10 Cigar Accessories Every Enthusiast Should Have

10 Cigar Accessories Every Enthusiast Should Have

Cigar accessories are really simply tools of the craft. All hobbyists and even professionals need tools for their trade or pastime; the fisherman enjoys their day on the lake much more with the perfect lure, the golfer can certainly play without a range-finder or ball marker but the game is much more enjoyable with these tools. And the recreational hunter has entire stores at their disposal to find those tools that improve the experience. It’s the same for the cigar enthusiast.

Whether you’re new to the world of cigars or a true aficionado you can always find some accessories to enhance the enjoyment of your passion for the perfect stogie. And quality accessories add so much to that experience. Here we look at the top ten cigar accessories every enthusiast should have. While each one performs a particular function they are much more than just functional. Form and style play a role in cigar accessories as well.

1.Cigar Cutter

A true cigar lover understands the importance of a good quality cutter. You want a clean cut so the cigar burns evenly and you need to prevent your stogie from unraveling. That being said, there are a variety of cigar cutters available. You can choose from the guillotine, also called a straight cutter, the V cutter or a scissors cutter which essentially provides a straight cut.

The reasons you choose a type of cutter isn’t just for aesthetics. Depending on the type of cigar you prefer, the cutter makes all the difference. Straight cutters offer the smoothest and easiest draw and accommodate various ring gauge. If you prefer a hearty 60-80 ring gauge you may need an extra large guillotine cutter to accommodate the thickness of your stogie.

The v-cut you get from a v-cutter or wedge cutter is better suited to a smaller ring gauge but again, it’s a matter of personal preference. Todays v-cutters are more precise than their predecessors and companies like Xikar, Visol and Colibri provide a sharp, precise cut with no tearing or unraveling. The draw you get from a v-cut is a little more intense and hotter than with a guillotine and you may not be able to use your v-cutter with extra large ring gauge cigars.

Alternative cutters such as cigar scissors do provide the smoker with a straight cut. They aren’t very “pocket friendly” but there are some styles that attach to your key ring.

2. Cigar Punch

Unlike a guillotine or v-cutter that cut the cap in a precise manner, the main purpose of the cigar punch or bullet punch is to create a hole in your stogie for the smoke to escape. Those who love the punch claim a more intensely-flavored draw. You can even find a cigar punch and lighter combo for efficient portability.

However if you prefer your smokes a little on the oilier side or you tend to wet the head of your cigar or clamp it with your teeth the punch may not work for you. Oils and saliva can clog the hole and compressing your drawing end of the cigar may close the punch-created hole.

3. Lighter

There is an art to lighting the cigar. It’s nothing at all like lighting a cigarette. Instead you coax the burn by holding the flame just out of touch from the cigar’s end. In order to do this you want the right kind of lighter.

Butane is preferred by cigar smokers due to the clean and odorless flame. Cigar lighters come in single and multi-jet. The number of jets depends on the size of your cigar. The larger the ring gauge the more fire power you need to ensure an even burn.

Soft flame lighters are another option. They light with half the intensity of the torch jet so you don’t accidentally burn your tobacco and ruin your smoking experience. Although a soft flame lighter is difficult to use outdoors, especially on windy days, it does provide a cooler light which means more flavor. It’s also an excellent travel lighter as it is TSA-approved.

4. Ashtray

An ashtray serves a bigger purpose than just a place to rest your cigar, although that is the primary function. Ashtrays can be status symbols, office or man cave decor, or even, in the case of many higher-end products (Elie Bleu, for instance) an objet d’art.

A good ashtray must be deep enough to collect the cigar ash and sturdy enough so it doesn’t tip over or your cigar rolls off. Here are some of our favorites.

5. Cigar Case

The true cigar aficionado enjoys smoking in the company of like-minded people. Whether a group of friends getting together for the weekend or some quality time spent at a favorite cigar club you need a way to transport your favorite smokes.

Different from a travel humidor a travel case holds just a few cigars and keeps them safe from crushing or degradation. They come in a variety of colors and styles so you can find one that reflects your particular panache.

6. Travel Humidor

For the jet-setting aficionado or just an occasional traveler a portable humidor is a must. Not only do you expose your cigar cache to all manner of damage by storing it in your luggage, which in turn goes into the baggage hold of an airplane or the trunk of a car, but you expose your cigars to temperature changes and heat and cold which can absolutely ruin a prime stogie.

A travel humidor keeps your cigars in the ideal environment and preserves the flavor and smokability for as long as you need. They come in different sizes, suitable for extended get-aways or weekend jaunts. When you arrive at your destination, whether for work or pleasure, you know you're going to have the time out you need with the right cigar.

7. The Humidor

A humidor is the one must-have accessory for anyone who enjoys a good cigar. Your investment in quality stogies is precious and a humidor will keep them in excellent condition. Designed to create an environment that’s perfectly balanced humidity-wise as well as temperature, the humidor is vital for anyone just starting out or who is already established.

There are humidors at virtually every price point. Of course we recommend the right size for the number of cigars you have and make sure the hygrometer and humidity control are easy to understand as well as the most fail-safe available.

That’s one of the biggest benefits we offer at Northwoods Humidors-our expertise. We can answer any question and concern you have about our humidors and recommend the best device for you.

Our vast line of cigar humidors covers the most affordable to the finest heirloom quality pieces on the market. See for yourself!

8. Accessories Case

Any cigar enthusiast who accumulates accessories such as cutters (you’ll find you’ll want more than one), lighters (ditto) and the like is going to want a place to keep it all. An accessories case holds all of your smaller accessories and more. The tools you need to replace the butane, as well as the butane refills, your favorite punch, cutters, lighters as mentioned above and anything else can go in one place, easily accessible for your smoking pleasure. And our accessories cases come in beautiful furniture-quality wood finishes that look good on top of your desk or wherever you choose to keep it.

9. Lifestyle Items

You probably have your favorite concert memorabilia and souvenirs from some wonderful destinations. Why not grab some lifestyle items to let everyone know “Why yes! I am a cigar enthusiast”! Take a look at our collection. We’re sure you’ll find something to pique your interest.

10. A Great Resource for All of Your Needs

Finally, one of the best cigar “accessories” every enthusiast should have is a great resource for all of their smoking needs. Northwoods Humidors is that resource. We have every possible accessory to enhance your enjoyment of your cigar experience. As experts in the field of cigars (our owner is a certified consumer tobacconist) we pay attention to even the smallest detail. Why? We want our customers to derive as much pleasure from cigars as we do. Contact Northwoods Humidors for your cigar accessories and more. 

18th Jul 2023 Colleen D

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