11 Fun Facts About Cigars to Impress Your Friends

11 Fun Facts About Cigars to Impress Your Friends

Cigar lovers seemingly can’t know enough about their passion. Whether a newfound interest or a hobby you’ve been honing and perfecting for years you simply love a good cigar and want to delve deeper into cigar culture. Once “cigar fever” hits you become, well, kinda obsessed.

We understand your desire to know about all things cigar. We have the same desire. So, without further adieu, we present you with fun facts about cigars to impress your friends and maybe even win a few trivia contests.

11 Fun Facts About Cigars

Cigars enrich your life in more ways than simply pausing for a satisfying and enjoyable smoke. You’ve probably met some interesting people who share your passion, been to some really cool cigar clubs and lounges and attended some cigar culture events. Through it all you’ve sampled and selected some excellent stogies to add to your collection. How about some fun facts and trivia to impress your friends and acquaintances along your journey?

1. Origin of Phrase

Have you ever wondered where the saying “close but no cigar” originated? Back in the mid-1900s and prior one of the top prizes won in carnival games was a cigar. I mean, of course! That’s a great prize, right? Well, if you didn’t win the carnival barker would send you on your way with the still-used expression.

2. A Cure for Writer’s Block

Samuel Clemens, better known as Mark Twain, is a legendary writer. However he did experience a bad bout of writer's block. In 1870 he honored a promise he made to his wife Olivia to stop smoking. Following his break with cigars the writer was unable to compose so much as a grocery list (we suppose). After his near-year long dry spell Twain resumed his 22 cigar-a-day habit and the words began to flow again like the mighty Mississippi.

3. The British Bulldog

Historical figure and celebrated cigar smoker Sir Winston Churchill refused to board any aircraft that forbade him from smoking. During WWII Churchill was urgently needed and forced to board an aircraft that needed, for safety, to fly at a very high altitude. Because of this the cabin was not pressurized and all on board required to wear an oxygen mask, thus prohibiting Churchill’s beloved pastime. The Bulldog refused and for the safety of the free world a mask that allowed him to smoke was fashioned. Still, likely, a dangerous endeavor.

4. From a Tiny Seed Comes Big Flavor

The strong, bold and robust flavors you experience when stoking up your stogie come from very, very small seeds. In fact a sewing thimble can hold more than 1000 tiny tobacco seeds. And one tobacco flower produces in excess of 3000 seeds. That’s a lot of flavor from a tiny seed.

5. Tending the Crop

In order to get that little seed to grow tobacco plants requires a lot. Tobacco is considered one of the most labor intensive crops to grow. The plants must be grown in specific areas as they require eight hours of sunlight each day.

6. Coaxing the Flavor

And speaking of flavor, your favorite cigars are made from fermented tobacco leaves. The process is achieved by storing the tobacco leaves in bunches that become very warm which mellows the flavor. The process requires high levels of humidity which, along with the necessary growing conditions, you’ll find tropical locales home to most cigar makers. Some cigars, such as the. Cohiba, undergo three fermentation periods. But most of the cigars you enjoy are twice-fermented. You would never want to smoke unfermented cigars as the flavor would be much too harsh.

7. A Reason to Break the Rule

There is a “no smoking” rule in the White House. However this rule was relaxed in 1995 when US Marines rescued downed American pilot Scott O’Grady. O’Grady was shot down six days prior over Bosnia and then-President Bill Clinton smoked a celebratory cigar in honor of the rescue.

8. The Heroic Humidor

Humidors aren’t just a place to store your cigars for safekeeping. Because cigar flavors are more refined with age, most experts advise keeping your cigar in a quality humidor (preferably Spanish cedar-lined) for three months prior to enjoying it. When you place your cigar in the humidor for refining, remember to remove the cellophane wrap.

9. Lighting is An Art

There is an art to lighting your cigar for optimum enjoyment. The flame of the light shouldn’t touch the cigar itself. To do so would create a cigar that is unpleasantly hot to smoke. Tobacco is meant to burn evenly and using a lighter designed specifically for lighting cigars is important to your enjoyment.

10. A Leaf of Our Own

The US entered the modern cigar market with Connecticut Broadleaf in 1820. The company is recognized for their superior wrapper tobacco. The Connecticut tobacco leaf grows rugged and dark making it an excellent wrapper for the more delicate filler.

11. A Nickname is Born

The roots of the word “stogie” come from the Pennsylvania town of Conestoga, known as the birthplace of the Conestoga wagon that was popular with westward pioneers in the 1800s. The area around the town was a tobacco growing spot and the Conestoga wagon drivers liked to enjoy their crudely made cigars along the journey. As the wagons approached the strong smoke from the rustic cigars gave off a unique aroma. The cigar smoke was easily recognized and as the wagons neared a town the residents would exclaim “here come the stogies!” The nickname stuck and was soon applied to the cigars they smoked.

Fun Facts and More You Can Use

There you have it-our favorite fun facts about cigars!. Use them wisely to impress your friends, wow the gang at your local cigar lounge or run the “Cigars” Category on Jeopardy. A true cigar lover appreciates everything about their passion. With that in mind we suggest you view all that Northwoods Humidors has to offer. We have a full line of all the best humidors available for every budget. We also carry all the perfect accessories you need for pure cigar smoking enjoyment. Our knowledgeable staff-including owner and certified tobacconist Kevin-are eager to help you. Contact Northwoods Humidors today. After all, your cigar passion is no trivial matter! *groan*

13th Feb 2024 Colleen D.

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