Dissim Ultra Premium Butane Cigar Lighter Fuel Refill

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  • Dissim Ultra Premium Butane Cigar Lighter Fuel Refill - 4.9 ounce can - front side
  • Dissim Ultra Premium Butane Cigar Lighter Fuel Refill - 4.9 ounce can - back side
  • Dissim Ultra Premium Butane Cigar Lighter Fuel Refill - 4.9 ounce can - back side with cap off
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Unleash the Power of Pure Flame! Dive into the realm of Dissim Ultra Premium Butane Cigar Lighter Fuel Refill, a true game-changer in the world of butane refills. With more powerful and taller flames, every light becomes an experience, an ode to purity and might. It's not just about the flames; it's about the legacy you leave every time you light up.

Been on a mountain lately? Or just feeling the weight of those high-mileage lighters? The High Altitude formula comes to the rescue! It rejuvenates diminishing flames at any elevation, ensuring that your lighter is always game-ready, whether you're scaling peaks or chilling in your backyard.

Impurities? What are those? This Dissim refill manufactured in the United Kingdom, boasts Near Zero Impurities, specifically less than 15 parts per million. This means you're safeguarding your lighter against those pesky impurities that often play the villain, clogging up your precious lighter and dampening your flame game.

Remember, we're an Authorized Retailer of the iconic Dissim brand. Why should you care? Because that means authenticity, reliability, and a promise that we're serving you the best. Let your lighter live its best life with Dissim Ultra Premium.

Dissim Ultra Premium Butane Cigar Lighter Fuel Refill Details

  • Flame Game Strong: Elevate your lighting experience with powerful and statuesque flames that stand out!
  • Turbo-Charged Refilling: Zero delays, zero fuss. Get back to your puffing passion in record time.
  • Elevation? No Problem: Our High Altitude formula laughs in the face of low oxygen, rejuvenating even the oldest of lighters.
  • Crystal-Clear Quality: Indulge in unmatched purity levels with this butane manufactured in the UK. With Near Zero Impurities, we're all about the clear blue skies! 
  • Anti-Clog Assurance: Our commitment? A smooth, uninterrupted experience, free from the annoyances of clogged lighters.

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