Humidors Make Great Gifts: 7 Occasions & Celebrations

Humidors Make Great Gifts: 7 Occasions & Celebrations

Humidors make a wonderful gift for the discerning cigar smoker. Whether a newcomer to the passion of cigars or a seasoned aficionado you can never go wrong when gifting a true cigar lover a humidor. And while it sounds like an extravagant token of your affection or respect, humidors come in all sizes and price points.

Cigar lovers are a unique lot. For various reasons they may be just the person over whom you lament “I just don’t know what to give them! They’re so hard to buy for!”. But fear not. Whether cherished loved one, friend or even coworker, f they know cigars a humidor is the right gift for any occasion or celebration. Here we offer our take on why humidors make great gifts and what occasions call for a gift that makes others pale in comparison.

Occasions and Celebrations for Humidor Gift-Giving

We’ll let you in on a little secret; a cigar lover can never have enough humidors! And humidors are available in a wide variety of sizes and styles. Perhaps someone close to your heart is celebrating a milestone you wish to commemorate with the gift of an heirloom quality humidor. Or maybe you know someone who is very passionate about cigars and travels a good bit. Gift them a travel humidor and they’ll never need to leave their favorite stogies behind. Here we offer seven very special occasions for which humidors make great gifts.

1. Birthdays

Maybe it's a milestone birthday or perhaps just a year to celebrate your best bud. A humidor makes an excellent gift. Give a treasured Daniel Marshall humidor, a name your favorite cigar lover will surely recognize, or a tribute to Old Glory for your favorite patriot. The stunning Bey-Berk Carbon Fiber Yellow humidor is unique with a modern vibe. This humidor will hold 25 of your recipient’s favorite cigars and sit quite nicely on their desk where they will think of you every time they spy it’s “sunny yellow outlook”.

Beautifully designed and remarkably protective, any of these humidors are sure to be a hit with the birthday honoree.

2. Anniversaries

These days a strong and enduring marriage is truly an occasion to celebrate. Whether you’re gifting your cigar-lovin’ partner a humidor that honors your marriage or presenting the happy couple with an heirloom quality piece that’s as enduring as their union you can’t go wrong. Our breathtaking Elie Bleu Macassar Ebony collection or the Alba series by the same humidor craftsman, or one of Quality Importers end table humidors that stow an impressive 1500 cigars rest assured the heirloom quality of these humidors will be appreciated for generations to come.

An heirloom quality humidor also makes for a fine wedding gift. What a sentimental way to honor the beginning of a special union.

3. Retirement

What better way to say “relax-you’ve earned it” than to present the person of the hour with a fine way to protect and preserve their favorite collection of cigars. Just imagine how much they’ll enjoy their passion for a good cigar now that they have the time.

Of course you know dust doesn’t settle on your wayfaring friend so a travel humidor might be just the gift for this occasion. A travel humidor lets your buddy take their favorite smokes along for the ride and keeps them in excellent smoking condition. Depending on whether your future retiree relishes weekends at a cabin in the woods or plans to go cruising for a few weeks you can give them the ideal travel humidor to make their trip that much more special. Cabin bound or the like? Go with the Cigar Safe 10 cigar travel humidor. Going on a trip with friends who also love a good stogie? Gift them with a Visol Drako 19 cigar travel humidor.

Sailing the high seas on a luxury liner? There’s no better way to demonstrate you recognize your recipient’s excellent taste than with a gorgeous Daniel Marshall travel humidor. It’s truly a gift that continues to give and one that’;s sure to impress as you honor the next chapter.

4. Graduation

The graduate in your life deserves a celebration. After all, they've just completed their degree and are about to embark on one of life’s defining adult moments. Help them commemorate and commence the start off great things to come with a humidor from the Diamond Crown St. James series. This beautiful mid-priced box

is just the right way to say “Congratulations-You did it!”.

5. Father’s/Mother’s Day

At Northwoods Humidors we recognize that women can enjoy a good cigar just as much as their male counterpart. In that vein we offer our gift ideas for the cigar lover mom or dad. The traditional American Chest Wood Top humidor is a lovely way to pay homage to that special mother or father. The rough hewn style of the Adirondack Desktop Humidor is a definite eye-catcher that’s at-home in the boardroom and the family room. And if you want to really impress the father or mother in your life consider the breathtaking Elie BleuFruit Collection.

6. Valentine’s Day

Show your sweetheart some cigar love on Valentine’s Day with a cigar humidor. The gift of a special humidor to your special someone shows them you truly care about their enjoyment of life and a good cigar. The Prestige Monte Carlo with its lush cherry finish says all you need to say without breaking the bank. The Diamond Crown Alexander, part of the St. James series, shows you’re committed to this relationship going the distance.

7. Winter Holidays

Whatever winter holiday is your occasion for gift-giving a humidor makes the ideal token of your esteem. Select from one of our best selling humidors like the bold and modern Colibri Quasar. This collection also offers additional accessories so you can grow your recipient’s collection for future gift-giving.

Your Expert in Humidor Gift-Giving

Humidors make great gifts no matter the occasion or celebration. From college graduation to job promotions to retirement and every event in between the cigar lover in your life will be thrilled to receive such a wonderful and useful present as a humidor. For more information and to view our full collection of outstanding humidors contact Northwoods Humidors.

28th Feb 2024 Colleen D.

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