by Elie Bleu are unique in their flare for dramatic, whimsical, and traditional. Elie Bleu also designs and creates many accessories for the cigar aficionado. Appealing to the upper echelon of cigar enthusiast. The company’s dedication to artistry extends to their lighters, cutters, cases, ashtrays, hygrometers and humidifying systems. An investment in an Elie Bleu product showcases a dedication to the finer things in life.


Davidoff humidors for saleConsidered by many the father of the modern humidor, Zico Davidoff was born in 1906, in Kiev, into a long line of tobacconists. His love of the art of fine tobacco and the cigar extended to include the creation of a superior cigar-keeping vessel. Zico Davidoff created the first desktop humidor in the early half of the 20th century and virtually changed the world for cigar hobbyists and aficionados going forward.

By now it’s understood that the humidor is as much a reflection of your own fine taste and culture as it is a functional storage vessel for your collection of cigars. The Davidoff of Geneva cigar humidors are prized for their authenticity as well as their sheer elegance and beauty. Only the finest of materials are worthy of the Davidoff name and reputation.

The much-coveted limited edition Davidoff humidors are appreciated for their sheer detail and world-class craftsmanship. A Davidoff humidor states to the world your arrival at the pinnacle of your avocation.

Don’t be taken in solely by the elegant beauty of the Davidoff cigar humidor. This work of art is the standard bearer for precision cigar-keeping. The self-regulating humidification system provides you the peace of mind in knowing that no matter the fluctuations in humidity and temperature outside of your Davidoff humidor, the interior humidity is a constant relative 70%, considered the ideal value.

As you would expect the Davidoff line extends to superior accessories such as cutters, lighters, and travel humidors. This favorite of legendary statesman and cigar enthusiast Winston Churchill still sets the bar high in all manner of cigar enjoyment. Rest assured your Davidoff humidor and accessories were fashioned by those with a similar passion for cigars.


Dunhill humidors for sale

The Dunhill name has long been synonymous with luxury. From gentlemen’s ready to wear, to custom clothing, to leather goods Alfred Dunhill took much pride in the elegance of his designs. A tobacconist by trade and passion, Mr. Dunhill lent his particular penchant for luxury to the cigar humidor enterprise and the results have been appreciated by cigar lovers the world over for decades.

Dunhill humidors, like many of their smoking products and accessories, sports a “white spot trademark”. Though the white spot serves no real purpose it does denote that you specific cigar humidor is indeed a Dunhill. The Dunhill cigar humidor has been appreciated and possessed by monarchs, presidents, captains of industry and many more of the rich and famous.

Alfred Dunhill explained his standards for the Dunhill product line thusly: “It must be useful. It must work dependably. It must be beautiful. It must last. It must be the best of its kind.”

The Dunhill cigar humidor does indeed fulfill all of Alfred’s edicts. A Dunhill humidor is useful in it’s preservation and secure keeping of up to 100 fine cigars. The safe-keeping of your collection is never questioned as your humidor has a specially controlled humidity system, unmatched security in it’s closure, and the highest quality hinges available. The beauty of the Dunhill humidor is never called into question. Rich, exotic woods and veneers go into the crafting of these luxury vessels. The elegance and beauty of a Dunhill never goes out of style. The heirloom-quality of your Dunhill humidor ensures it will indeed last and a Dunhill humidor is highly regarded, making it among the best of its kind.

Adorini humidors for saleAdorini

Adorini cigar humidors are highly regarded for their innovation as well as dependability and style. Adorini takes your cigar keeping organization to a whole different level with tits movable and slats and high-capacity desktop humidor, which are capable of keeping 500 of your finest collection in optimum smoking condition.

Adorini humidors take all of the guesswork out of the humidification process, replacing it with a peace of mind that’s rare at best. The even distribution of humidity along the channels of the Adorini humidor ensures each and every stogie in your collection will be maintained to perfection.

One would imagine this innovative humidification process would be enough to secure a top spot in the world of cigar keeping for the German cigar accessories company. But Adorini is constantly making improvements, squashing the ages old adage that you can’t improve upon perfection.

Adorini cigar humidors come in a variety of styles and sizes. The black lacquer finish offers a dramatic flare, truly a sharp piece of furniture to complement a specific decor. Traditional cedar veneer and glass door styles are also standouts in the Adorini line of cigar humidors.

Precision cutters and ashtrays are also available from Adorini. Among the favorite accessories offered by this German innovator is their line of organizational accoutrements. Divider label clips and trays, travel cases, and the popular humi-save bag are among the cutting edge accessories that keep the Adorini brand strong.

Choosing a humidor is not a task to be taken lightly. These are some of the very best and most reliable craftsmen in the world and for good reason. A humidor’s first task is to maintain and safeguard your collection of fine cigars. However, beyond that you should desire a vessel that reflects your unique and stellar sense of style.

19th Jan 2018 Kevin Kauzlaric

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