6 Tips for Growing Your Cigar Collection

6 Tips for Growing Your Cigar Collection

Igniting a passion for cigars isn’t really all that difficult. After all, you get pleasure and enjoyment from smoking a quality stogie. And like any newfound pleasure you’ll find yourself wanting to experiment with different types of cigars in order to discover your likes, dislikes and the kinds of cigars you truly enjoy.

Of course that being said, variety is the spice of life. And just like there are wines and certain libations that suit specific occasions and events the same is true of cigars. In order to claim your passion and become the true cigar aficionado you aim to be it’s essential that you acquire a collection.

Collecting cigars you enjoy, some you’d like to try and some to have on hand for friends is the best way to begin growing your cigar collection. Growing your collection of first rate stogies is an endeavor that involves some investment in both time and money. And then you’re new to the world of cigars growing your cigar collection may even be a bit overwhelming at first. But rest assured the enjoyment a good collection of cigars brings to your life is immeasurable.

Tips for Growing Your Cigar Collection

May we suggest you don’t dive headlong into amassing your treasure trove of quality smokes. Like a kid in a candy store you may go into your favorite cigar shop and choose “one of these! and one of those! and oh! A couple of this one!”. But you should avoid this temptation and take your time to understand about those cigars in which you invest. Here we offer our tips and recommendations for building and growing your cigar collection.

1. Pay Attention to What You Like

You don’t want to invest in cigars you won’t smoke. Before you begin growing your cigar collection may we suggest keeping a cigar journal of sorts. Make notes each time you try a new smoke. How does it taste? What do you like about it? Is the ring gauge appealing? Where does the tobacco originate? After a while you may see a pattern developing. Use this to guide you as you grow your cigar collection.

Keep in mind many cigar retailers offer sample packs so you can try a few different varieties. You may like them all! In which case you will need a bigger humidor!

2. Make Sure You Have a Mix of Varieties

Once you see a pattern of flavor profile, etc. you will want to stay within those parameters but maybe venture out just a little bit. Different occasions may warrant different cigars. For example, a relaxing smoke with friends and your favorite beverage may dictate a more premium cigar than a quick smoke after a day of yard work. A milder smoke usually tastes better earlier in the day while a sweeter or richly flavored cigar is a distinct after-dinner pleasure.

3. Consider Your Budget

Now, you may think you need to fill up your new humidor with a bountiful collection. That isn’t necessarily true. You may need to set a budget while growing your cigar collection and do so over a period of time. You may also want to spread the joy of collecting over different retailers in different locations. In other words, take your time and don’t bust your budget in one fell swoop.

Keep in mind the price of the cigar doesn’t indicate whether or not it’s a cigar you will like. The more expensive cigars, however, do have their attributes. Premium cigars are expertly hand-rolled by cigar artisans and contain only the best tobaccos. Of course the matter of preference is subjective and key to growing your cigar collection. In other words, go with what you like but if you have a budget, spend wisely.

4. Find a Reputable Source

This should go without saying but find a reputable seller, one that has been established and whose reputation is supported by reviews. You can look online in whatever city you reside (or are visiting) and find a list of cigars retailers. Read the reviews and when you go into the store look for a knowledgeable and attentive clerk.

5. Don’t Ignore the Rare and Vintage Cigars

If it’s within your budget it’s always cool to have a few rare or vintage cigars. Just as the oenophile (wine lover) collects rare bottles of wine or those sold at auction so should you dive deep into your passion and find some interesting cigars. They’re a great addition to your collection, elevate your cigar aficionado status and fun to show off and impress your friends.

6. Mix Up Your Collection

Speaking of your friends, it's a wonderful host who shares their cigars with honored friends and guests. Certainly focus on what you like when growing your cigar collection but if you know your friends’ cigar preferences you’ll want to have something on hand to offer. And enjoying the pleasures of cigar smoking with your friends who prefer different varieties from your own is a wonderful way to taste and discover other types of cigars.

Enjoy Your Passion

Growing your cigar collection is a wonderful pastime and only adds to the enjoyment of your newfound (or established) passion. Take your time and do your research. Read more in our blog and learn what you can from well-educated and experienced cigar shop clerks, cigar lounge patrons and friends who enjoy the pastime themselves.

Before You Begin Growing Your Cigar Collection

Of course you certainly don’t want to begin growing your cigar collection without having a quality humidor in which to keep them. In order to keep your cigars in tip top smoking condition and not allow them to degrade in any way you will need a humidor.

At Northwoods Humidors we’ve got you covered. From fine quality humidors that protect and preserve a smaller collection to large humidors for the seasoned connoisseur we have it all. We also have a reputation for our excellence in customer service and knowledge of product. For all if your humidor and cigar accessories needs as well as any questions you may have please contact us at Northwoods Humidors.

1st Nov 2023 Colleen D.

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