Daniel Marshall 67-70% Humidity Stabilizer Packs

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The Daniel Marshall stabilizer packs range from  67% to 70% RH with a potential to vary 2% +/-. Humidity is a function of temperature. When the temperature goes up, humidity levels can go up. When the temperature goes down, the humidity can go down! The Daniel Marshall Stabilizers feel firm with a softness when they are fully charged. When they expire, they become hard. Store them in sealed zip lock plastic bags and they should have a shelf life of over 2 years. To use the stabilizer do not open the white outer package that has the DM logo and markings printed. This white material is permeable and allows humidity to circulate!

Please note: This product page is to purchase 1x single stabilizer.

How many you need:

  • Two stabilizer packs are recommended for 100-cigar size humidors for 60 to 90 days of stable humidity.
  • Four stabilizer packs are recommended for humidors of 125-cigar capacity and larger for 60 to 90 days of stable humidity.

Daniel Marshall Humidity Stabilizer Pack Details

  • High efficiency
  • Each Stabilizer outer packaging food safe and all the ingredients are food safe
  • Accuracy of +/- 2%
  • Made to Daniel Marshall specifications to provide excellent humidification


  • 6.75" height 2.5" width 0.25" depth

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