Ultimate Guide to the Different Types of Humidors

Ultimate Guide to the Different Types of Humidors

Finding the perfect humidor is often a matter of both need and personal preference or style. For example you may need a way to store and preserve the integrity of less than 50 of your favorite cigars. So you can choose from an array of desktop humidors, further narrowing your choices based on style and material. Do you like a modern looking box? Or something more traditional? Whimsical? A sure status symbol among your fellow cigar people? There are many varieties from which to choose.

Maybe you’re a serious stogie collector and need something larger than a desktop. There are many fine cabinet style humidors from which to choose. Perhaps budget is a concern. Of course you’ll find humidors at all different price points. Here we take a look at the different types of humidors available and offer some suggestions to help you in your selection.

As you know by now a good humidor is the most necessary accessory for serious cigar smokers. Even if you’re new to this fantastic pastime you need a way to stash your smokes at the optimum temperature and humidity to ensure they provide a pleasurable experience, no matter how long you’ve had them. A humidor is the best way to keep your collection of cigars in good smoking condition, for weeks, months and even years to come.

Different Types of Humidors

The main classification that denotes types of humidors relates primarily to size and function. They are as follows:

A Walk-In Humidor

This humidor is an actual room where relative humidity and temperature that’s ideal for storing cigars is maintained. You’ve likely seen walk-in humidors at cigar stores and perhaps even in some homes. A walk-in humidor holds, typically, several boxes of cigars and, much like a wine cellar, is the mark of dedication to a passion. They are usually a custom build and require a highly reliable humidification system.

Furniture Style Humidors

These humidors are designed to look like a fine piece of furniture, such as a coffee- or side table or cabinet, and are used in offices and homes alike. Some are multi-functional but sport a dedicated space for maintaining your cigar collection. The capacity depends on the size of the humidor section.

Those who opt for table humidors must pay particular attention to ensure nothing is placed on top of the table that may interfere with the environment inside the humidor This would include such things as a hot cup of coffee, an iced beverage or even a stack of magazines. The larger table humidors are capable of maintaining large numbers of cigars.

Personal Humidors

This is by far the most popular style of humidor and comes an a wide variety of capacity, style and price points. These humidors work well for both those new to the world of cigars and those avid collectors who wish to preserve specific types of cigars separately. They make excellent gifts and are also valued for their easy maintenance. Some personal humidors are truly collectors pieces themselves and some are so outstanding they are considered heirloom quality.

The capacity of a personal humidor is anywhere from around 20 cigars to 80 cigars. Of course this depends on the ring gauge of your favorites. While many aficionados take care to separate specific stogies so as not to disrupt the flavor profile by mixing it’s not necessary to have separate humidors unless your collection warrants it. Most humidors have separators that prevent too much mingling of flavors. Of course if you have very different profiles among your collection the surest way to prevent degrading the flavor is by housing them in separate humidors.

Travel Humidors

These handy humidors deserve a mention as they are quite convenient and necessary for those who take a few of their favorites on the road with them.

Travel humidors include vehicle humidors to keep and maintain your cigars as you drive to your destination or for those who enjoy a good smoke along the way. There are golf humidors designed specifically for a golf outing. You may attach it to your golf bag or simply carry it with you for the next time you and your friends decide to enjoy a smoke on the course or whenever the desire arises. Pocket Humidors are another fine way to bring a few of your favorites with you. They aren’t really designed as humidors, per se, as they typically do not have a way of humidifying and maintaining temperature for very long. However these hand humidors are a great way to tote your stogies to share when going to a party or simply hanging with your friends for some bonding time.


Another way to qualify different types of humidors is by the material they are made out of. This is a subcategory of style and a matter of preference. The interior and workings are generally the same across the board to one degree or another and include a type of cedar (usually Spanish, American or Red) and hygrometer, humidification system and secure seal. These types of humidors each have a very specific look and appeal which is why we’ve included this breakdown.

Wood Humidors

The classic material used in personal, or desktop humidors and furniture humidors alike. The boxes and cabinets are usually hand made and come in a wide variety of finishing wood such as cherry, mahogany, walnut, ash, Macassar ebony and rosewood.

Wood humidors may be of a bright or enticing color, sport a design,unique shapeor whimsical artist’s rendering, or simply show off the beauty of the finishing wood.


Humidors made of a type of acrylic glass are among the sturdiest there are. The clear-view acrylic allows anyone who observes your humidor to marvel at your lovely collection. One caveat: you must take care to keep your acrylic humidor out of direct sunlight as it may absorb some of the potentially damaging UV rays.

Metal and Plastic

These materials are most commonly used for travel humidors. The durable nature of metal means you don’t need to worry about anything penetrating the humidor accidentally. It’s also very insulating. Molded plastic is highly durable as well and provides protection from boardroom to basketball court. Molded plastic and metal are both watertight and airtight.

We Know Cigar Lovers and Their Passion

If you’re interested in finding out more about a specific type among our types of humidors please reach out to Northwoods Humidors. We understand your passion for a great cigar and offer all you need for a pleasurable smoking experience.

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