Tips for Maintaining the Perfect Cigar Humidor Humidity

Tips for Maintaining the Perfect Cigar Humidor Humidity

The job of your humidor is to maintain the proper temperature and relative humidity necessary for preserving your cigars. Maintaining the perfect cigar humidor humidity is crucial to keeping your stogies smokable but preventing mold from building up and ruining your perfect smoke. Your humidor’s environment also prevents pests and degradation from taking their toll on your precious cargo.

So what is the proper humidification and how can you maintain it? Here we will tell you. Follow our tips and your cigar stash will maintain superb smokability for as long as you keep them in the humidor.

Follow the 70/70 Guideline

For perfect cigar humidor humidity start with the 70/70 rule. The inside temperature should be 70° and the relative humidity should be at 70%. In order to achieve these optimal settings you’ll need a hygrometer (which measures humidity) and a thermometer (for measuring temperature). Many humidors come with these tools built in and they are typically good quality. You’re able to adjust your temperature and humidity as necessary to achieve the 70/70 guideline.

Aim for High Quality Cedar Lining

Any humidor worth its salt will have a lining made from cedar, with the most desirable being the Spanish cedar. Why? Because Spanish cedar retains moisture and helps maintain the relative humidity within your humidor.

Other cedars may retain some moisture but Spanish cedar is the most reliable. Fluctuations in humidity may render your cigars soggy and susceptible to mold or dry and the flavor degraded. Spanish cedar imparts a desirable aroma and prevents tobacco beetle infestations as well.

Always Season Your Humidor First

By seasoning your humidor prior to stashing your stogies you can better ensure a stable environment within. There are a few different methods recommended for properly seasoning your humidor but we recommend using the humidification solution that comes with the humidor and placing it in a small vessel (a shot glass is perfect). Set the shot glass inside the humidor (do NOT dump the solution inside the humidor. Next place your hygrometer inside and check in periodically until the inside relative humidity is at 70% as indicated by your hygrometer. The process may take as long as two weeks so be patient my friend.

Rely on Your Hygrometer

Your hygrometer is the best indicator of perfect cigar humidor humidity. Rely on your device but make sure you maintain it properly. There’s a lot at stake!

There are two different types of hygrometers, analog and digital. Analog hygrometers indicate humidity using a needle, much like an old school scale. A digital hygrometer displays the relative humidity via an LCD screen. Both analog and digital measure the inside air for humidity using a process of electrical resistance that indicates change by identifying moisture levels inside the humidor.

Maintenance of your hygrometer is essential and should not be taken lightly if you want perfect cigar humidor humidity. Be sure to calibrate your hygrometer monthly. Analog hygrometers have a screw located at the base of the needle. Turn the screw clockwise to raise the humidity number and counter clockwise to lower it. A digital hygrometer has a “calibrate” button with arrows indicating up or down so you may adjust your numbers accordingly.

Humidifiers Are Crucial to Maintaining the Perfect Cigar Humidor Humidity

After you have determined the correct relative humidity inside your humidor it’s essential to take the proper measures to maintain the perfect cigar humidor humidity. One. The best way to do this is by using a humidifier designed for this purpose.

The humidifier device works by emitting water vapor into the humidor’s interior air in order to drive up the humidity. One way is by using a water reservoir method whereby the reservoir holds a wick that slowly releases tiny amounts of vapor into the air of the humidor.

Always follow the manufacturer’s recommendations and use distilled water or a high quality demineralized water in your reservoir. Never use tap water as it contains impurities which not only interfere with the function of the humidifier but can also cause damage to your humidor and, thus, your cigars.

Check Your Temperature Too

Temperature affects the humidity so make sure you maintain the proper temperature inside your humidor. Ideally you want to stay between 63° and 70°. Anything outside that range may cause changes in the humidity which could lead to degradation of your cigars. A built-in thermostat is your best solution, especially if you live in an area where the ambient temperature and humidity fluctuate. Extreme temperatures can really mess with maintaining the perfect cigar humidor humidity and your investment in your cigars.

Keep Your Humidor Away From Heat

Maintaining the ideal humidity in your humidor also involves placement. Keep your humidor away from heat sources such as HVAC vents, fireplaces and direct sunlight. This can increase the inside temperature of your humidor in short order and cause the humidity to fluctuate. Just a few hours of heat and the quality of your cigars could be affected. The best place for your humidor when trying to maintain the perfect cigar humidor humidity? A cool, dry place out of direct sunlight. Although it’s very tempting to keep your humidor in sight of guests for bragging rights it’s wise to make sure it’s not in the line of fire-literally!

The Same Goes for Cooling Devices

Cooling devices such as air conditioners and fans remove moisture from the air which could cause dry ambient air and affect the air inside your humidor as well. Please keep your humidor away from these cooling devices, especially a dehumidifier, in order to maintain the perfect cigar humidor humidity.

Lastly, Make Sure Your Humidor Seals Properly

It seems like a no-brainer but the seal on your humidor is essential and often cigar lovers lose their collection due to a poor seal on their humidor. Cracks and openings may be too minute for you to see outright but if you are experiencing fluctuating humidity and temperatures in your humidor it might be time to replace it. How can you tell? Try the “Dollar Bill Test”. Simply place a dollar bill half in and half out between the lid and the bottom of your humidor. Close the lid and tug on the dollar bill. If it slides out easily your seal is compromised.

We’re Here When You Need Us

When you need to replace your humidor or need any humidor accessories for maintaining the perfect cigar humidor humidity contact the professionals at Northwoods Humidors. Our staff knows just what you need and we are more than happy to help. The best way to maintain the perfect cigar humidor humidity?Contact Northwoods Humidors!

6th Dec 2023 Colleen D

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