5 Must-Have Cigar Accessories to Add to Your Collection

5 Must-Have Cigar Accessories to Add to Your Collection

Certain accessories enhance your experience no matter what your passion may be. Hobby photographers are always looking for specific lenses and filters, tripods and photo-enhancing software. Go into any sporting goods store and you’ll be overwhelmed by accessories for golfers. And some of the accessories available for hobby fishermen ensure the catch of the day. These favorite pastimes are vastly improved by the must-have accesses that are available for those who have a passion.

Here we take a look at the five must-have cigar accessories anyone who enjoys a good stogie will love and why.

1. Cigar Cutter

Sure you can follow suit with your favorite TV cowboy and bite the end off of your cigar but that’s a risky trick and could cause your cigar to fall apart. Instead of behaving in this barbaric manner add a cigar cutter (or two) to your collection. Among must-have cigar accessories you’ll find a good quality cigar cutter is truly a gift.

Cigar cutters are not expensive but make sure you invest wisely. As with any tool you don’t want a cheap version that won’t perform as it should. And there are a few different types among these must-have cigar accessories from which you can choose. The main objective is the result. Do you (and your favorite cigars) prefer a straight cutter to a V-cutter? Or would you like a cigar punch, preferred by those who smoke the smaller varieties of cigars. Here are the different types of cutters and how they perform:

  • Guillotine: This is the most common type of cigar cutter. It’s also sometimes called a straight cutter because-you guessed it-it cuts a straight line through the end of your stogie. These cutters are easy to use, portable and preferred by many cigar enthusiasts.
  • V-Cutter: A v-cutter changes the draw on your cigar by slicing a v-shaped notch in your cigar end.
  • Punch Cutters: Also called a cigar punch this tool contains a small round blade that’s very sharp and pierces the end of the cigar. This creates a hole through which you are able to draw the smoke. Most seasoned cigar smokers rely on a v-cutter or guillotine to get the job done.

So why do we think the cigar cutter is among the must-have cigar accessories you should add to your collection? Because a precision cut to your cigar allows for an even burn and protects the structure. There’s a reason why the artisan who crafted your particular smoke did it that way. An even burn creates an even draw and the flavors of wrapper, leaf and filler are experienced as intended.

2. Cigar Lighter

Just as with the cigar cutter, sure you could use a convenience store lighter and put flame to cigar but please don’t! A cigar lighter was designed to light your cigar the proper way. In addition to that a lighter intended for specifically lighting your cigar uses a clean and tasteless fuel. Other lighters, not so much. Here are the two types of lighters you should use to properly light your cigar.

  • Torch Lighter: These lighters are available with one or more torch flames. They burn much hotter so you’re able to get a thorough and even light but without scorching your tobacco as you don’t need the end to touch the flame itself. Most cigars light best with a triple flame but if you prefer a cigar larger than a 60 ring gauge you may opt for a four or even five torch flame lighter. Just don’t use a torch flame on small cigars as it may impair the flavor if it toasts the wrapper too much. The torch lighter stands up best to outdoor conditions.
  • Soft Flame: A soft flame lighter provides, well, a softer flame. These lighters may prove difficult to use outdoors in even the slightest breeze but they provide a nice and even light for smaller ring gauge cigars.

3. Humidor

When you really begin to stoke your passion for cigars you’ll want to keep more than just a few on hand. That’s where your cigar humidor comes in. A humidor is essentially a box that seals and creates, with the help of a humidification system, the ideal environment for your cigars to maintain their integrity.

Not keeping your cigars in a humidor or using a sub-par humidor for storing your stogies is just asking for trouble. If your tender tobacco is not kept in optimum conditions it could dry out and become impossible to smoke or mold may develop in extreme humidity thus ruining your precious cigar.

Even if your passion for cigars is just beginning to grow you owe it to yourself to invest in a good quality humidor. We believe humidors are absolutely must-have cigar accessories if you value your collection.

4. Travel Accessories

On vacation or traveling for business you should always have the option of bringing your favorite smokes along. That’s why we think must-have cigar accessories should include those accouterments for cigar smokers on the go.

Travel humidors are designed to protect a few of your favorites while you’re on the road. You can also take along a cutter and even a good quality cigar lighter if you plan accordingly. Just make sure if you’re flying to check with TSA for what is allowed.

5. A Good Cigar Ashtray

cigar ashtray is a great investment and provides the proper place to put your cigar. They make a lovely addition to your home or office and help keep the area clean. An ashtray specifically designed to hold your cigar (as opposed to cigarette ashtrays) provides the right size divot to cradle your soggy so it doesn’t fall off. Cigar ashtrays are must-have cigar accessories whether you opt for an avant-garde piece to sit on your tabletop or a separate standing ashtray.

We Have All the Must-Have Cigar Accessories to Take Your Smoking Experience to The Next Level

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