The Ultimate Guide to Cigar Cutters

The Ultimate Guide to Cigar Cutters

There are so many things to learn about when you first find your passion for a good cigar. From understanding which lighter to use to finding the perfect humidor to keep your collection fresh and in perfect smoking order. Even seasoned cigar lovers have questions regarding the right tool for the job.

And for every aspect of the cigar experience you need to familiarize yourself with the proper way to ensure a good smoke. Cigar cutters are a necessary tool to have in your arsenal if you’re passionate about cigars. A clean cut is the best way - some would say the only way - to fully enjoy the pleasure of a good smoke. Not all cutters do the same job and there are a variety of cutters, all suited to your specific need.

Here we’ve put together the ultimate guide to that very essential tool of the awesome pastime of cigar smoking, the cigar cutter. We’ve created an easy-to-follow tutorial explaining the types of cigar cutters, when you would use a specific type and why it matters. Let’s get started!

Why Use a Cigar Cutter?

When you watch an old Western movie or a classic flick featuring gangsters you might notice they use whatever is on hand to make their stogie smokable. Typically that includes a nail yanked from a horseshoe, a pocket knife or, the method probably preferred by Capone and company, gnaw a chunk off the end and strike a blue tip! Now consider the more refined cigar smokers of popular culture. Can you imagine James Bond using anything but the appropriate tool? Probably not.

Cigar cutters are more than just a status symbol or classier way to open up your favorite stogie. They have a purpose. And the better your cigar the more reason to cut the end accordingly. A bad cut can absolutely ruin the cigar, and the experience. Your cigar wrapper may unravel, the draw can be too hot or the end may collapse and prevent any draw at all. By using the appropriate cigar cutter you eliminate the risk of ruining your stogie.

Types of Cigar Cutters

There are several different options for precision cutting your cigar in one motion. And when you make a precision cut it’s nearly impossible to tear your cigar. Not so with teeth!

Many cigar aficionados keep a selection of cigar cutters available for specific cigars. There are wafer-thin cutters that are quite portable and slip right into your pocket, cutters and punches that you can hook on your keychain for easy access and even desktop cutters that are as useful as they are stylish. And once you invest in your first cutter, your zeal will prompt your friends and family to add to your collection if you like. Cigar cutters make great gifts!

Guillotine Cutters

Guillotine cutters are a great choice for the new-to-the-pastime cigar lover. They’re affordable, yes, but also they are very precise in their cut, portable and easy-to-use. There may be a bit of a learning curve so as not to crush or bend the end of your stogie, however slow, steady hands and practice make for a perfect cut.

Guillotine cigar cutters come in both single and double blade. The double blade cutter is more reliable when looking for the cleanest cut. The even pressure sees to that. Whichever you opt for you can count on an enjoyable draw. Just make sure you get the guillotine cutter that suits the ring size cigar you typically smoke. Here is one of our favorites:


Also known sometimes as wedge cutters or “cat’s eye” cutters, the V-cutter makes a V-shaped slice in the cap of your cigar. What results is an even draw which is a bit more focused than the draw you’ll experience with a guillotine cutter. The V-cutter was originally designed for use with the pyramid shaped cigars but are now just as commonly used to open up a robusto, toro or corona shaped cigars. A lot of seasoned cigar smokers prefer a V-cutter for the restricted draw and reduced air circulation. Check out our recommendations:

Punch Cutters

Punch cutters are designed to take a small plug out of the end of your cigar creating a much more tight draw and a minimum of air circulation. The punch cigar cutters are a great option when you just want to savor your cigar experience and appreciate a more concentrated pull of smoke. Punch cutters come in a variety of sizes to suit your ring gage. This highly portable of cigar cutters can be attached to your keychain. Some cigar lighters are available with a built-in cigar punch. Here are a few we offer:

Cigar Scissors

Cigar scissors are a very traditional way of cutting your stogie in prep for smoking. There are those who enjoy the tradition and the scissors, with their large, surgically sharp blades make a clean even cut through the cap. The quality of the cut depends largely on the operation of the tool so take your time, apply steady pressure and use one swift motion. That way you’ll avoid crushing the cap and compromising your cigar smokability. Of course the cigar scissors are somewhat unique and for form and function appreciated by the traditionalist you can’t go wrong with cigar scissors. Our selection:

Find The Right Cigar Tools for You

Finding the right tools to enhance your cigar smoking enjoyment shouldn’t be confusing nor overwhelming. As you can see each of our cigar cutters offers a unique experience. Experiment and take your time to find the perfect cutter for your favorite cigars.

For more information on our full line of cigar cutters or specific cutters that pique your interest reach out to Northwoods Humidors. Our experts are standing by to answer any questions you may have. Let us help you navigate the rich and storied world of cigars.

21st Sep 2023 Colleen D

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