6 Humidor Gift Ideas for That Special Cigar Enthusiast

6 Humidor Gift Ideas for That Special Cigar Enthusiast

The cold weather is here and that means the holidays are fast approaching. Each year, it seems, we want to shower our loved ones with the perfect gift, one they will take pride in and cherish for years to come. But finding the ideal gift for that special someone (we all have one) who is just so difficult to buy feels at best a chore and at worst an overwhelming frustration. Northwoods Humidors is here to help. If you’re looking for something to wow the cigar smoker in your life, whether new to the world of cigars or a well-seasoned aficionado, we have some great ideas for you.

What’s So Important About Storing Cigars In a Humidor?

Cigars, like fine wine, an excellent steak and your grandma’s fruitcake need to be aged a bit before they achieve the ultimate flavor. Smoke premium cigars need between one and two years to reach optimal flavor and many experts suggest up to five years for certain luxury stogies. But for mid-range cigars three months seems to be the acceptable time between acquiring your smoke and firing it up.

Aging your cigars means ensuring the preservation process is on point. That means you’ll need the ideal humidity and temperature as a constant in the environment in which those primo stogies are stored. Improperly stored cigars won’t age well and could degrade to the point they are rendered unshakable. This indignity can happen even with the use of a humidor and it’s certainly no way to treat your investment in excellent cigars.

So, well you might age your grandma’s fruitcake in the back of the pantry that’s no way to treat your cigars. Your cigar lover needs a way to properly store and maintain their collection. We have several humidors that are both stylish and maintain the ideal relative humidity and temperature to age and protect cigars. We also have some humidor accessories that facilitate the preservation and aging process as well. Let’s look at some of the gift ideas we’ve gathered for your special cigar enthusiast.

Humidors for Every Need

Now that you understand the function and necessity of the humidor, let’s take a look at some of the different humidors we offer and how they address the needs of the cigar lover in your life.

3 Stunning Desktop Humidors to Impress

A desktop humidor makes for a beautiful gift. Especially for someone with whom you’re close. Husband, father, brother, dear friend or a close relative are the most likely candidates. That’s because you have a sense of what they like and their personal style. Here are a few of our customers' favorites:

1. Northwoods Acrylic 75-Cigar Humidor

Boveda Powered Large Acrylic Humidor

Sleek and modern acrylic meets Spanish cedar interior tray for the pinnacle of protection and excellent storage/aging. The seal is as strong as they come and the relative humidity is constant thanks to Boveda’s humidification packets, which are included. Its carefree preservation of your cigars combined with solid construction and durable nature of acrylic makes this an ideal humidor for gift-giving.

2. Daniel Marshall 30100 Signature Series 100-Cigar Humidor

Daniel Marshall 100-Cigar Burl Humidor

Daniel Marshall is a legend in the world of cigars. His humidors have graced the desks of four royal families and three US Presidents along with dignitaries, executives and entertainers of renown. And he only began crafting his humidors in California in 1983. To own a Daniel Marshall humidor is to own a truly heirloom quality statement piece. Made from precious wood and with a Spanish Cedar interior this beauty comes complete with a digital hygrometer, Daniel Marshall Special Care Humidifier Solution and many other characteristics that make this desktop humidor a prestigious gift to give and to receive.

3. Elie Bleu Carbon Fiber 110-Cigar Humidor

Elie Bleu Carbon Fiber 110-Cigar Humidor

This spectacular humidor is truly a luxury product. The Elie Bleu name is synonymous with high quality, high end style and function. The carbon fiber is lightweight yet provides a solid seal and protection. Definitely the humidor you want to give the cigar smoker who has everything.

3 Travel Humidors for The Cigar Enthusiast on The Go

1. The Xikar 20-Cigar Travel Humidor

The Xikar 20-Cigar Travel Humidor

If the object of your gift giving likes to travel then the travel humidor is a must-have. This rugged and functional travel humidor provides protection and humidification for the cigar smoker on the go. Airtight, watertight and crushproof this dynamo keeps 20 premier cigars in perfect smoking condition while on the move or settled in at the destination.

2. Savoy Beetlewood 12-Cigar Travel Humidor

This travel humidor is as beautiful as it is functional-and it travels very well. The Savoy line of Ashton humidors is backed by the world’s premier luxury cigar brands. The travel humidor is equipped to keep 12 cigars safe and sound until ready to enjoy. You certainly will impress your cigar lover on the go with this gift idea.

3. Visol Festus Metal 4-Finger Cigar Case

Visol Festus Metal 4-Finger Cigar Case

Sometimes you just want to take along a few stogies to share with (and impress!) your friends. This cigar case is ideal for that purpose. Made by Visol, this portable case has a built-in hygrometer on top and a humidifier on the bottom. Compact, portable and easy-to-use the Visol cigar case makes for a perfect gift for any cigar lover.

Gift Your Enthusiast Accessories to Ensure the Perfect Environment for Any Collection

Every humidor needs certain components to perform the job of aging and protecting those premier cigar collections. Here are some of our most popular accessories.

Trays and Shelf Kits

As collections grow, needs change. Gift your aficionado a tray or shelf kit to organize their growing collection of premier smokes. Extra trays for stacking or replacement are always a good choice. Shelf kits help build collections in specific humidors. We have a full line of both available in Spanish cedar and Poplar.


A quality, precision hygrometer is a necessary tool to ensure cigars are kept in perfect aging and smoking order. We offer digital and analog hygrometers, fans, humidity trays and many other accessories to support the exact relative humidity necessary to keep your friend's collection in prime condition. We even have a smart sensor monitor that works with WiFi.

Boveda Humidity Packets

Boveda’s patented humidity packets are an industry phenom. 100% hassle free and no maintenance required. These remarkable packets provide the exact relative humidity you require for months. Choose the humidification you need and let Boveda’s packets do the rest. This is a wonderful gift or stocking stuffer for your cigar lover.

Experts in Gift Ideas and Customer Care

At Northwoods Humidors we take pride in our customer care. In fact, we’ve built our reputation on it. Finding the right gift for your favorite cigar enthusiast is important but so is knowing you can shop with confidence knowing you’ll be supported before, during and after your purchase. Trust our expert team at Northwoods Humidors to help you find the ideal gift for your friend, loved one or even yourself. 

2nd Nov 2022 Colleen D

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