9 Special Occasions That Call for a Celebratory Cigar

9 Special Occasions That Call for a Celebratory Cigar

When the occasion calls for celebration we mark it in many different ways. A ship’s maiden voyage is celebrated with a champagne christening, a grand fireworks display indicates the importance of the birth of our nation and even the start of the Kentucky Derby has the iconic bugle call as the horses are called to the post.

How we celebrate any special happy occasion is entirely personal and if a cigar brings you pleasure and marks the occasion as a festive and happy one then, by all means, celebrate with your favorite stogie! Here we take a look at nine special occasions that call for that celebratory cigar.

1. A Wedding

Many weddings today are typically celebrated over a few the course of a weekend. Rehearsal Dinners, Receptions, after-parties and even day-after gatherings. This offers ample time to celebrate your friends or family with the best stogies your money can buy.

Think about the reasons you love to kick back with a good cigar; it helps you unwind and review all the best of the days’ events, you feel your muscles relax and your mood instantly improves. After many long months of planning such a memorable and monumental occasion there’s no better way to celebrate and honor those involved than by kicking back at some point and simply pausing to take in all the awesome moments of such a time as this.

2. The Birth of Your Baby

In the culture of the Indigenous People of North America the birth of a healthy child was marked by the giving of gifts. It’s believed the act of passing out cigars after a baby comes into the world stems back to that tradition. While some might debate the origin, the act goes back to the 17th century and many people still bestow cigars on their friends and neighbors after the baby arrives.

Depending on your favorite type of cigar, celebrating the birth of your child calls for the very best. Share one of your most enjoyable and special cigars with your friends and family to mark this life-changing and wonderful occasion.

3. A Special Birthday

Celebrating your bestie’s special day or even your own is a great reason to bust out that travel case and grab your favorite smoke. A birthday celebration is a joyous time. In today’s world we don’t take enough time to tell one another how much we value our friendships. Every birthday is a milestone and with each trip around the sun your friends become even more treasured. Honor your friend with a celebratory cigar on their birthday or your special day.

4. Bonding Time

Call it “Guys’ Night” or “Girls’ Weekend” or just a fun time hanging together with friends, whatever it is bonding with those whose company you really enjoy is a cause for celebration. Take the time to mark the occasion with a good cigar. Pause and reminisce, laugh, cry and spend time taking it all in. Life is so busy these days and years fly by so fast. Enjoy a cigar on the porch, round a campfire or side by side on the beach. Wherever and whenever gathering with friends definitely calls for a celebratory cigar.

5. Poker Night

While poker night may count as binding time with friends it’s more often time spent strategizing and throwing back your favorite libation in the company of other poker players. And one of the iconic ways those card-playing aficionados celebrate poker night is by enjoying a cigar along with the evening's drinks and occasional nosh. It’s almost as though a celebratory cigar is required.

6. A Promotion or Career Success

Even the smallest career success needs to be celebrated accordingly and a celebratory cigar is just the way to do it. Gather your work mates or those who know how much you put into your day-to-day and kick back to relish the achievement. From the smallest “attaboy” to that promotion you’ve been working toward you deserve to celebrate with your favorite cigar.

7. Celebrate That Outstanding Meal

Ask any cigar aficionado and even some for whom cigars are a newfound passion, nothing hits quite like an after meal cigar. In fact for most cigar smokers lighting up after a delicious and hearty meal is simply the thing to do. Like the proverbial cherry-on-the-sundae, an after meal cigar caps off an outstanding dining experience in just the right way. It’s definitely a special occasion worthy of that celebratory cigar.

After a satiating and robust meal a bold cigar is usually the way to go, especially if you’re new to this pastime and a little tenuous when it comes to full, rich, bold-flavored stogies. The bolder smoke is usually preferred but, of course, the beauty of cigars is there is always something for everyone. That post-meal cigar is also believed to aid in digestion. Whatever the reason for a celebratory after-dinner cigar, enjoy one with your friends and celebrate the occasion.

8. A Beautiful Day Doing What You Love

Many sportsmen spend their day on the lake with a good cigar. An occasion worth celebrating alone or with friends who also appreciate the sportsman life, whether you’re on the water or simply recounting the day’s activities at your favorite hunting lodge, an outdoor celebratory cigar on a crisp afternoon or evening just hits differently. Just make sure you have the right lighter for that outdoor smoke, especially on the lake. Not much can end a celebration like not having a reliable light!

9. The End of A Good Day

Finally, for the cigar smoker who knows how to savor each precious moment and celebrate the little things, why not enjoy that celebratory cigar at the end of a good day? Maybe you hit it out of the park or maybe you just feel like making it through your last 24 hours is a special occasion. Just like the right cigar it’s all a matter of choice. And perspective. So go ahead, light up, relax and celebrate the end of a good day.

You really don’t need a special occasion to enjoy a good cigar. At Northwoods Humidors we have everything you need to enjoy that perfect stogie. 

24th Jul 2023 Colleen D

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