What Should I Get Him?

What Should I Get Him?

An Interview With The Owner

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Is it a holiday if you aren’t procrastinating? Not really. We’ve all been there. You think of the perfect gift for that certain someone right before you fall asleep and by morning its forgotten like the rest of your brilliant ideas. The thought of dragging yourself to the mall or the outlets is painful even before Thanksgiving. In-store shopping means moving from the couch and lets face it, it’s either too cold, too late, or too crowded.

2018 wasn’t just a royal wedding and a midterm election, it was the Ecommerce boom; the inflation of online shopping. Stores from every end of the spectrum have popped up and flooded our feeds with endless content, making it a heck of a lot easier to do some “window” shopping. Lucky for you, this means more time on that couch watching American Pickers.

To make your life even more convenient, we've interviewed the owner of Northwoods Humidors, a popular e-commerce shop dedicated to cigar humidors and cigar accessories. So, just in case you were wondering what to get your husband, brother, in-law, or hard to please superior, Kevin may be able to help you out. Scroll down to the end to find the 2018 Northwoods Humidors Holiday Gift Guide!

Who does the holiday shopping in your house?

Both my wife and I shop for holiday gifts, but to be honest, my wife spends a lot more time at it and always picks the best gifts for others. On Christmas day we have a small family gathering where we exchange gifts we’ve bought for each other. I definitely struggle each year to find the perfect gift for each family member. It can be great fun to browse through the small local gift shops but you never know if you will come away with all the gifts you need. Shopping online saves me time if I’m getting down to the wire and gives me a broader range of products to choose from, therefore, I’m more likely to find the perfect one. When I do shop online I try to buy from small online businesses with good reviews.

Online Shopping Northwoods Humidors What Should I Get Him Holiday Gift Guide

How do you tune out during the holiday rush?

Tuning out during the holiday rush is something I always try to do so I can enjoy the winter season and unwind from all the hard work put in during the year. One of the best ways to warm up, relax and enjoy the brisk weather of Chicago is to grab a cup of Glühwein, also known as mulled wine. It’s basically red wine mixed with citrus fruits, spices and sugar, then warmed up over a stove. Tastes amazing.

What do you think your wife wants for the holidays?

My wife loves when I buy her a unique gift that appeals to one of her interests, and the gift wasn’t on her wish list. It’s a tall order but always worth the effort. I’m currently working up ideas for this holiday season---nothing is coming to mind just yet. Last year's surprise was a whiskey glass with ten-speed bicycles on it. I got two of her interests in one gift!

If you could get any gift this holiday season, what would it be?

Well, who wouldn’t want an Elie Bleu Macassar Ebony Humidor?!? The wood grain is very striking to look at with multiple shades of brown striping. If I’m hoping to go lighter on my gift giver’s wallet though, the Daniel Marshall Ambiente 65 Cigar Humidor in matte black is very intriguing. We sell a lot of humidors, but this is the only model we’ve seen with the beautiful matte black exterior. It’s actually quite a nice gift for the new cigar smoker.

When I'm online I have a couple go-to websites that inspire me. One of those is the “Vintage Gentlemen”, an online shop that provides quality craftsmanship of men's goods. Their whiskey decanters always intrigue me. It feels like a portal back into a time where every man had a pipe and a fountain pen. 

Smoking Cigars Northwoods Humidors What Should I Get Him Holiday Gift Guide

What are you currently smoking?

Right now I’m enjoying the Plasencia Alma del Campo. This cigar was only recently offered starting in 2017. I’m currently smoking medium-bodied cigars and this one fits that description as it’s a creamy and smooth, medium-plus cigar made with tobacco from Nicaragua. The Plasencia company is the largest grower of tobacco in Nicaragua and Honduras and has long created cigars under many top cigar brands. The Alma Series consists of five cigars and this is the second in the series.

For a look into Kevin's favorite Northwoods Humidors items this season, check out the 2018 Holiday Gift Guide!

21st Nov 2018 Erica Di Loreto

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