Check Out These 6 Top Cigar Influencers Online Right Now

Check Out These 6 Top Cigar Influencers Online Right Now

Online influencers are out there schooling you about everything from motor oil to cookware and all that’s in between. Therefore it makes perfect sense that those cigar smokers in the know would take to social media and the internet to help educate you on the ins and outs of cigar culture.

But, just like with anything else out there you’ll find useful information and some advice that doesn’t quite hit the mark. Lucky for you we’re here to weed out those cigar influencers online right now who know their stuff from those who are simply a flash in the pan.

The Rise of Cigar Influencers

Traditionally, cigar lovers relied on advice from their favorite cigar lounge or smoke shop, word of mouth or the opportunity to check out what’s hot at cigar events. The digital age opened up an entirely new platform for more cigar aficionados to make known their views on specific cigars, along with fashion, liquors, travel and dining. Breathtaking photos and intriguing content engage followers from all over the world.

As more and more people uncovered their passion for the good life, including the perfect puff, these influencers found their audience. With a range of social media outlets that cater to virtually every demographic there was no shortage of platforms for these lifestyle gurus to showcase their knowledge and content. Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, TikTok and even Facebook provide cigar influencers a way to post video reviews of different brands, behind the scenes interviews and announce upcoming events.

The Impact of Cigar Influencers

A few skeptics out there may wonder just where the allegiance of certain cigar influencers might lie. Are these so-called experts simply paid ad men hawking for a specific cigar maker? Well, to that end, there are some cigar influencers who are more-or-less brand specific spokespersons. These are typically lifestyle influencers who collaborate with premium cigar brands to showcase new releases and promotions. The brands feel these cigar influencers have the right audience to boost their sales and brand visibility.

Cigar Influencers also serve to educate those new to this glorious pastime. Newcomers to cigar culture are easily overwhelmed. Cigar influencers provide an easy way for newbies to learn and navigate the world of cigars. An influencer may offer an online video that serves as a tutorial and sort of beginner’s guide to cigar speak, accouterment of the pastime and suggestions for certain accessories that will make the experience even more pleasurable.

These men and women (yes!) cigar influencers shape the trends that drive the industry and cigar culture. Because influencers have their fingers on the pulse of the cigar community they are usually the first to know and recognize exciting happenings afoot. From emerging brands to pairing recommendations, humidors and other cigar-related products a cigar influencer often perpetuates the trends in the cigar world.

Who Are the Top Cigar Influencers Online Right Now

Exciting and knowledgeable cigar influencers are constantly entering the ring and many make their mark in a big way. Here are a few of the ones we feel are the most significant cigar influencers right now.

1. Dominic Bergamin

Switzerland native Dominic J. Bergamin, whose Instagram handle is @domberga has amassed a mighty following of well over 40,000 individuals who look to the Dom for guidance regarding travel, food, wine and all things cigar. Dom is a brand ambassador for Monte Fortuna cigars and Artigiani del Re leather accessories. The man himself is a big fan of Cuban cigars and provides followers with inspiration regarding favorite smokes, what to wear, eat and drink. Dom presents his takes on lifestyle trends in a non-pretentious way that appeals to his followers and is certain to guide rather than intimidate newbies as well as those looking to improve.

2. The Cigar Smoker

Follow @thecigarsmoker on Instagram and you’ll be entertained as well as educated, along with 103,000 of his faithful devotees. The Cigar Smoker (aka Robert Rudl) is a brand ambassador for the renowned upscale Elie Bleu, creators of exquisite cigar accessories and humidors of heirloom quality for the discerning cigar bon vivant. In addition to advice and guidance The Cigar Smoker is appreciated for regular pairing suggestions and exciting unboxing videos. You can also find The Cigar Smoker imparting cigar wisdom and knowledge on YouTube.

3. Cigar Vixen

@cigarvixen Delicia Silva has a following of over 90,000 fans who look to her for advice on cigars, pipe tobaccos and even coffee. Delicia’s travel vlogs and YouTube videos are entertaining and informative. As a woman the self titled Cigar Vixen has a unique perspective on all things tobacco including some must-see reviews on her YouTube channel.

4. The Cigar Strategist

The Cigar Strategist is a cigar influencer known for some very exciting and interesting photo content. Inspiring their 210,000 Instagram followers daily with cigars, food, favorite beverages and plenty of unique style @thecigarstrategist should be on your list of cigar influencers. In addition to lifestyle insight The Cigar Strategist provides behind-the-scenes video of cigar artisans at work. Cool site!

5. Best Cigars (of Instagram)

@bestcigarsofig you’re treated to a barrage of inspiring cigars, cigar pairings and plenty of eye-candy photos. Check them out as they highlight some of the most sought after and finest cigars in the world. It’s a fun scroll.

6. Cigar Aficionado

This go-to magazine for all things cigar has a definite online presence as well. Their motto is “because life’s too short to smoke bad cigars” and their instagram @cigaraficionado certainly echos it. Brand highlights, reviews and interviews, links and more offer plenty of insight and inspiration whether you’re new or you’ve been enjoying your passion for a while.

They’re on YouTube, Facebook and their own webpage so you don’t have a reason to smoke a bad cigar!

Cigar Influencers Are There for Your Benefit

Industries of all kinds turn to social media to market their goods and the winner is the consumer. Never has there been a better time to be a cigar smoker. Through today’s cigar influencers you have more opportunity to find that one-of-a-kind smoke that takes your experience to the next level. You’ll impress your friends with your knowledge and get to know brands you may not have otherwise checked out.

At Northwoods Humidors we appreciate all things cigar and we have a vested interest in your appreciation as well. For more ways to enjoy your favorite passion and enhance your cigar experience turn to Northwoods Humidors.

4th Apr 2024 Colleen D.

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